Welcome, I'm Dawn Lee,

You're tired of living the lie.

And I have a most potent gift for untangling you from the mental, emotional and spiritual imprisonment that's become your life, and relationship.

You're sick of sacrificing, and the constant push for survival.

You want to come home to your true self and break free from every belief that binds you.  You want to know who you truly are; you want supreme empowerment.

And that's perfect, because that's what you're here for.

And when I say "supreme" I mean it.  Your truest self is permeated with the divine and you have more power waiting to be unleashed than you can imagine.

But only once you get unstuck.

So first I'm going to deliver you the most brilliant solutions to your most challenging problems. There's nothing I can't help you solve. Because I walk my talk. I've been through life's fire, and like a phoenix risen from the ashes. 

Among other miraculous achievements I've transmuted and healed into total dissolution a decade + of the worst kind of childhood abuse and trauma.  Gone.  And I did it myself, without ever having stepped so much as a toe over the threshold of a psychologist, psychiatrist, therapist or even a Drs office. No intervention, no diagnosis, no medication.  

I know true healing and supreme empowerment are possible, no matter what your past. Because I see the divine in the dark. I know the human psyche inside out, I also know the soul and the science of energetics.

I know how to dismantle even the most stubborn fear. And I have a unique perception on the connection between adversity and destiny; it's mine to lead you to yours. 

I see you, I know you've lost touch with your internal GPS, and you're secretly suffocating in a life that's too small, and less than you deserve. 

You're ready to reinvent your life, which happens to be a specialty of mine, I've done it many times over and turned around the most challenging situations and circumstances you can imagine.

I've also manifested some exquisite miracles and lived trhough some extreme experiences.

In my 20s, I successfully orchestrated the imprisonment of one parent and exposed the lies and betrayal of the other. I've literally lived my entire adult life as an orphan.

I've worked in multiple industries, including corporate finance, social work, mental health, teaching, training, hospitality management, consultancy and now coaching.

I've also worked in multiple countries including London, Japan and now Australia. 

I've lived in mansions; I've also been overseas homeless, broke and sleeping on a couch from where I manifested an all expenses paid trip to the Maldives AND miraculously secured not one, but two sponsorships visas, permanent residency and eventually citizenship.

And yip, I did it myself, not an immigration lawyer in sight.

I used alcohol and drugs way more than I should've but I didn't waste a drop of the experience; it all made me stronger.

I know the secrets of the soul and the subconscious, I know how to master relationships and use law of attraction.

I've manifested multiple windfalls.

I've also healed myself from an autoimmune condition that failed to respond to conventional medicine, called in an effortless pregnancy (first attempt) and complication free birth (in and out in less than 12 hours) all whilst being considered "high risk."

I've magnetized the 'perfect life' more than once.

Built my dream home, had the perfect little family and in a spectacular plot twist, walked away consciously uncoupling from my then life partner.  All without a lawyer, mediation, or even a parenting agreement.

And the real secret to my success isn't just in the years spent soulfully educating and immersing myself in psychology, metaphysics, personal and spiritual development, mind mastery and ancient myth and wisdom. And it isn't just in my perseverance and unwavering faith, but in my  knowing of a truth buried deep in my spiritual bones.

A truth that saved my life and led me to discovering the connection between adversity and destiny, and how to use one to reveal the other. It's my mission to bring this truth to you.

And just in case you're also wondering, (and/or it's your 'thing') I do also have a few credentials up my sleeve:


  • BA (Hons) psychology & sociology
  • APC - Professional accredited coach
  • Accredited trainer (TAE)
  • NLP practitioner
  • Certified hypnosis practitioner
  • Certified chakra and energy clearing practitioner