Truth bomb: we’re the creator of our moods, therefore the creator of our life.....

WOA...let it sink in for a second... really sink in....

Our moods are creating out reality, that's how powerful we are. Hey, I get it, that's not what you were taught.  And it's ceratinly not how you feel....

...but that's because you've lost control of the process.

Nonetheless, you’re still creating, you’re just doing it unconsciously.

We’re creating our reality and we're doing it moment to moment, and the quality of each moment is what's dictating the next.

SO STOP FOR SECOND.... and ask yourself..."since I woke up this morning what’s in my mind?"

Where’s it been wandering?

Has it been worrying, analyzing, replaying old thoughts?

Is it stuck in yesterday or trapped in tomorrow, generating feelings of utter hopelessness at the SHOULD'VE BEENS that can never be.   And sheer terror at the WHAT IF'S that are yet to be?

Two painful places, I know them both.

So where to from here?  Best get back into NOW, because that's the only place you have POWER. And that's after all where your future's being created, IN THE RIGHT HERE AND NOW.

That’s right, yes, you may be visualizing the far off future; you deeply in love, in your dream job, in the Maldives, looking amazing at your dream weight, driving your dream car, living your dream life, feeling like a gazillion bucks, but it’s all created by feeling it in the NOW.

The key is you feel it NOW. You future create it NOW, you imagine living it NOW.


You become the open channel NOW.

Manifestation is the last point of a process that started way back when you were consistently thinking and feeling into reality exactly what you’re experiencing NOW. So the crap that;s showing up now, you can't stop it. You can respond to it, but you can't stop it.

So why not relax, take a deep breath, and step back. Let the NOW be as it is, it’s too late to change what’s already manifested, that ships sailed, BUT YOU CAN DECIDE hereon in that you’re going to learn how to shift and use your focus, thoughts and feelings NOW, to become the channel for MORE of what you want to feel in the future.

2017’s as good as done and dusted, time’s speeding up and unless you create a shift you’ll stay stuck manifesting the past, and living the same old reality you’re tired of.

Stop waiting.

Stop making excuses.

Stop manifesting unconsciously!

The past is gone.

The future is being written by you NOW.

So what are you writing... more of the same?

Coz that's what you'll be living...

More of what you don't want.

I know your mind keeps going ‘THERE’ and that’s because it’s been trained to, it’s like a kid in a candy stored let loose without any control.

But wherever it goes you DON’T have to follow. That's right, you’re the master, you’ve just forgotten that, and right now your out of control mind is master of you.

Stop living like that.

Let’s change it.

Let’s get clear, let’s visualize the life you want instead of recreating the one you’re sick of. And let’s remove what stands in the way of you having it.

Are you ready to discover how..?

I'm going to show you exactly how to start the manifesting process consciously and I have some super powerful mind tricks that will stop your negative thoughts and squash your anxiety so you can get control of your focus and make your life happen the way you want it to.

Most of us at best are stuck in a holding pattern. Putting out our wants to the Universe only to cancel each request with the barrage of doubts that we can't actually have it.

Let's change that too.


2018 is going to be my best year yet, it's already started manifesting!

Is this going to be yours? How long are you going to stay limited and stuck with the old beliefs and stories that don't fit you, that are repeating in your life and making you miserable?

Don’t let another 12 months slip through the net. Take control in the only time and space that exists, learn HOW in the NOW.

Life's short. We're all getting older. Don't keep settling for last years life. You deserve more, we all do, and we all have the power to get it!