You could be closer than you think to your biggest breakthrough, that magical AH-HA moment that changes ab-so-lute-ly EVERYTHING.

Hey I hear ya, I know it probably doesn't feel like it. Trust me, I've been there too ...

You've got more shit coming at you than you've had in while.  Perhaps one (or more) of your personal relationships is spiraling out of control or creating more grief than normal. Maybe your job or career feels like it's about to implode, your anxiety is up, your vibes are down, and you haven't had a decent nights sleep in as long as you can remember.

Or perhaps you're sick .... again.  It's not that long ago you had the flu and now its back.  Or maybe it's worse. Maybe this time whatever's happening in your body, has gotten to a point where you can no longer fill a script and treat the symptoms.

Yip, I've got that tee-shirt.

But what if all the drama, all the struggle, sickness and general malady rather than a sign your life is in fact royally f*cked, is actually a sign that you're ready to heal and you are in fact awakening?

Say what?

I know, I know, it sounds crazy but here's what you need to know about breakthroughs and healing that most people don't tell you (or themselves don't yet know).

It's a trip.  It doesn't run in straight-line, it works backwards and it gets worse before it gets better.

Sometimes you have to break to rebuild.

Every time I've had a massive breakthrough that's led to deep healing and further expansion it's has always been on the back end of life getting worse before it got better.

It's the getting worse that leads to the getting better.

And here's why.

Typically we won't do anything about our crappy job, going nowhere life or deeply unfulfilling relationship until it gets too painful for us to ignore.  We keep doing what we're doing until we simply can't do it anymore and then, only then are we ready to do something we've never done.


The suffering forces us into action.  I havent heard of anyone, and I'm talking also from person expreince who didn't have some brought to their knees life crisis, or dark moment that preceded their awakening. It's the being on your knees that triggers the desire, the determination, the willingness to get back up and this time, do it, and do it differntly.

So, let's say you've hit the required amount of shit (and there's a good chance you actually signed up for it) then you're already well on the path to breaking through.

Secondly healing requires your junk to surface.  Junk you've kept hidden, held way deep inside and just in case, thrown lots of other stuff on top to keep it from escaping.

Stuff we don't let out gets stuck.

Emotion is energy and energy need to move.  And if it doesn't get to move it hardens.  It actually attached to the cells in your body, and starts polluting you from the inside out.

Anything that's flexible in it's natural form is easy to move in its natural form.  This is why when we learn to just sit with our pain as it happens we actually free ourselves from it by letting it move through us.

Makes sense doesn't it.

But when energy gets stuck it gets hard, and that's when it becomes problematic.  Think about shifting water, now think about moving ice.

If you think your junk can come up unnoticed, it can't.  Hey look, whether you're actively seeking healing or not it's already showing up, in your life.  It's coming up outside of you to show you what is inside of you.  It;s trying to get you to turn your attention inwards, to the source.

Healing is allowing your stuff to come up inside so as to stop it showing up outside.

Turning inwards to the source means locating the suppressed emotion inside of us and dealing with THERE. But instead we keep trying to manipulate what's going on outside of us.

And we know how that goes.  It doesn't work.  It can't work because the source is in us, not outside of us. We can at best only manage the symptoms but for how long?

The longer we hold onto it the more damage it does.

So yes, when the junk comes up you're going to feel it.  And you're going to be confronted by it in your life as it surfaces.  But darling, feeling and seeing are what set us free from our biggest fears, our deepest wounds, and our greatest limitations.

We can't heal what we don't feel. We can't change what we don't acknowledge. 

As we all know, avoidance doesn't work. It only creates more pain which creates more junk.

And the energetic junk inside of us is in virbational resonance with the energetic junk in others, the others who we have relationships with, work with, live with, even those we birth into the world.

Our unhealed wounds are magnets for the unhealed wounds in others.

Our insecurities attract others who can't give us what we want simply because they don't have it themselves.

Breaking through is tearing down the prison walls we've built with our minds to reveal a new, truer reality.  Healing is learning to allow and release in the presence of our love the hurts we've sheltered for decades believing them to be ours, to be us, to be a reflection of who we are and what we deserve.

If there's shit surfacing in your life, if your body is showing the symptoms of holding on to too much emotional energy, too many toxic stories, too many distorted beliefs and negative thought patterns then gorgeous, courageous soul, know that you are most likely closer than you realize.

You are being gifted an awareness that will lead to awakening.

You're ready to receive the opportunity for healing, the chance to do what you came here to do and discover yourself, discover your soul, discover your power.

Discover the potential reality and endless possibility that lies deep within your healed heart.

I know you're hurt.  I know it's hard.  I know that sometimes you feel so hopeless, so weak, so confused, unimportant and unseen.

But what you're feeling, what you're experiencing, what you're believing is actually everything you want, turned inside out.  You're on the flip side. You're misunderstanding your symptoms, you're not yet seeing that they are the catalyst, the force the uprising of your soul trying it damnedest to lead you into enough fire to wake you up.

To show you that the inside is the outside.

And that your journey, your job, your mission, whether you accept it or not, is to HEAL and in the process discover your self, unlock the power, unlock the magic, unlock the truth of your own divine nature.

And darling, you're so much closer than you think.