Hey Beautiful...

 Finding life and relationships hard..?

You're not alone.

Is your heart like a mosaic - all the fragments messily glued back together....?  And are you always finding fault in your relationships and wondering "what the hell's wrong with me, why can't I just be happy?"

You're smart enough to know that you deserve to have a great life and love well, but this is your movie - you're the common denominator.  And if you want things to change, the realization you've come to is that you'll have to start with yourself.

And that's why you've found your way here.

I'm not going to tell you that it's easy, that if you learn a few tricks and let go of a few less than stellar habits you've picked up in your years of relating, it'll all work out fine. 

The truth is there's no magic wand to dissolve the abandonment issues, rejection stories and fears of not being enough that lead us to the anxious and unconscious relating patterns that have created our now. 

But there is an answer...

When you have the right kind of skilled help, support, accountability and higher consciousness tools that help you to heal and then re-create your life and relationship(s) consciously, then you can find your heaven on earth.

And that's what I'm here to help you do.

I'm here to help walk you home; back to the truest and most powerful parts of yourself that know who you are, and what you should do.   

 I'm here to help you discover the transformative power of conscious relating that's the glue that holds strong bonds together and turns even your challenges into beautiful, meaningful, co-aligned connection with someone who wants what you want, and values what's valuable to you.

I  used to be you.

I was ripped out of the safety of my feminine core.  I over compensated by becoming a strong and fiercely independent woman, but I didn't always know how to truly let go.  I didn't always know how to use my feminine essence and God given power and manifest from my heart, instead of my fear.

And I was frustrated AF at not being the woman I came here to be.

The unconscious conditioning and indoctrination imprinted into me showed in the patterns that played out in my life and relationships.  And I wanted more.

I grew up in a landscape of violence, dysfunction and the worst kinds of abuse.  I knew I deserved to be loved and have it all, but the truth is deserving isn't enough - we have to make it happen. We have to refine ourselves by fire and  learn, sometimes the hard way, who we are and what we're made of. 

And that's what I want to teach you.

I've been running my coaching business for 7 years now; I coach both women and men, which means I'm intimately acquainted with both sides of the masculine/feminine dynamic.

I'm gifted with sight that can see your most hidden shadows, read your deepest most ingrained patterns and coax out from the dark the unconscious conditioning that drives the relationship anxiety, insecurity and negative relating habits that keep tripping you up in relationships.

I walk my talk; I've rebuilt my life from the ashes, multiple times, and created a beautiful life that aligns with all I hold dear. I've spent decades devoted to mastering my craft and breaking the spell of the false self, as many times as it took to open and show up unashamedly whole.  

I'll show you how.

I'll show you that true healing is real and that the beautiful life and love you dream about, it'll be real for you too.

But it must be created; and that can't be done whilst your consciousness is still hooked in the past, because love only lives in the now.

 I do this work because I want women, and especially those who've been spectacularly hurt, to heal, lighten, shed the veil of  shame and live the fullest expression of their divine and powerful feminine self in a relationship that gives them everything they need, but have been denied. 

Let me teach you how to stop vibrating your past back into form, because I want you to thrive. If you think we could fit, then click below to connect, or if you already know that we do, then hit the work with me now. 

Originally from Scotland, Dawn's traveled extensively, living and working in London, Japan, Sydney, The Whitsunday Islands and now Brisbane, Australia. Dawn's a devoted mum to her beloved son, Lincoln and their adorable Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Leo. She continues to share a close bond with her ex-partner and his new wife, and lives with her own wonderful partner, Will, who together have created the Evolve & Prosper brand.  Dawn's a fully qualified and certified Life Coach, has an (honors) degree in Psychology & Sociology,  is a certified energy body practitioner and has been running her own coaching business for the last 7 years. Dawn's worked in hospitality/management, corporate/finance, mental health (substance abuse, ex/young offenders) and also with children and young people experiencing social and emotional behavioral issues in a residential school setting. She's also project managed a not-for-profit organization. Dawn believes that we get what we need to learn our greatest life lessons which turn on the codes of our power and create our God given internal wings.