Illuminating Clarity

Sometimes you can't see the wood for the trees and once your mind's looping, it's hard to know what to do or which way to turn. 


Confusion creates a mental paralysis that leads to you feeling hopeless and helpless as you grapple with the relationship rut that is slowly but surely going to get worse.

Whether you're in the beginning, middle or end stages of a relationship, if you're lost in confusion.  If you can't bring resolve to the conflict, re-establish connection and if you have no real idea how do to relight attraction or rescue the relationship back from the brink, you'll go into overwhelm and everything around you will suffer.

There's a lot at stake; mistakes can cost dearly and opportunities for reconciliation or an amicable exit can be lost forever.


Our relationships mirror our mind.



When you're able to clearly see what's really going on in your mind, then you'll see the real relationship issues. And only from this point will you discover the aligned action and energy shifts that will not only change how you view your relationship and partner, but how he views you.


Clarity changes the frequency.


Confusion impacts your confidence and locks you out from the internal power you have that can (when you know) can instantly create a powerful pull in polarity that I guarantee, can turn things around.

And if it's time to move on, clarity will show you the path.   And help open the door for you to walk through into the next phase of your one and only precious life. 

Stop wasting time and energy thinking the same thoughts, having the same conversations and repeating the same actions that you already know aren't working. In fact they are making things worse.

Where you focus is, is your point of attraction and if you're not focused on a solution, then you're feeding the problem. You're literally manifesting more drama, tension and confusion.

You need to take stock, cut through your own bullshit and get back to what's really important. And for that you need help to open you inner eyes.

With clarity comes change.

Let me guide you to the illuminating clarity which will radically shift the dynamic and change you and your relationship.  

Let me help you.

I've worked with countless women (and men) who've been blown away by the relief they've felt and the shift they've been able to create literally straight away.  Proving to themselves that the power of clarity is positively life changing.

I can see what you can't; my gift is seeing the patterns, programs and energetic frequencies holding the conflict together and blocking you from regaining flow and aligning with love.  You can grow through this challenge, I guarantee it, but you now you need to take action.

Reach out and get help, get clarity, get your power back.


"What would I do without you.... be picking up crumbs probably. Thanks for a great session." ~ Elisha

No one has ever given me that kind of clarity before, I've never even heard of anyone else getting it either." ~ Tessa

"Dawn is an amazing relationship coach.... her clarity is next level." ~Kelly

"Huge thanks Dawn. I'm processing all your great wisdom." ~ Lisa.J

"OMG, this was exactly the upgrade I needed. I can't believe how completely on point everything you said was. And everything happened, every step of the way, just like you said it would. Thank you!!" ~RJ

"WOW, the first apology he's ever given me, in 17 years, I can't believe it!" ~Kylie

"Thank you so much for opening my eyes to the lies I've been telling myself. Today's been amazing and such a sense of relief. My partner is so appreciative of everything you've taught me. You're an amazing woman and I'm so grateful to have found you." ~ Aleisha

"I have been to at least 10 therapist in all my life, from life-coaching, to psychotherapy. None of them have been so effective and healing as Dawn. My life has changed so much." ~ Jennifer

I saw several clinical psychologists and relationship counselors previously, and not one of them was able to help me to the degree that Dawn has. She just ‘gets it’- you'll see what I mean when you work with her. ~ K.B


?As women we have an intrinsic need to feel safe. It's why uncertainty can drive us crazy and keep us holding on when what we need is to let go.

It's not knowing that's causing the tension.

You've got to stand up and be brave.  Knowledge is power and when actualized it's magic!

Maybe you've outgrown your marriage or long term relationship and your soul craves more than your partner can give?

Or maybe it's a new relationship and you're struggling to make sense of what's real and what's not and read the signs that will keep the past from repeating.

Maybe you're self sabotaging?

Or locked in an ongoing fight with your angry unhinged, or narcissist ex?

Or there's a man that you love or you've fallen hard for and you're afraid that he's lying and not who he says he is.  And especially because it's a pattern that's happened before.

Maybe you need clarity around whether to move on or stay put and fight because you're not even sure you know what you want anymore, and if this person is really aligned.

Maybe you want freedom, but are you paralyzed by the thought of being alone?

Maybe you want deeper connection, but are you terrified of truly letting someone in and now you're finding faults as a way to protect yourself from the discomfort of real intimacy?

Whatever's unfolding, there's a message being transmitted from deep in your soul and the Universe is picking it up.  And you can honor that message or ignore altogether, but it will keep manifesting until you start paying attention.

Looking to well meaning family and friends won't give you the answers.   If anything they add to confusion because their opinions are biased and they aren't the ones who have to live with the consequences.

The more wasted time and energy focused on pain and confusion, the more it will grow.

Let me take out the mystery and show you what's real and imagined. Let me guide you to knowing and trusting yourself to know what to do and let me show you how to resolve even the most complicated relationship issues. 

Get Clarity now...

Is it your intuition you hear or the voice of fear... and how do you tell the difference?

And are you seeing the man for who he is, or your perception or fantasy of him?  And how does that impact that way you relate to him and the way he responds to you?

What energy are you in when you attract, connect or make contact?  Energy's everything, even apart he can feel your vibration.

Do you want to cut through the noise and distraction with razor sharp precision and in the fastest time possible?

Are your ready to discover what patterns and programs are active and how do you know what's yours, and what's not?

I can quickly unearth what can take you and your therapist or life-coach months or years to find. One session with me is equivalent to months, even years of counseling or therapy.

Decide to stop wasting time and energy looping and focusing in all the wrong places. Regain your confidence to stop rehashing every message, every conversation, every action or inaction, it's holding you hostage, more than you know.

Decide it's time to shift the narrative, unlock the wisdom and take action to get into alignment with truth, integrity and the power of now.

Because it's the safest place you can be.


"I got everything I needed out of our session, I feel revived & back on track with my true self." ~ Elesia


Here's how it works....

In the moment you make the decision to get clarity, the energy begins to move. You are no longer powerless and your subconscious knows, answers are coming.

On payment you'll receive via email a deep dive to get the ball rolling. You'll also receive two options for a suitable day/time for our session.  This will create an even greater shift in energy.  The unconscious is beginning to surface, expect insights to surface and to feel a shift inside you. 

Once we lock in a time, you'll receive a ZOOM link for our session. The session will be recorded, you will receive a link to the recording in a private folder within 24 hours. 

Pay close attention, because things will begin to change around you even before we connect for our session.

During the session I'll lead you to everything you're not seeing, in a way that will make perfect sense to you consciously, subconsciously, and at soul level.You'll download the codes of consciousness that will lead you to the inspired and aligned action you need to take to move forward.

You'll also be able to ask any questions you have.

This isn't a counseling, therapy or even a traditional coaching session. It's 90 mins of powerful revealing, unlocking, teaching and re-calibrating.  It's confronting, it's also incredibly healing.

If you take the VIP option you will have access to me for 7 days via messenger to help you implement action steps, conversations and the shift in dynamic. As well as give you daily support you as adjust and re-calibrate.

Get illuminating clarity now.