I help break you free from the past to re-code and create strong, healthy, fulfilling relationships that last, because that's what makes you happy. 

"OMG.... gamechanger....We're flowing beautifully. Deeply grateful for your grace and wisdom! Your experience and insights are medicine to so many people." RJ

I If you want to create a beautiful life and loving relationship it has to be coded by what you desire in the future, and not by what you've experienced in the past.

To be guided through the negative belief systems, sabotaging patterns and subconscious programs that keep leading to stress and broken relationships, is the best liberation of all.

When you learn to switch on your inner light and get clarity, re-code your projections and respond from a healed and higher perspective that's aligned with what you want, need and desire, then you'll create real happiness, confidence, love and success in a life and relationship free from the past.

"I told myself the same stories over and over that I was abused by men. I thought I could never trust again but Dawn helped me realize my want for a relationship and family was more powerful than being a victim of my past. I first learned to trust myself and then my new partner and now I have the most amazing man and baby boy. I'm so happy." ~ AM

I work with women, men and couples who...

Want to thrive in a happy, secure, committed and stimulating relationship free from the past with a partner they trust.  A partner who wants what they want, understands who they are and will happily grow along side them. 

But right now, there's a block....

And you're being held back by the fears in your past that keep recreating the tension, confusion and struggle in your life and relationships. You need to create a brand new paradigm and that reflects who you are now and want to be in the future, and what it is that you really desire.

"I am very happy Dawn, fulfilled in many ways and receiving a level of love I sometimes questioned if I deserve. She's all the things I have been wanting..... And we got married!!! Thank you Dawn for reminding me to be me!!" ~ Moe

Our strengths as men and women are different, and when our differences align and we move into one song, we're stronger together.

Whether you work with me as a private 1:1 coaching client, purchase an online program,  or join my up close and personal group mentor-ship mastermind and you'll be led to the deep diving and answers that create the most amazing connection you've felt in your life. 

You can be confident you're in the safe and skilled hands and transformative energy of a coach who knows what it takes to get what you want. 

"I've worked with 10 different coaches, therapists and healers and none of them were as impactful as Dawn. I went from single and always feeling rejected, to being in love, getting married and having a beautiful baby! It's a dream come true." ~ Jen

You need a new way of moving towards the secure and beautiful future you dream of. Relationship drama and emotional struggle, it might be your pattern, but it's not your destiny.

It can be hard to reach out and get help, especially when your default is pushing through and soldiering on. But if you check in with your soul, it's not happy.

It's a truly amazing feeling to love and be loved by a committed person you trust and respect who stands along side you in life.  The past doesn't have to dictate our future and love doesn't have to mean drama and pain. Reach out and connect and let me help you move forward and into alignment with being happy, only this time, it lasts.

"I thought he was amazing before, but now OMG!! The light has come in. So exciting. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! X" - Jo. C