Hi there, I'm Dawn Lee...

I have a potent gift for breaking you out of the repeating negative relationship patterns and life drama you keep getting stuck in.  I'm here to bring you into full alignment with your highest, most powerful, fearless and liberated self, for real.  I can show you your true value, which btw once known, will change how you live and love, more than you can ever imagine. 

I work with creative, powerhouse women who on the surface seem to have it all, but who behind the mask are secretly battling fear, guilt and low grade anxiety, depression and codependency that keeps them jumping into relationships and more often than not, holding on well past the best-by-date.  

Women who are spiritually awakening and who bang the drum of love and light in public, but behind closed doors are unable to put what they know into practice for themselves.  And who instead of living in their true power are operating from a wounded feminine consciousness that relies upon manipulation, control and leaky sexual energy than the unconditional love and acceptance the ache in their bones to experience.

Women who still don't get men, and who having spent years identifying with the physical self and the over-thinking mind, are secretly terrified of losing their looks and feeling insignificant, and fear they'll never find true love, nor truly know who they really are and what makes them happy.

I know every sacrifice; every secret fear that churns your gut, constricts your throat and pounds at the walls of your chest keeping you trapped in repeating patterns of compromise, codependency and the endless self sabotage.

I have the prescription for all that.

I walk my talk: I've been through the fire and rebuilt my life from the ashes more than once.  I've solo navigated some of the most mentally, emotionally and financially challenging situations a human being can find themselves in.  I’ve also manifested some monumental miracles and called in some gargantuan life dreams. 

Having transcended every wound, story and illusion of worth and not enough-ness I thrive in my highest feminine frequency, magnetized to the masculine and aligned with the destiny I came here to realize.  

I live free from the past of harsh childhood conditioning and fear programming that suppresses the collective consciousness and hooks the human psyche into a false sense of mental, emotional and spiritual imprisonment.

I've been overseas on a tourist visa, jobless, cashless, debt stricken and sleeping on a couch ~ to an all expenses paid trip and on-the-water villa in the exquisite Maldives and not one but two sponsorship visas, permanent residency and eventually citizenship. All without the aid of an immigration lawyer.

From excessive recreational drug and alcohol use and an addiction to pain meds  ~ to stone cold sober, a high value life partner, promotion, and paid relocation. Followed by the most exquisite proposal, effortless conception, complication free pregnancy and a miraculously easy birth, all at what's apparently considered a high risk age.

From an autoimmune disorder that wouldn't respond to conventional medicine leaving me chronically sick, fatigued and at one point drinking my own urine (yip, I was that desperate) ~ to healthy, vibrant and literally never sick with so much as a common cold.

From a settled, stay-at-home mum living my dream life in a newly-built house with my high earning partner ~ to single and separated; consciously, amicably and without a lawyer or a parenting agreement (read more about this here.)

From a struggling single mum on a Centre-link parenting pension ~ to self-made supreme empowerment and higher consciousness coach and living my mission and unfolding destiny.

I know what it takes to break through.

I've dived deeper than most are willing to travel, and I have a vast skill set and capacity for transformation that, underpinned by a profound spiritual experience I had when I was just 8 years old, enables me to live a unique perspective that liberates the soul.

My early life was a torture. Chaotic, dysfunctional and abusive to the extreme, I orchestrated the imprisonment of one parent, exposing the lies, neglect and denial of the other.  I learned how to use my experiences to fully awaken and unlock the deeper mysteries of life and activate the higher codes of consciousness that lie hidden in the rubble of the past.

And I can help you do the same.

I know your predicament, and I know your pain.

I know what it’s like to feel the feel utterly empty and lost in life’s raging and unpredictable torrents, all the while projecting an oscar worthy exterior of spectacular togetherness.  Oh I see you, I know the facade you hide behind.

And I'm here to guide you down the same path of empowerment I'm walking.  To lead you through the fear and fire and help you transcend into your highest feminine frequency that will not only radically revolutionize your relationships, beginning middle, and when necessary, the end, but will also transform your life.

I've spent lifetimes perfecting my craft, discovering the secrets of the human psyche, the nature of soul, metaphysics, quantum mechanics and how using the potent tone of truth along with the energetic laws of the Universe to heal and evolve beyond the limiting paradigms, programming and harsh conditioning imprisoning you since childhood.


I'm on a mission of radical transformation and transcension, and my divine destiny is to lead you to yours. 

I shine the light on the deepest shadows and see the lightest dark.

I've worked in multiple industries, including corporate finance, social work, mental health, teaching, training, hospitality management, consultancy and now transformational coaching. I've also worked in multiple countries including Scotland, London, Japan and currently Australia. And in case it's your thing, I do also have a few key credentials up my sleeve:

  • BA (Hons) Psychology & Sociology
  • APC - Professional accredited coach
  • Accredited trainer (TAE)
  • NLP practitioner
  • Certified hypnosis practitioner
  • Certified chakra and energy clearing practitioner