YES, I’m single.


NO, I don’t have webbed feet, scales under my clothes and a hidden tail tucked into my knickers. 😉


In other words, there’s fuck all wrong with me.


YES, I can attract men, easily. In fact, I once spent the (entire) night with one of the most famous men on the planet, who also happens to be on the sexiest men alive list. 😍


Ahem, not braggin, just sayin’ ~ although it’s a pretty CRAY-ZEE story (that’s a whole other post.)


Honestly, I couldn’t always say this, but I know my worth the same way I know my name and address.


And NO, I don’t fear connection or intimacy. I have a most healthy adoration for men and the masculine.


And there’s no VOID in my life.


No pity parties, falling into gaping black holes of aloneness or courting a dark cloud above my head simply because there’s currently not a man in my life.


FFS, it’s OK to not be in a relationship.


And notice I say “currently” because my King will come.


And when he shows you can bet your granny this Queen will be reigning on her throne of impeccibilty, vibrant and thriving in a container of the most potent, intoxicating, exquisite energy her King will have ever known.


And ya wanna know why?


Because instead of lamenting a sad song that nobody loves me, that I’m alone and therefore unworthy and oh dear god can I even say it ‘single.’


Instead of beating the unconscious, antiquated drum of singledom and single motherhood wondering “when will it fucking end?”


Instead of hitching my unhealed heart to the next available man, oozing red flags like gunshot wounds on a white shirt, and with comprise stamped across his forehead like a branding iron of desperation, THIS Queen has been fervently using this most divinely orchestrated time of solo-hood to deep dive into the inky well of her unearthly existence and discover the fullest expression and wildest nature of who she actually is.


And I gotta tell ya, I fucking LOVE what I’ve found.


I’ve released myself from every last energetic trace of hopeless love, loss and let downs.


And transmuted the deepest hidden vibrations of ancestral patterns, passed soul to soul. I’ve healed them all.


I’ve alchemised and squeezed every last drop of wisdom from every flakey encounter, every lover, part time, full time, the best and worst who penetrated my field.


And every last relationship story.


And every last Illusion.


YES, I’m single, but I dance to the tune of the LOVER.


YES, I’ve known hurt but I stand in the power of my WARRIOR.


I’ve grown the fuck up, every last slither of inner child and in her wake the mighty I AM reigns.


YES, I’m single, and thanks to this timely hiatus instead of just wearing crystals, dancing in moonlight and paying lip service to my spirituality, I’m fucking walking it.


I don’t just believe, I know.


And in that knowing I TRUST.


⚡️I will never comprise for security.
⚡️I will never betray myself for validation.
⚡️I will never rely on another to create my dreams.


I fear nothing and no one and call every last piece of power back to myself.


And when my King appears, when I choose him, when I welcome him into the delicious inner sanctum of my highest frequency, he’ll know he’s home.


I used my time wisely to discover exactly how to activate the masculine, how to worship him, how to love him, ignite his soul in a way that no other woman he’s met has ever had the open soul, freedom of mind or lady balls to do.


I’ll be the woman he’s dreamed of and almost gave up thinking existed.


And all because I did the fucking work when I was single.


There’s a new breed of woman. And she isn’t hard, she’s isn’t brittle or bitter, she’s soft and strong and instinctively drawn to the pulsating susceptibility of the divine masculine.


She feels deeply but she doesn’t weaponize her feelings nor punish her lover.


She embodies high feminine, respects her own masculine, balanced, deep down into the crevices of her spiritual bones.


And though she’s a magnet for the most exquisite mental, physical and sexual attraction, her quest is to attract a man’s soul.


A rare man; a conscious man; a man who himself has risen through his own fire and into his spiritual power and for HIM, she’s willing to wait.


If you’d like to discover how to be THAT woman, I’m teaching the HOW in my new up and coming offer:


TUNED. The art of relationship alchemy.
It’s not JUST about aligning with your partner (present or future) its about the most important relationship in your life, the one with yourself. Because there’s only one source of validation, one source of true power, one source of unconditional love, that my Queen, is yourself.


You are the source of your greatest love.



You always were.


You just don’t know it... yet....


You’re gonna wanna deets, so drop a comment or pm and I’ll email you when the doors open.