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"I'm so in awe of you and your ability to see so clearly." ~ Kelly W.

"As I've told you 1000 times, working with you is the best investment I've ever made, and I'm eternally grateful for your teaching and knowledge. You have been the most instrumental part of my growth and I am so grateful our paths crossed." ~ Tash W.

"Thank you a million times. I wouldn't have gotten here without you." Kylie G

"I've been to at least 10 therapists in all my life from life coaching to psychotherapy, none have been so effective and healing."  ~ Jennifer

"Seriously so f*cking amazing. Thank you sooooooo much for helping me manifest this, it's absolutely awesome! So much love."  ~ Katie

"I knew after my marriage breakdown that I needed to evolve quickly. And I knew I had to work with you because your direct no BS approach was going to evolve me the quickest, which is exactly what I wanted, and exactly what happened."  ~ Natasha

"I thank the Universe every day that I found you.  Every f*cking day, because you seriously saved me from myself."  ~ NJ

"Thank you sounds cheap when I'm receiving so many amazing things from you - you truly are next level f*cking GREAT and you bring so much magic to my life. THANK YOU."  ~ Hayley

"You are an enlightened being - because you've enlightened yourself from your conditioning and alchemised the pain into such potent healing ability. Sitting with you in your energy literally drops me into connection with myself. I have changed through my response to your coaching - it's potent and real. Like you." ~ Laura

"Wow, speechless. You have answered so many questions I didn't even know how to start asking." ~ Gee.

"You helped me wake the F-up pretty quickly, and it was like an instant feeling of aaahh haahh."  ~ Suzie

Big Energy Women: Big Destinies

BIG energy women have BIG destinies. Goodness woman, why do you think you have that force-field in you in the first place, if not to use it…? The destiny drives the energy, NOT the other way around. Meaning, your destiny this lifetime requires THAT size field. There’s...

High Feminine Frequency

It's a myth that the feminine is weak; and one of the reasons so many women are denying their feminine and instead pushing themselves into a more masculine energy, so as to be stronger, more powerful, more in control - apparently.It might help you out on the work...

All That She Wants…

She wants to do things that scare the shit right out of your human ~ at least the one you currently operate as. Yes there's another you.... Her precise and at times apparently 'ridiculous' instructions will make your palms sweat, your heart race and your mind jump to...

Even The Assholes Get The Worm

Even the assholes get the worms, so why not you? 🤷🏻‍♀️   You’ve heard the bleating about how worthy you are of having it all, and yet deep down you still don’t believe.   But it’s not your worth blocking your relationship happiness or business success.......

To Casual Sex Or Not To Casual Sex…that’s the question

If you're considering casual sex, or you're participating, there's more to consider than meets the eye.   Sex is physical, and emotional, especially for women because there's a direct connection between your yoni and your heart, sex is also energetic.  Everyone you...

THIS is stopping you from the REAL kind of Happiness

To be happy, really happy, the kind of happy that lasts, and not the surface kind you’re used to.... You have to MASTER your mind, its the mother of all MUSTS. But first have to master the FEAR, and in order to do THAT you have to to *KNOW* fear intimately. Meaning...