Hey there, I'm Dawn Lee...

My gift is leading women to emotional freedom and spiritual power (regardless of how painful your past) and to create beautiful relationships that reflect their true value.

 I can see the subtlest of patterns that most coaches miss.

It's the deepest layers of fear and shadow programming that keeps women falling back into familiar patterns of sabotage, compromise, co-dependency and subtle victim consciousness that manifests in their most intimate and personal relationships.

MY WOMEN ARE STRONG, SMART AND BRAVE, THEY'VE ENDURED A TOUGH PAST... They also have a big future, and that's a challenging path of immense soul growth.

You're here because you've been on the journey a while now and you're seeking to take your development to the next level. And to the outside world it can look as though you've got it all together. But  you're secretly still at war with a part of yourself, and you're struggling to step into your power and trust who are. 

And that's because there's still a part of your soul energetically enmeshed in the past and honestly, it's your mind that's keeping it there.

I walk my talk; I know true healing & living unhooked.

  My work is powerful. It marries the logical with the spiritual AND the physical with the metaphysical.

 I know what you're going through, the compromise, the self-sabotage, the crushing self doubt and relationship fear, and I have the prescription.

I've been through the fire and like a phoenix risen from the ashes, more than once.  I've navigated some of the most mentally, emotionally, financially and spiritually challenging situations a human can endure.  I've also manifested monumental miracles and called in some gargantuan life dreams.


My early life was a train-wreck of trauma, abuse and deep emotional wounding. I left home and moved to London at just 16, and at 23 returned to orchestrate a high court battle against my parents which led to the imprisonment of one parent and exposing the lies, neglect and denial of the other. 

I always knew there was a bigger picture.

I had my first profound spiritual experience when I was just 8 years old that would eventually lead me on a journey of learning the secrets of the mind, the soul and the Universe. AND an unlearning of everything I thought I was.  And it was deep beneath the rubble of my painful past that I discovered the higher codes of consciousness that lead to true mental and emotional freedom and the intoxicating joy of living past-less. 

And I did it solo, no therapy, no counseling, no medication, not even an apology.

How did I do it..?  I dived deeper than most are willing to travel and found an unworldy capacity for radical transformation. I've also spent the decades expanding and using an arsenal of tools, skills, modalities, wisdom, education and knowledge, all underpinned by my own incredible life experience.

I know how to flip the unflippable.

I've gone from being overseas on a tourist visa, jobless, cashless, debt stricken and sleeping on a couch ~ to an all expenses paid trip and an on-the-water villa in the exquisite Maldives. I then secured not one, but two sponsorship visas, permanent residency and eventually citizenship. And all without the help of an immigration lawyer.

 I know what its like to be lost in the maze of alcohol, drugs and an addiction to pain medication.

I know how to consciously call in a high value life experiences and orchestrate the external by first shifting the internal. There's nothing I don't k now about human behaivour, how the mind works,  and when it comes to relationships I can literally resurrect the dead.

I have inspired the most exquisite proposals, consciously called in an effortless conception, complication free pregnancy AND a miraculously easy birth, (in and out in 12 hours) all at what's considered a high risk age.

I also healed myself from an autoimmune disorder that failed to respond to conventional medicine leaving me chronically sick, fatigued and at one point drinking my own urine (yip, I was that f*cking desperate) ~ And now, for years, healthy, vibrant and literally never sick with so much as a common cold.

I've been the settled, stay-at-home mum living my dream life in a newly-built 'dream house' with my high earning dream partner ~ and watched it crumble and then flip to a conscious separation without a lawyer, family court or even a parenting agreement (read more about this here.)

I've been a single mum on a parenting pension struggling to create my own business from the ground up, solo. I can lead women through the most challenging times of their lives and relationships and in the most exquisite future. A future with the partner of their dreams who couldn't be more aligned and devoted.

I know how to use the energetic laws of the Universe.

I know how to activate the highest feminine frequency that calls in the protection, provision and support of the high masculine. And I know how to unhook the human psyche, master the subconscious mind and release the dense shadow energy encoded into the soul.  I understand the intricate nuances of the masculine and feminine energy systems, I also understand metaphysics, quantum mechanics, social, trans-personal and archetypal psychology, energy alchemy and shadow transmutation.

There's no relationship or life problem that I can't help you rise through.

I'm on a mission to help woman evolve beyond the self depreciating paradigms and fear programming and into supreme individualization and a knowing of their own divine supernal nature that leads to authentic freedom, destiny and the most honest, open, heart expanding love, connection and communication they've ever experienced.

Professionally I've worked in multiple industries, including corporate finance; social work, mental health, teaching, training, hospitality management, consultancy and for the last 5 years transformational coaching. I've also worked in multiple countries including Scotland, London, Japan and I currently live in Brisbane, Australia.

And in case credentials are your thing, I also have a few up my sleeve:

  • BA (Hons) Psychology & Sociology
  • APC - Professional accredited coach
  • Accredited trainer (TAE)
  • NLP practitioner
  • Certified hypnosis practitioner
  • Certified chakra and energy clearing practitioner