msy Gorgeous,

 I'm here to help walk you out of the relationship storm and lead you to higher love.

Whether a lover's got you dangling, you're warring with your partner, an ex, or you're struggling to attract the person you'll spend the rest of your life loving and being loved by, the blueprint's the same.

I'm here to lead you to the core of your power, and an understanding of the masculine and feminine dynamic, that when applied, makes relationships work like a dream.   And that includes the one with your ex.

Solo or coupled we're not designed to keep looping in unconscious patterns and programs and the emotional pain of a past that we keep on repeating in the present.

We're here for higher love.

My mission is to help create unbreakable bonds and teach you how to navigate relationships from a higher level of consciousness. So you can stay in your power, and enjoy love and connection consciously, confidently and without compromise.

Relationships mirror the deepest unconscious aspects of our lives. They can be a source of great pleasure or excruciating pain. My goal is to end the devastating warring and destruction in relationships that fractures families, breaks hearts and sets children on the path of repeating the same patterns they grew up witnessing in their parents relationships.

My cIients are high performers whose relationships (past or present) have spiraled out of control.  

I help you break the subtle (and not so subtle) cycles of dysfunction and discover the keys to truly understanding each other, to create magical relationships. And when necessary, because not everything last, I can guide you out of the relationship consciously, and with the least amount of pain and destruction.

Because just because the relationship 's broken doesn't mean the family has to be.

My clients are high performers who've lost touch with their power and are struggling to navigate relationships from start to finish. Because sometimes the love affair ends. And how we get out of relationships is as crucial as how we get into them.

I helped bring resolve to some of the most challenging relationship dynamics imaginable.  I've had clients who've previously spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in family law courts and lawyers. And with ex's who apparently were relentless and unreachable.

I know how to rebuild the bridge between warring and disengaged couples and created respectful and cooperative co-parenting relationships out of the most bitterest of breakups.

I also know the damage of toxic relationships first hand.  I grew up in one of the worst, abusive dynamics imaginable. My entire childhood, a train wreck of physical; emotional and sexual abuse.  Lies, fear and the worst of betrayals dominated the family landscape.   I know the damage that can be done.

But I also know the incredible healing and expansion of consciousness that relationships, no matter how traumatic offer us.  Because the real journey is back to the core of the true self, when you find that, you find everything.

I've spend decades diving deep into human behaviour, the energetics of relationships, and the law of the Universe.  

I'm originally from Scotland, I've lived in London, Japan, and now Australia. Worked in multiple industries including corporate; finance, hospitality, training, teaching, and for the last 5 years running my own transformational coaching business.

  I have an honors degree in psychology; I’m a certified coach, trainer, NLP practitioner and certified energy body healer. But by far the greatest gifts I possess are my ability to read people’s behaviors and unearth their unconscious programs, hidden energetic patterns and most limiting self beliefs.

I can see in the dark.

I can feel into your deepest fears and cut through the densest shadow, all the way back to the lightest light. I can lead you to the silver lining, no matter how loud the thunder or heavy the storm. 

I can also teach you how to manifest monumental miracles.

From being overseas homeless, with no right to work, and a maxed out credit card. To
the picture perfect Maldives, in a luxury over-the-water villa watching the tropical fish float idly by.  And with a good man, who loved me dearly.

I should've been happy, only I didn't love him.

And it felt like the air was being sucked from my lungs.  Compromise is a value but painful lesson. Your soul will never give up on it's dreams, nor sacrifice freedom for safety.

Traveling brought me many experiences, I had a lot of fun. I also secured not one, but eventually 2 sponsorship visas, and permanent residency.  All without the help of an immigration lawyer.

It also brought me face to face with a few demons

Endless nights of alcohol, recreational drugs and an addiction to pain meds. And then an auto-immune disorder which, because it wouldn't respond to conventional medicine, I ended up on a journey of healing myself.


Every time I found my back against the wall, it was when I took radical responsibility and realigned my energy that miracles happened.


And it always started with a decision.

I've consciously called in love and life partners literally within a week. A first attempt pregnancy, an easy, complication free birth, and at what's medically considered a high risk age.

I've built my dream family home and life, with a partner and for a little while, I finally felt settled. Only to once again find myself feeling empty and breathless, and having to create my life from scratch, all over again.


Each time I used the same principles. Years of research, practice and much trial and error, I understand energy and the laws of the Universe. I know how to turn fear into power, wounds into wisdom and sadness back into love.

I can take you to a place of healing where wounds no longer exist.

And teach you how to reclaim your value, and how to never be defined by your past, nor devoid of your power.

I can teach you how to influence men with your feminine essence. And how to turn around a breakup and build a bridge, even with the most challenging relationships, including the one with your ex.

I can guide you into relationships consciously, confidently and purposefully. And when the writing's on the wall, I can guide you out, in the very same way.

I can lead you to unearthing your gifts and building a business from nothing. Even if you are a single-mama on a parenting pension.

And teach you how to attract and build a beautiful life with an awakened man who will love and cherish you, provide and protect you.  All the while encouraging your spirit to shine and your soul to sing.

I know it's possible, because I've done it myself.

And it’s a formula that can be replicated.

Which means you can do it too.

Life isn't meant to be lived as a burden, it's meant to be lived as a dance.

I want that for you.

And the Universe does too.

Too many smart, powerful, talented women feel depleted and empty, their spirit dying inside as they hop from one unsatisfactory relationship to the next. Or stay loveless, alone or locked in a battle of wits with a partner, or ex.

Women tired of waiting to be rescued and kissed awake.

And who ironically have all the strength, courage and power inside to awaken their own inner Queen, and spectacularly save themselves. 

They just need to know how.