Overseas, jobless, cashless, debt stricken and sleeping on a couch ~ to an all expenses paid trip and on-the-water villa in the exquisite Maldives.


From a tourist visa with no right to work and no means of income ~ to not one but two sponsorship visas, permanent residency and eventually citizenship. All without the help of an immigration lawyer.


From recreational drug, excessive alcohol use and an addiction to pain meds ~ to stone cold sober.  A new partner, promotion and paid relocation to Brisbane and an effortless conception, complication free pregnancy and miraculously easy birth, at what's apparently considered a high risk age.


From an autoimmune disorder that couldn't be healed by conventional medicine leaving me chronically sick, fatigued and at one point drinking my own urine (yip, I was that desperate) ~ to healthy, vibrant and literally never being sick with even a common cold.


From settled, stay-at-home mum living my dream life in a newly-built house with high earning partner ~ to single and separated; consciously, amicably and without a lawyer or a parenting agreement (read more about this here.)


From a struggling single mum on a Centre-link parenting pension ~ to self-made supreme empowerment and higher consciousness coach committed to an allegiance with my soul and own divine destiny.


Don't tell me it can't be done, or that it's "too hard."


I've rebuilt my life from the ashes more than once; I’m no stranger to meeting fear head on and leaping into the dark. I’ve manifested monumental miracles and called in some big life dreams.


I’ve also had my back against the wall more times than I care to remember and found myself in some of the most mentally, emotionally and financially challenging situations a human could be in.


But I always triumphed.


Because I know how to dig deep and I've always had an unwavering faith and determination to do what it takes, till it takes, no matter what. I've never given in nor given up, and honestly I didn't have the luxury.


Because I've never had a family to fall back on.  I've been estranged from my dysfunctional earth-side family since putting one parent in prison for penance of a childhood filled with extreme abuse, and in the process exposing the lies, neglect and denial of the other.  I walked away, and I never looked back. 


I work with women and men consumed by worry and fear, who are far from in any kind of real danger.  But who are stuck in a never ending cycle of angst and tethered to stories of abandonment and rejection.  And who feeling secretly powerless and victimized are still being controlled by the self depreciating paradigms and programming they've carried since childhood. 


Still terrified of other people's opinions and of their own shadow.


And I get their predicament, I get their pain.


I know what it’s like to feel empty; desperate, destitute, alone, helpless, scared shitless, lost and adrift in life’s raging and unpredictable torrents. 


I've fought my way through the undergrowth of dense shadow and negative energies that imprison the human psyche and suffocate the soul. And I don't just see possibility for real change and radical transformation, I see inevitability.  It's what we're here for.


I know you can make it on your own, and that you can honor your soul and discover how to stream your own wealth from the spiritual gifts that lay buried in the stillness of your bones. But first you must free the suppressed codes of consciousness that keep you stuck in the same repeating patterns playing out in your life and relationships over and over again. 


You'll never unleash the potential of your soul otherwise and your life will continue to manifest the stagnation and fear that's blocked your growth for lifetimes. 


It's taken years to perfect my craft; to pull together everything I know, everything I've learned, everything I practice. At times I've felt like I might explode with the untapped power, high frequency energy and capacity for systemic change that's been bursting to be freed from my DNA. 


Sometimes the task felt too big, and I too small to hold the incomprehensible truths that most shy away from. But like the rest of my journey I refused to give up until the last layer was unraveled and the last piece dropped.



Hey There, I'm Dawn Lee,

I have a most potent gift for unshackling your consciousness and breaking you out of the debilitating mental and emotional torture of your miserable marriage and a life that fits you like a pair of shoes two sizes too small. 

Call off the search, working with me you'll heal for good and catapult yourself into the path of the divine destiny drumming at your insides to be realized.  Oh it's there, deep in your soul, gnawing at the gates of your subconscious mind waiting to be unleashed.

I know all your sacrifices; all your compromises and I know the secret fears you've squirreled to the back of your mind that rush to surface every time you step out of your comfort zone. Fears that have kept you compromising in your marriage, in your career, and with your health.

Fears that forced you to create a most perfect pretense to hide the dissonance between the dual reality you're currently stuck in.  

I have the prescription for that.

The cure; for the lump in your throat, the pressure in your chest and the lifetimes of soot in your lungs.  I'm here to liberate you back into the arms of your intuition and the seat of your soul.  Back into your supreme power, to take control of your life and live your true divine destiny.

I'm a Blueprint Changer; on a mission of radical transformation and my divine destiny is to lead you to yours. 

I See The Divine In The Dark

I have a unique, lived perception on the true origins of trauma and the connection between adversity and destiny. I see the hidden portal buried deep in the wounds of the flesh that leads to higher consciousness and unlocking your spiritual gifts.

I've spent years studying the human psyche, deep diving into the nature soul and absorbing every metaphysical resource and spiritual text I could lay my hands on.  More recently expanding my knowledge in the field of quantum mechanics and energetics, I get it.  And I know how to dismantle even the most stubborn fear that will lead you to getting it too. 

I've worked in multiple industries, including corporate finance, social work, mental health, teaching, training, hospitality management, consultancy and now transformational coaching. I've also worked in multiple countries including Scotland, London, Japan and currently Australia. 

And the real secret to my success isn't just the years spent soulfully educating and immersing myself in personal, professional, philosophical and spiritual development. And it's not just my love for magic, myth and the wisdom of the ancients, nor my perseverance and unwavering faith and psychic gifts.

They count, but the key to my overcoming the unover-come-able and what kept me alive in the first place, was a profound spiritual experience I had when I was 8 years old, it was the beginning of my journey.  It's why I do what I do. And in case you're wondering, (and it's your thing) I do also have a few key credentials up my sleeve:


  • BA (Hons) Psychology & Sociology
  • APC - Professional accredited coach
  • Accredited trainer (TAE)
  • NLP practitioner
  • Certified hypnosis practitioner
  • Certified chakra and energy clearing practitioner