What's Your Word For 2018?



Having a word, it's a thing.  Do you have one?



I've got two. Yip it's OK to have more than more, there are no rules, none I live by anyway. I'm going to share with you mine, why they are what they are, and show you why you too should have at least one.



My first word is ABUNDANCE.  Now, I know it's pretty cliche, who doesn't want abundance right? It's in, BUT if you know anything about me, you'll know I'm all about the deeper level. For me Abundance is more than just wanting to align with having whatever I want, (though that's good too!)



No, it's much deeper.



It's about collapsing the last of the deep rooted subconscious attachment and pattern that plagued my past and often kept me stuck and blocked from true abundance.



Subconscious attachments happen in childhood. They're a response to having to overcome the greatest negative you were exposed to.  Everyone has a subconscious attachment to something, because as we know, we've all had stuff  to overcome.



The following questions will show you if you have a subconscious attachment and give you an idea of how it impacts your life:

  • Do you have a critical inner voice that keeps you feeling bad?
  • Do you have negative feelings and behaviours you can’t consciously control?
  • Do you often sabotage yourself?
  • Do you do things that you know aren’t good for you?
  • Do you attract unhealthy people into your life and keep them there?
  • Do you know what you need to do, but can’t get yourself to do it?
  • Do you resist change?
  • Do you make excuses to stay the way you are, even though you’re unhappy?
  • Do you have self-destructive tendencies?
  • Are you are sick and tired of living the way you live, but keep on living that way?
  • Do you unwittingly set yourself up for failure?
  • Do you rely on others in order for you to be happy?
  • Do you tolerate behaviours you know you shouldn’t?
  • Do you make decisions based on lack rather than trust?
  • Do you feel like you’re always trying to prove yourself?

Was your head nodding?


So there are THREE KEY ATTACHMENTS.   My attachment was to being deprived.


Growing up in the thick of abuse, oppression, anger and violence I did without the basics.  I was deprived of love and connection, safety, and well being, among other things.  Whatever we become subconsciously attached to in childhood, we then unconsciously recreate for ourselves in adult hood.



Being attached to being deprived shows up in a few different of ways, for example:


  • Feeling empty and unfulfilled,
  • Feeling unloved
  • Feeling emotionally numb
  • Sabotaging your progress
  • Feeling like you have a void that you try to fill with alcohol, sex, shopping etc.


The issue with an attachment to being deprived is that every time something good rocks into your life you eventually fuck it up and keep yourself in a state of being deprived.



Now, I've come a looooooong way.  But there's still much to be realised, there's lots of amazing I want from life. And I know just how deep these patterns can run. It can feel like its gone, but you won't know if it's still there, until the conditions that awaken it happen.  By then it's too late.



Love, travel and moving on up are firmly in my sights for this year and I'm not taking any chances. So ABUNDANCE, and all that it entails is my WORD. It's the opposite of deprivation and it reminds me THIS IS MY NEW SUBCONSCIOUS ATTACHMENT.



I'm attached to abundance baby, and now my vision board tells me it's so!



My other word is BALANCE.  You know what the best energy is for creating and making magic happening your life. It's JOY!   Being happy and relaxed will bring you everything you need. There's so much lack in the word because there's so much unhappiness.   There's too much striving and pushing and not enough just being. 



I was guilty of it too. But overdoing life is under-doing you.  You're your best most magnetic self happy and relaxed and the key to that is  BALANCE.



So there are my words, what are yours, do you have any?



The reason you need a word isn't just to have a focus of what you want more of but to keep chipping away at everything that blocks you from it.  It's not the word itself but more what it represents and how it opposes the pattern you're trying to break free from.



If you need help working it out and then building an amazing vision around your word my Vision Boards and Bubbles Workshop is running again on Jan 21st.  The last one just gone was an amazing success.  The feedback was fantastic.  We crafted the most beautiful boards and had some really powerful breakthroughs.   The energy of the group and the day just could not have been better.



So if you want to join the next one there are a few spots left.   Here's the link.






And if you'd like to know more about subconscious attachments and the process of breaking them reach out via email or for a chat on a free discovery call.

So much love,


Dawn X