Last Year Was An F-Ing Roller Coaster ...


You made some big shifts but I know you slipped back into some old, funky patterns (it happens!)

Maybe a toxic person or two was left behind, or at least now you know you need to (they do some damage.) AND there's all the things you've been putting up with that you know are not in alignment with your heart and soul.

Perhaps you hit an upper limit?

Just as things were starting to go well, along comes self sabotage and suddenly you've spiralled back down into those feelings of being stuck, lost and powerless (I soooo know that space, at least I used to.)


You Want To Do This Year Right


You want to feel happier, more in control, more in tune with yourself and your soul.

And for that you need BS-FREE CLARITY. 

You need to realign with what you do want, instead of staying aligned with what you don't want.

You're made of tough stuff, but you feel mentally, emotionally and spiritually bent out of shape and you're running on empty.

AND you feel cynical and mistrusting.

Trying to control everything around you just to feel safe.

Only that's not working (let's face it, it never has.)

And I know there are times you feel lonely. Solo or coupled, it's always you giving your all.

You feel like your light's gone out.

When was the last time you felt truly seen, admired, proud and praised for the beauty and wildness of your unique soul?

It's been a while, right?..... that needs to change!


You Need Clarity, And To Get Back Into Alignment With Your Inner Being


And that's why I created 10 Days of Clarity and Realignment, to help you do just that.


"Bloody brilliant, thank you so much Dawn you nailed this topic and all the others. I want to share this with the people I know and love"


Let me help you get back to yourself.

You've lost touch with your wild and free spirit, you who gave no f*cks, tossed fear and conformity to the wind and who trusted (and acted on) her gut.

You who lived with volume and verve, who danced until dawn and belly laughed her way through the good times, and the bad. 

All the drama in your life is the mist of confusion.

You've lost touch with what matters.

And that’s why life feels like such a struggle.

You miss yourself; the joy, spontaneous laughter, optimism, crazy streak of rebellion, your breathless boldness and boundless light .... you miss your flow.

"Very powerful session, it all makes so much sense.  You're brilliant Dawn!!"


Now all you feel is stuck and disconnected.

And you've been settling. (Yip, you know you have.)

I don't have a magic wand, but what I do have is some powerful, life changing, hard hitting, wake you up, shift your energy, make sense, mighty fine crystal clear clarity AND daily alignment that will help the mist lift and help connect you back to your true self.


"Feeling like my shell has been cracked and I'm hatching out." 

You want to feel stronger, and to feel....

  • happier
  • wiser
  • sexier
  • funnier
  • lighter
  • calmer
  • clearer
  • more grounded
  • more confident
  • more in step with the Universe than you'ver ever been


I just wanted to say thank you tears are welling up in my eyes as I write this tears of relief and gratitude. If I hadn't done this work with you I wouldv'e gone back and I wouldn't be clear on what I want and I wouldnt be trusting that it was possible."


I know life feels like it's out of your control, but the truth is we're making our realities happen.

We have more power than we recognise, and we can either get onboard, or keep denying it.

But the truth remains and....


..Instead Of Aligning With What We DO Want

We Stay Aligned With What We DON'T WANT.


Let's start changing that!!       

We're powerful co-creators, and the wild and free version of who we are (real self btw), is waiting for activation.

BUT right now this part...





And that's exactly what the 10 Days of Clarity & Realignment Program is about.


 "I just wanted to say thank you so much for putting so much of your energy into doing the 10 day realignment. I think it's like magic😍


It's hard to work all this out by yourself, and make the deeper connections.  Just how long have you been trying?

It’s taken me years of focused and dedicated practice, learning, unlearning, deep diving and turning myself inside out and upside down to get to the point where I can guide you through.

That means a huge short cut for you!!


It’s All About The Clarity

 "So clear after tonight's session, and seeing the repeating pattern and why I kept going back, because I didn't believe I was worthy of the magnificent man I ultimately want."   


Everything you're not yet seeing is what's keeping you stuck.

The Universe serves as a mirror of our world to show us the beliefs, thoughts, stories and emotional blocks we can't yet see inside ourselves.

And that's the real problem.

Without clarity and true understanding we're trying to fix everything on the outside.

Instead of working on the inside. 


"Thank you a trillion times over. I cannot convey the powerful influence you have had over meI just feel really happy with where I'm at, theres a peace I haven't felt before."

"You covered so much in this whoooooaaaahhhhh!!"



Getting CLEAR and back into ALIGNMENT is KEY.

I'm not going to do the hard sell beacuse you know you're confused and you know that things in your life aren't the way you want them to be. 


The hole you can't fill, and I know you've tried, it's the lack of your own understanding.

You're not just unlucky.

AND you're not destined to struggle, you're manifesting unconsciously from the hidden aspects of yourself that you can't yet see.

And everything you’re up against in life, is a reflection of your own confusion.

I know because I used to be confused too. 


Clarity + Re-alignment = Flow


You need to start cutting through the confusion and get realigned because this next phase of your life, YOU'RE GONNA NEED THAT ENERGY, IN FULL! 


"Bingo, you nailed it!! Thank you I understand sooooo much clearer now already."


You've plans to make, dreams to come true, hits and wins and love to come flooding in, SURELY!!

