There’s a challenge to you getting what you want, you’re not energetically ready.


That’s the hold up, and why you procrastinate, repeat old patterns, stay stuck in an unhappy relationship or job, and why you feel lost.


I’d go as far as saying you don’t actually know what you want, not yet. You can’t see the vision and you certainly can’t feel it.

You know that you don’t want what you’ve got, because it’s hurting and you’re unhappy.
If you could have what you’ve got without the hurt, you’d settle.


Only it doesn’t work that way, and besides what you have is a perfect match with how you feel.


If you’re always arguing with your partner for example, you want the arguing to stop and for them to be more loving, giving, appreciative.


But inside you feel resentment, anger and fear that you’re less than. And that’s the current energy holding the attraction of your partner, who BTW feels the same.
See the match?

Or maybe you’re single and searching for love. You want it to happen yesterday.


You want someone awesome, emotionally available, stable and relationship ready, but inside you feel frustrated, anxious and desperate, and deep down you don’t think the kind of man you want will want you. And that’s the energy holding the attention of the men you don’t want.


See the match?

The man you want to attract doesn’t energetically match with desperation and not owning your value.  It's not that you don't deserve him, you just don't align, yet.


And if you want that to change, first you’ve got to shift your energy to be what you want.


And there’s challenge.

To be a perfect match you have to transform the negative energy of the old pain stuck in your heart and the stories stuck in your mind, blocking you from aligning and creating the feelings you want to feel.
That’s why you need to put the past to bed, all of it.

Because the resentment, the anger, the fear, the frustration, the desperation the not feeling enough, it’s already inside you.


Your situation right now is simply the trigger to what’s already there.


Maybe you've done some work around this, but if you're not getting what you want that's the signal that there's more tp be done.


And that shouldn't be a great surprise.  Consider how long you've been holding on to these old patterns, how long you've been telling the stories, feeling the hurt.


It takes time and focused effort to transform old patterns, and you do it until, but you do it. 

Because the rewards are everything you're scared to imagine you can't have!


When I learned how to transform the past, read my life and make the connections, and then consciously take control of my emotions, my world changed.

It’s still changing, rapidly.

Finally I feel (for real) like the conscious co-creator that I am, that I’ve always been, it’s just that the past was in the way and I didn’t know how.


Now I know what I want, I see it, feel it and step into the energy of having it. And with complete trust and knowing that it’s coming, I’m wide open to receiving it.


Stop sacrificing your happiness and telling yourself it can't be done.  It can!

If you want to create the shift inside and bring it all home on the outside, NOW is the time to reach out.


I’m currently going through a brand audit and will be shifting my packages and prices at the end of this month so if you want to work with me and get your past nailed, take advantage of my current offerings and do it NOW.


Connect for free call and find out how I can help you be the perfect match for what you want. If you deserve real happiness, and I know you do, and if you can have it, and I know you can, what are you really waiting for?


Always in your corner,

Dawn Lee

Dawn Lee is an emotional and spiritual evolution coach, wildly dedicated to helping you solve the big life and relationship problems from the inside out.  And in the process find your most powerful, authentic, happiest self, so you can live with peace in your heart and love in your life. Melding science, psychology, coaching and spirituality with her unique blend of intuitive wisdom and lived experience, Dawn's expertise is helping you rise from the fire of adversity and reveal life's hidden meanings and opportunities for radical mental, emotional and spiritual growth. Dawn is a truth speaker and deliverer of extreme mental, emotional and spiritual clarity, and a divine warrior for love. And her mission; to help you make peace with the past and raise your consciousness high enough to come home to  real love, as your most emotionally and spiritually aligned and evolved self.

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