You’ve never worn weak well.

About as well as a pair of ill fitting shoes, pinching your toes as you grimace along. Weak just doesn’t fit, and you hide it with a smile as you push on and do your best.  What a trooper.

“You’re so strong” huh, if only they knew you operate at half strength because those dam shoes won’t let you run.

Like a race horse stuck at the gate, you're ready to cut loose and bring the win home.

But you feel trapped, and you’re tired of being held back.

Tired of all the places you can’t realize your true strength.

Tired of the faults and failing relationships, you still don’t know the magnetizing power of your feminine.

And your masculine, still in overdrive, pushing. Only its always in the wrong direction.

Your career, you’re still so unrecognized, and are you still taking direction from yet another narcissistic boss-arse, sucking your life force daily?

And your mother, is she still treating you like you were 12? It sucked then and it sucks now and with those dam shoes you feel powerless as you stand there and take it.

What do they symbolize, these shoes?

What keeps you wearing them, feigning your sovereignty when really you’re just a prisoner in your own life.

A princess stuck in a tower.

Why are you still punishing yourself, and for what?

Don’t you know you can take those shoes off find a perfect fit and run?

Your strength and beauty are beyond what you know, and I know your fear, because every-time you let them seep out, someone wasn’t happy.

The mistake you made was believing that’s on you.

Yours is the kind of strength that triggers but it’s also the kind that heals and ends the constant soothing of old wounds.

You deserve everything you fear you won’t have, darling you were made for love, to be known, to belong and to be strong.

When will you let yourself have it all?

When will climb out the tower and be free?

When will you out and connect to discover how?