Supreme mental, emotional, spiritual empowerment,  because you were born for this.

"Wow, speechless. You have answered so many questions I didn't even know how to start asking." ~ G.D.

"My life has changed so dramatically. I'm at the beginning of a new journey, instead of being stuck in the middle of a repeating lesson." ~ E.G.M.

"I've been to at least 10 therapists in all my life from life coaching to psychotherapy, none have been so effective and healing."  ~ J.L.

"You helped me wake the F-up pretty quickly, and it was like an instant feeling of aaahh haahh."  ~ S.O.

"Seriously so fucking amazing. Thank you sooooooo much for helping me manifest this, it's absolutely awesome! So much love."  ~ K.B.

Real Healing And You Make It Happen

You do realize, you make it happen.   And the longer you stay stuck spinning your wheels, trapped in your past (ahem, where do you think your thoughts are coming from?) the more crap you’re pre-creating for your future, right?   And you know, as a spiritual...

Why You Still Can’t Change Your Habits

Ask the fly on your wall. ~ Your stubborn habits and hot mess behind closed doors are costing you, dearly. Hey I know you try. You want change, like yesterday. And you fucking need it because things are going south. But you still can’t seem to shift gear and you keep...

THIS Is The Freedom Your Soul Seeks

My whole childhood I held a secret. And I had a fear around my mother finding out because I was scared it would destroy her.   Turns out she knew, and the only person the secret was destroying was me.   It’s taken me most of a lifetime to shed the deep...

A New Truth About Being Single

YES, I’m single.   NO, I don’t have webbed feet, scales under my clothes and a hidden tail tucked into my knickers. 😉   In other words, there’s fuck all wrong with me.   YES, I can attract men, easily. In fact, I once spent the (entire) night with one...

Energetic Imprints

~The hallmarks of a contaminated sponge.~ Sodden in dense, weighty vibrations, you carry the energetic imprints of every past lover, every gone by relationship, every bitter break up. Do you know you hold energetic ties between lives, and are bound by energetic...

This Kills Magick

It kills magick, it also kills your relationships, not just with the men in your life but with the divine masculine, the source of all provision, including $$$$