(Hey Gorgeous Woman....

 Whatever your relationship crisis, drama, loss or confusion and whether you're at the beginning, middle or end...

I know the solve. 

My vision is women living emotionally free from the past, self expressed, in full trust and experiencing high conscious love and relating in all areas of life.  

Thriving in growth, I want to see women anchored deep into their feminine core, healed and at ease with their sisters and mothers and living fearlessly, creatively and in harmonious balance with masculine love and support.

My mission then is to help you remove all the blocks that keep you locked out of the deepest parts of yourself that once accessed will align and attract higher love.  And not just with a quality man, but also with the most important person in your reality, yourself.

I work at the deep end, no fluff, no pretense.  I'm skilled at holding space for the chaos, seeing through the confusion and drawing out layers of shadowy energy, programming  and fear that keeps manifesting in your closest relationships.  It's the pathway to ending the negative patterns of sabotage, compromise and feelings of powerlessness that you keep looping in.

I marry the masculine warrior with the softness of feminine energy.

And help women to truly understand first who they are so they can not only understand others, but can understand life through the lens of the mirror that's always perfectly reflecting an aspect of self.

I've mastered my craft over decades of learning, unlearning, experience, practice and working with women and men on the journey of radical deep transformation and conscious relating.

And I journey my tribe through the process of healing the past, letting go of the stories they're sure once defined them, to finally create an amazing new future out of the ashes.  And rebuild the rubble into something unique and spectacular.

The truth that most coaches won't tell you is the journey is long and it's hard.  And that's why most people bail on themselves before breaking through because it's not what they've been sold or imagine.  I know what it takes, I walk my talk boldly and I'm here to help break you through the painful and tragic relationship cycles, not just with a partner, but also your parents.


Because honestly,  that's where it starts.

 I do this work because I know the damage. I've lived it first hand and I don't subscribe to carrying the scars of your childhood, I believe they are meant to be healed. Because it's in the true healing that alchemy happens and not only unhooks the past, but it's then that your soul can at last be expressed and real love experienced.

If you've found your way here you're already aligned with my work.  But you need to know a bit more about me to be sure.  I can give you a run down on who I am and the reasons why you'd love working with me, but what it really comes down to is whether or not you're willing to back who you are and jump off the cliff.  Because until you take the step you'll never discover how high you can fly. 

So here's a little about me to help see if we fit....

I'm originally from Scotland, I've traveled extensively and I'm based in Brisbane Australia. I'm a fully qualified and certified coach, hold a TAE cert in training, honors degree in Psychology & Sociology and I've been running my own coaching business for the last 7 years.  I've lived in worked in London (Corporate & Finance) and also Japan (teaching English) and I've also dabbled in Hospitality management.  

I grew up in a highly dysfunctional and abusive environment, my childhood robbed by the physical and sexual abuse of one parent and the neglect and betrayal of the other.   I moved to London aged 17, and returned in my early 20s with a fire in my belly and a deep need for justice and truth. It led to a High Court trial where justice was finally served, and multiple sentences handed down. I can honestly say it was one of the most empowering experiences of my life.    

As hard as my childhood had been, there was always something inside me that knew there was more to life than the physical realm.  I'd felt a higher power move through me often, and it was that power that led me to a long and arduous journey of self discovery and deep healing.

I'm no Pollyanna, I lived a wild life, I've paid a high price for my worth and to learn what I know. But I've always believed, and no matter how tough the road and how hard the journey and sometimes it's been so tough that I've literally been overseas homeless, jobless and not even having the right to work, but I've manifested miracles. 

I've rebuilt my life from the ashes more times than most.  And there isn't a situation (mental, emotional, physical or spiritual) that I haven't been able to find a way through.  It's what makes me such a great Coach.   It's also what makes me so open, non-judgemental and passionate about helping woman turn their pain into power and a deeper understanding of self and of life. 

And that's honestly what leads back to love.

I'm also a mum to a beautiful boy who along with my King Charles Cavalier Spaniel (Leo), are my absolute world. I parented solo for years and with no family support and an interstate ex, it was no easy gig.  But I grew through it all, healed every wound and I now have a very close bond with my ex and his wife.  I also live with a wonderful, loving man who, highly aligned, embodies the qualities of high masculine energy that strong women seek, but few seem to find.  

And that's what I want for you.