Security and certainty are the illusion of confusion.

A seductive mirage playing tricks on our eyes. We rush forward and as we reach out to grab on, the mirage disappears like wisps of smoke carried on an autumn breeze.

From my roots up, my ground has never been solid, and life, never a haven of safety.

I incarnated into an energetic shit storm of raging emotional fire and fury. A battleground of lost souls and twisted shadows.

My family’s extreme dysfunction made a complete break inevitable and necessary. From the moment I could hold a clear thought, I plotted my escape.

On my exit I dropped an almighty bomb of truth, annihilating the twisted web of deceit, blowing up the tower of lies and pain that had held me prisoner.

I emerged from the flames, strong, bold, determined and ready to rebuild.

A lifetime of avidly journeying job to job, city to city, country to country, my spirit leading me back into the familiar realms of uncertainty, over and over. Twisting my way in and out of the most exquisitely expansive life situations.

The juxtaposition of manifesting miracles and losing my self in life’s wild and pernicious undergrowth, only to resurface and once again shed another layer of Illusion.

And just when the ground looked solid, just when, for the first time in my life I was settled, the dark winds of change and rebirth once again blew down the illusionary walls of security. And my journey back into the unknown began all over again.

Why does change of such magnitude happen and keep happening?

Why is life filled with fierce battles of uncertainty and wars of the heart?

Why are we wounded many times over and tossed from one fire into another?

The answer to that, is this;

We have lifetimes of recycled shadow to heal and transform, and for true healing we must strip ourselves bear and be wounded many times to discover not just the the art of total surrender and detachment but also the art of alchemy and exquisite rebirth.

We die many times until we truly live.

And the truth is there is no certainty.

Instead there is something more valuable and powerful that beckons to reveal itself to us.

And that is our Sovereignty.

It takes many lifetimes to embody, and in the here and now, in this life, on this earth we are destined to claim it for ourselves.

My lifetime has exquisitely provided me with exactly what I needed to lead not only myself out of the ravishing fear of uncertainty but to lead you also.

Whether you’re ready to follow is on you.

I’m rising regardless.

Right now you may be burning, but your emergence from the flames strong, bold, determine and ready to rebuild awaits.

The Mórríghan is calling. 🖤