The MOST IMPORTANT relationship in your life is the one with yourself. If you’re not at peace with you, don’t expect someone else to be.


How can it really be any other way?


Your best relationship, if you know what that truly looks like, relies on the quality of what YOU bring to it.
And what you bring, depends on how well you’ve mastered your own inner world and how much love, respect, honesty and understanding you hold inside you for yourself.


Because you can’t give away what you don’t have.


If you’ve arrived at clarity, love, respect, truth and understanding, and make no mistake, it is journey, then that’s what you’ll bring to your relationship.


And boy will the two of you shine.


But if you’re still stuck in the darkness, confused, anxious and self loathing, if you’re still disrespecting your own heart and soul, if you’re still lying to yourself with stories of unworthiness and shame, and if you have little to no understanding as to why, then you’ll manifest it all.


And you’ll wonder why this keeps happening .... when all you want is to love and be loved.


The answers lie in you, and in the relationship you’ve most been avoiding: the one with yourself. Most people struggle to be with themselves because they need a distraction from their own over active, run away mind.


And the fear of being alone and what that mean about our worthiness is what often drives us into falling hard and fast, and with the wrong person. Who, in reflecting back our own inner turmoil and lack of true authenticity and love, is actually the right person for our manifesting the discomfort we need to do what we’ve been avoiding all along; get right with ourselves, first.


Peace and love inside, peace and love outside.


Being at peace with yourself doesn’t require you to be prefect, it requires you to be real, conscious. It requires your awakening, if requires your commitment and consistency, it requires your courage to welcome the parts of you you’re trying to run away from and above all else it requires you to love yourself. Because if you don’t love yourself you’ll forever find, in any partner, the reflection of where your own love is missing.


Being met with your own lack of love hurts, every time.


Relationships bring a lot of wonderful gifts but finding your soul is a journey you take solo. Your partner can help hold the mirror to your unconscious aspects but its on you to see them and welcome these parts of yourself through love and understanding.


And the sooner you do that, the sooner you’ll discover the kind of love that as a physical projection of source, which is of course pure love, you, as a human being have the potential to experience.

Don’t sacrifice that convincing yourself that how it is right now, is how it's always going to be and therefore how it’s destined to be for you. You have the power to change not only what's showing up in your field but whether it stays there, and whether it repeats.

Be brave, get deep into yourself, and don't stop until you've shed every layer of fear and shame and gotten control of your mind.  At least to the point that you can make your thoughts work for you and not against. you.   Take the journey, don't be afraid, because there’s truly nothing more effortless than showing up as your authentic self, healed, happy, loving and aligned.


And just imagine the kind of relationship could you have from that space.