Hey Gorgeous Woman....

 I'm here to resolve your relationship drama or crisis beginning, middle or end. And lead you to higher love and feeling fulfilled, not just with a quality man, but also with yourself.

Whether it's your broken relationship;  a lover who's got you dangling, if you're at war with your partner, an ex, or struggling to attract the person you'll spend the rest of your life loving and being loved by....

The blueprint's the same.

It's about energy.

It's about creating the codes that and new patterns that align with the light, with truth, with the balanced  feminine and masculine dynamic, that  make any relationship work like a dream.   And yes, that even includes the one with your ex.

We're not made to keep looping in unconscious relationship patterns and programs of rejection, abandonment and feeling deprived and frustrated.  We're not meant to be so disconnected from ourselves and each other. 

We're here for higher love.

My mission is to help you create unbreakable bonds.

I'm here to teach you how to let go of the past and successfully navigate the ups and downs of relationships from a higher level of consciousness. So that no matter what happens, you can stay in your power and enjoy love and connection consciously, confidently and without compromise.

Relationships mirror our inner world.

They can be our greatest source of pleasure and or excruciating pain. Relationship conflict and drama can cause a devastation that not only last years, but can be passed onto our kids.

 And that's one of the reasons I do this work.  I know the damage, I've lived it first hand and the women and men that I coach are a product of the unconscious and unresolved pain of their past.  Relationships don't have to be so difficult and you don't have to carry the scars of your childhood.

I can turn around the most challenging relationships.

And if you need to call time, and sometimes it's the only solution, then I can guide you into consciously uncoupling. I can also help you rebuild the bridge with an ex you have kids with.  

  I've lived through  one of the worst, abusive family dynamics imaginable. My childhood was a train wreck of physical; emotional and sexual abuse.  I know the damage firsthand. I also know the healing and the expansion in consciousness that lies on the other side of the pain and the fear.

We all have the power to rise.

I've spend decades diving deep into human behaviour, relationships, energetic law and the laws of the Universe.   Originally from Scotland, I've lived in London, Japan, and now Australia. Worked in multiple industries including corporate; finance, hospitality, training, teaching, and for the last 5 years running my own transformational coaching business.

  I have an honors degree in psychology; I’m a certified coach, trainer, NLP practitioner and certified energy body healer. But by far the greatest gifts I possess are my ability to read people’s shadow behaviors and unearth their unconscious programs, hidden energetic patterns and most limiting self beliefs.

I can see in the dark.

I can help you resolve your deepest fears and bring light to the darkest shadow. I can lead you to truth and the silver lining, that no matter how loud the thunder or heavy the storm will completely shift your perspective and change your life. 


I can also help you create monumental miracles.

I've been overseas homeless, broke and  with no right to work. Fast forward to
the picture perfect Maldives, in a luxury over-the-water villa watching the tropical fish float idly by.  And with a good man, who loved me dearly.

I should've been happy, only I didn't love him.

And it felt like the air was being sucked from my lungs.  I've compromised more times than I'd like to admit, and it's the hardest lesson, but it's also the most valuable because our soul is coded for truth, it's also coded for freedom.

I've traveled the world. I've created my own luck, I've manifested miracles 'they' said couldn't be done.  I've also slayed my fair share of inner demons.  I know how to do what it takes, it's what's made me so strong. 

I've also dived into the realm of psychosomatic dis-ease. I healed myself  from an auto-immune disorder which wouldn't respond to conventional medicine. 
I've consciously called in love and life partners within weeks.  A first attempt pregnancy,  easy and complication free birth, and at what's medically considered a high risk age.

I've built my dream family home and life, with a partner and for a while I felt settled. Only to once again find single and having to create my life from scratch, all over again.  I've been on a parenting pension and created my business single-handedly.

I know what works, and what doesn't.

Years of research, practice a mountain of trial and error.  I learned to understand energy, the masculine and feminine  dynamic and how everything ties altogether.  I know how to turn fear back into power, and how to turn even the deepest wounds into wisdom and the greatest sadness back into love.

There's a place of healing where wounds no longer exist.

A  reclaiming of value where you can never be defined by your past.   And where you can create change outside of yourself by first creating it inside. 

I know you have unrealized gifts.

And a burning desire to build a beautiful life with an awakened man who will love and cherish you, provide and protect you.  All the while encouraging your spirit to shine and your soul to sing.

I know that it's possible, because I've done it myself.

And it’s a formula that can be replicated.

Which means you can do it too. I want that for you, and the Universe does too.

You don't have to keep  feeling depleted and empty, your spirit dying inside as you go through the motions of living or hop from one unsatisfactory relationship and life situation to the next.

You don't have to wait to be rescued or kissed awake.

You have an internal strength and power inside you to command and create the life of a Queen, you just need to know how. And I can help.