And I get that you're tired and weary, you're leaking energy.

You're doing things the same way, over and over and getting the same results, that's got you exhausted.

When you get clear and back into alignment that'll start to shift.

  • You feel STRONGER
  • You feel SAFER
  • You feel HAPPIER
  • You feel MORE LOVED
  • You feel like your GREATEST PROJECTION

If you resonate with getting back to those feelings THEN check it out...  



10 Days Of Clarity And Realignment

"WOW so many lightbulbs going off. Thank you so so much, so much wisdom and goodness from this session."


Here's what we'll be deep diving into:

DAY 1 - Trust
DAY 2 - Belief
DAY 3 - The power of thoughts, words and language
DAY 4 - Letting go of the past
DAY 5 - Learning life AND love lessons
DAY 6 - Dropping resistance
DAY 7 - Fearlessness
DAY 8 - Feminine / Masculine Energy 
DAY 9 - Expanding heart energy & aligning head and heart
DAY 10 - Communicating with The Universe

**BONUS*** For a limited time this month only (Jan) you will also recieve 1 x 1:1 4o min coaching call (Value $180)

Here's How It Will Work:

  • Every day for 10 consecutive days you'll watch a poweful Clarity and Realignment Session.
  • You'll have access to a supportive, private Facebook group with others on this on the journey.
  • Each powerful sessions is jam packed with my best wisdom, knowledge, professional and personal practice PLUS guided intuitive higher self-communications which will deepy and directly resonate from my heart to yours.
  • Day by day, piece by piece I'll help guide you get back into flow and you'll feel an uplevelling after every session.  
  • We'll unearth the layers in the way of the flow that your true self knows how to bring. 
  • You’ll receive the key take aways from each session.
  • AND you’ll be able to connect directly with me in the group and I’ll answer any questions you have. You’ll not just be absorbing knowledge and wisdom, you’ll be absorbing energy AND your consciousness will be up-levelling to meet mine. Exciting?  FOR SURE!

If you commit to showing up and diving in you’ll feel a powerful surge rising in you as you start to clear away the barriers and limitations and connect back to the power, wisdom and truth of your own inner being. 

Make this YOUR year, the year you rise up and shine brighter.

The year you turn yourself up full volume, no matter who's listening...

Without WORRY
Without SHAME
Without DOUBT


You owe no-one your happiness, nor your greatness, none of us do.

We serve no-one stuck in the struggle of staying small and scared of our own shadow.

You're ready to step out of the darkness, take the deepest, most heart expanding breath, right down into your soul, and release everything, so your vibe can rise like a helium balloon.

Then you need CLARITY AND REALIGNMENT, I mean in this crazy world, who doesn't??!!

I know it, I feel it, I'm living it, and I want you to live it too. 


"I feel fantastic, Like I have leveled up to be honest. Looking at relationships around me in completely different light."


"You truly are one of the most amazing people I have every met. Your energy and light is infectious. I just love that I found you to help me on this journey and with laughter too!

It's time YOU felt fantastic.

It's time YOU uplevelled.

It's time YOU were looking at relationships in a different light.

It's time YOU had FLOW.


You Need To Know What's Going On In Your Life, We All Do!


  • Let me help you feel more TRUST, you're tired of the fear.
  • Let me help you experience more CLARITY, you're tired of the confusion.
  • Let me help you align with more EASE and GRACE, you're tired of always fighting to survive.
  • Let me help you feel more JOY, you're tired of the sadness.
  • Let me help you feel more LOVE you're tired of the anger and resentment and the emptiness.
  • Let me help you RECEIVE, you're tired of always giving.

It's time for giving the finger to all those who tried to keep your vibe down low, so THEY could feel more comfortable.



But you need to take the next step. 

My work is powerful, and the results speak for themselves. 

If you're not ready or it doesn't fit, that's cool, find something that does, but find something. Because nothing will change until you start ot shift on the inside.

It sounds good because it is, and if you're keen you're now wondering.... 


What's My Investment?


This program contains 10+ hours of super focused, powerful, life changing content and material with the same wisdom and powerful teachings as I bring to my private clients, for a fraction of the cost.

For only one payment of $197 (or two payments of $110) you can get started straight away!

Remeber you also get the FREE 1:1 1/2 hr private coaching call* (the month of Jan ONLY) 

Dearest wild and free, rebellious, bold, beautiful, brave spirit, let your human self be guided by the part of you that knows what you need. How are you ever going to change this if you don't take the next step?  



If you have any questions, don't be shy, drop me an email (dawn@dawnlee.com.au) let me answer them, so you can make a powerful, aligned decision. 

Ready to do this?

Dawn Lee is an emotional and spiritual evolution coach, wildly dedicated to helping you solve the big life and relationship problems from the inside out.  Melding science, psychology, coaching and spirituality with her unique blend of intuitive wisdom and lived experience, Dawn's expertise is helping you rise from the fire of adversity and reveal life's hidden meanings and opportunities for radical mental, emotional and spiritual growth.

Dawn is a truth speaker and delivers extreme mental, emotional and spiritual clarity. She's a warrior for love and her mission; to help you raise your consciousness high enough to know real love, as your most emotionally and spiritualy aligned and evolved self.

Discover how to work with Dawn 1:1.