It's An Abundant Universe....

So why I am I not receiving?

Ask and you shall receive, or so we're told.  But come on, it's not that simple is it!

I mean if it was, there'd be some pretty crazy sh*t going down on a daily with everyone's orders just dropping from the sky.

No, of course its not that easy, nothing worth mastering ever is.

Conscious manifesting is a skill and it requires a mastered mind apt at emptying from the noise and chaos, to be able to intentionally use it to focus on bringing into our reality what we want.

Most of what we're getting in our every day lives is all the crap from our past that we haven't worked through.

When it shows up we're responding to it in the same ways we created it, and we're simply creating more of it.

It's all the hours spent dwelling, worrying, complaining, raging, and rehashing over and over in our minds, all the injustice, the unfairness, the lack.

All those thoughts are creating feelings of frustration, doubt, hopelessness and that are out there manifesting more of themselves.

To receive then we need to get a handle on our thoughts. But there's a couple of key elements into tapping into the abundance of the Universe, that also need to be mastered:

1. Knowing you're worthy - if you don't feel worthy, your ship won't come in.  Your perceived unworthiness will block the good arriving, because you don't think you deserve them that's the vibration you're manifesting from.

Affirm: "I release the need to believe I am unworthy. I am worthy and I give myself permissions to have everything my heart desires."

2. Trusting that its on it's way - without trust you can forget it.  Lack of trust acts a a barrier, I don't really believe it will come my way so guess what, it won't.

Affirm: "I release the need to not trust the Universe. I do trust the Universe and I it myself permissions to bring me my desires."

And 3, this one is often overlooked but is as crucial as the others. Get Present.  - Magic happens only in the present moment.  Our spark cant ignite if we're stuck in the past, or away imaging the future.  The hear and now is where it happens.  This moment, is the moment of creation, the moment of manifestation, the moment of power. Get in it!

Affirm: "I release the need to live in past or the future. I live in the present and myself permissions to experience the magic in every moment."

Presence is empty space, it's just simply being. It's appreciating the sky, smelling the rose, getting lost in a smile, and with out not a worry, without a fear, without a should or should not, you my friend are a wide open channel.

The Universe is always listening give in you want you want based on where your focus is and what you;re believing.  The now is the safest place to be because there are no beliefs in the now, there is only observation of what is.

We spend too long out wandering in the past, out lost in the future, all the while missing the power of the only thing that truly exists and the only thing that connects us to all that exists.

The present moment.

In the present moment, worthy, and trusting you can't lose.  The Universe is compelled to give you all that you can imagine.

There's work to be done, yes, of course, nothing happens without it.  But you can either stay busy stuck blocked and not receiving, or you can get busy learning and preparing to receive.

The choice is yours, I know what I choose, how about you?