I Am A Woman Who...

Wants to enjoy feeling safe and secure in a happy, loving and committed relationship with a man who's my equal, who wants what I want and who I'm attracted to. I'm ready to learn how to let go and discover the fullness and flow of my feminine energy, because that's what brings alignment, creativity and joy, not just in my relationships with men, but with life, business and especially with myself.

I Am A Man Who...


Wants to feel affirmed and appreciated in a happy, fun and stimulating relationship with a beautiful woman I'm deeply attracted and committed to. I'm ready to take action to reclaim my power and discover how to stand in my dominant masculine energy because that's what brings alignment, success and balance, not just in my relationships with women, but with life, business and especially with myself.

"OMG, thank you!! You're a miracle worker!" EW

"Oh Dawn I'm sure you get this all the time but something huge has shifted for me...It's like I've fallen in love with myself again and in turn him." - E.B

"Since our session I've been feeling so much f*cking LOVE and kindness and warmth and light towards him. Thank you Dawn!!! Thank you, thank you. It all makes so much sense."  - Lis.

"Hey Dawn, just wanted to message and say "I did it!" I created a new adventure. I'm right in the heart of the mountains in Canada with the love of my life,  I am loving every moment of it. Thank you as always." - M.Hassani

"Wow, I've realized how unhappy I've been, at work, at  home, telling myself I was ok with the lack of motivation and giving way too much power over to my ex. Feels good to be back. ~ Michael J.

"I am very happy Dawn, fulfilled in many ways and receiving a level of love I sometimes questioned if I deserve. She is all the things I have been wanting..... And we got married!!! Thank you Dawn for reminding me to be me!!" ~ Moe

"I thought he was amazing before, but now OMG!! The light has come in. So exciting. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! X" - Jo. C

"I've been to about 10 different coaches, therapists and psychologists, and none were as healing or powerful as working with Dawn."~ Jen.

"Dawn just gets it, when you meet her you'll know exactly what I mean!!" ~ Elizabeth M.

"I've been telling all my friends about you, you're direction and advice is so valuable and different to what you would expect from most coaches or therapists. ~ Liz.

"I' got more from seeing you once, than I did from working with a psychiatrist for 8 weeks and he was $250 per 1/2hour session!!" - Emily.

Remember, life is now, so who will you be, how well will you love, and what are you waiting for....?