I'm here to take you on the journey of supreme individualisation, so can you live your life and conduct your relationships from a fearless place of power and pleasure.

No matter what you've been through. 

Unearthly mental, emotional and spiritual empowerment is my expertise.  And when I say "unearthly" I mean it.  I can lead you beyond the limitations of your human self.  Which is, after all, what you're here for. 

But right now you're stuck. So first I'm going to deliver you the most brilliant solutions to your most challenging life and relationship problems.  In other words, get you out of the shit. 

There's nothing I can't help you solve, in fact the more iniquitous the better.

Because I've been through life's fire and like a phoenix risen from the ashes. 

I walk my talk. 

Among other miraculous achievements I've done what no psychiatrist, psychologist or therapist on the planet has. Transmuted and healed into total dissolution a decade + of the worst kind of childhood abuse and trauma.  All gone. 

And I did it myself, with no intervention, support or medication.   That's triggering for some, I've learned that most people don't actually believe that's possible.  I'm not most people, and I make no apologies for finding a way through. I earned it, I paid a high price to know what I know.

I see the divine in the dark.

And not only do I know the human psyche inside out, but I'm also a master of energetics.  My work isn't like the others.  

I know how to dismantle even the most stubborn fear, how do you think I managed to rid myself of mine?

And I have a unique perception on the connection between adversity and destiny.

And ultimately it's mine to lead you to yours. 

I see you and your untapped power. And I know you're dangerously intelligent and unique.

Only right now you've lost your way.

And that's because, among other things, you're out of touch with your internal GPS. 

You've also been secretly suffocating and comprising in relationships that are stagnant and quite frankly, less than you deserve.  Let's turn that around, fast. 

I've risen from life's ashes.

I've reinvented my life many times over, and successfully turned around our the most challenging situations and circumstances that would and indeed does leave many certifiable.  I've also manifested some exquisite miracles.

I survived a decade of physical and sexual abuse and domestic violence. And, after leaving home to move to London at just 17, I returned a young 20 something and successfully orchestrated the imprisonment of one parent and exposed the lies and betrayal of the other.

You might think that made me hard, powerful yes, hard no. It cracked my heart wide open. I forgave them both, although neither of them ever asked. 

I've lived my adult life as an orphan. 

And though I've had epic highs and lows, I've learned to live my life well.

I've worked in multiple industries, including corporate finance, social work, mental health, teaching, training, hospitality management, consultancy and now coaching.

I've also worked in multiple countries including London, Japan and now Australia. 

I've lived in mansions, I've also been overseas homeless, broke and sleeping on a couch from where I manifested an all expenses paid trip to the Maldives AND miraculously secured not one, but two sponsorships visas, permanent residency and eventually citizenship. And I did it myself, not an immigration lawyer in sight.

I used alcohol and drugs way more than I should've, but I didn't waste a drop of the experience.  In fact I used it to make me stronger.

I used it to discover the secrets of the soul, relationship mastery and life alchemy.

I've manifested multiple financial windfalls. 

I've also healed myself from an autoimmune condition that failed to respond to conventional medicine, called in an effortless pregnancy (first attempt) and complication free birth (in and out in less than 12 hours) all whilst being considered "high risk."

I've magnetized the 'perfect life' more than once. Built my dream home had the perfect little family and in a spectacular plot twist, walked away consciously uncoupling from my then life partner.  All without a lawyer, mediation, or even a parenting agreement.

I love myself dearly, and leading my clients out of the fire and into unearthly transformation and spectacular relationship turn arounds is my passion.  I know it can be done, and it's my destiny to bring to others what I fought so hard to know for myself.

And the real secret to my success isn't just in the years spent soulfully educating and immersing myself in psychology, metaphysics, personal and spiritual development, mind mastery and ancient myth and wisdom. And it isn't in the perseverance and unwavering faith  but in a knowing, a spiritual truth buried deep chambers of my heart, a truth that literally saved my life.

A truth that led me to discovering the connection between adversity and destiny, and how to use one to reveal the other.

And just in case you're also wondering, I do also have a few credentials up my sleeve:


  • BA (Hons) psychology & sociology
  • APC - Professional accredited coach
  • Accredited trainer (TAE)
  • NLP practitioner
  • Certified hypnosis practitioner
  • Certified chakra and energy clearing practitioner