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1:1 Coaching


Nothing changes until you do BUT together, we've got this



Join Me!


AND you don't know how to let go .. BUT .. you'll feel lighter once you get right with yourself.

You'll sleep easier, breathe deeper, belly laugh more, you'll feel more connected to yourself and others.  AND you'll feel safer, more secure, more relaxed, and much happier.  


You've got a lot of questions and confusion around your journey and you prefer to work one-on-one.

MY CRAFT is transforming peoples lives.

MY PASSION is digging deep to unearth the ROOT PATTERNS and subconscious attachments negatively impacting your life and relationships.

MY GIFT is helping you make sense of your life from the perspective of your soul. BECAUSE When you unravel the pain and confusion and your mind is free to truly understand your soul THEN you'll live fearlessly AND you'll be happy.





I've developed a very powerful process of transformation I use in my coaching packages AND individual coaching sessions can tailored to meet individual needs.


EXPERIENCE has taught me that no single method is effective by itself. AND because I LOVE getting the best results, I use a combination of methods, skills and techniques including Radical Forgiveness and The Work of Byron Katie.


If you'd like to know what past clients are saying about their experience and working me you can READ HERE.



From the first moment I loved Dawn's positive energy, she seemed to be speaking directly to me about where I was in my life - feeling stuck, wanting to make some changes but not quite sure what to do next, wanting to experience more joy and lightness. I'd been seeing a traditional (fantastic) counsellor following a traumatic event in my life but I was ready for a more spiritual approach as I came to understand the bigger picture of my life, the universe and how we're all connected. A major relationship in my life has more peace in it now, I feel like a weight's been lifted from my chest and shoulders and my stomach has returned to normal. I'm so glad I made the commitment to work with Dawn.

Louise, Brisbane

Business Owner


One x 60 minute one-on-one coaching session

Detailed session report

Follow up email

Suggested reading/resources

Follow up

You're stuggling to see through a cloud of confusion, this INTRO session is perfect to help lift you up and out of the fog. It will give you the immediate clarity and calm you're seeking so you can see things clearly. Together we'll quickly connect the dots of your personal situation and uncover the universal energies, key beliefs and thought patterns creating your reality and keeping you stuck.  My work does not involve readings, connecting with your guides or angels. Instead I'll be leading you to truth and a deeper understanding that will empower you to take the aligned and intuitive action needed to resolve your issue. You'll discover a powerful new perspective on your situation and yourself that will change how you move forward and view your reality from here on in.

This session is the perfect  an opportunity for you to discover if you're ready to dive deeper and take the next step on your journey of healing and evolution. So you can get back in control of your life and start co-creating your future as your happiest, truest, most soul-aligned self.



Life Changes

One x 60 minute one-to-one coaching session

Detailed session report

Follow up email

Suggested reading/resources=

This single WAKEUP session is perfect if you're on the journey of spiritual awakening and you've become stuck.  It can be daunting discovering that everything you thought you knew about life and who you are isn't what you've been told. That nothing is as it seems. Often as we travel closer to truth we can spark our deepest subconcsious fears that lead us to self sabotaging our own progress. Our old negative ways can start creeping back in and we can lose sight of how far we've really come. It can be exhausting and overwhelming and we can start to feel hopeless, depressed even. I've been there too.  My own journey has taken me down the deep paths that are necessary to free the mind and soul.  This session will help guide you back to what's real, and to the truest parts of yourself you can trust. It will help you realign your perspective, rebalance your energies and help you acknowledge and start dissolving the fear that's sabotaging you. So you can get back to awakening and ever closer to realizing your full potential and true power as the divine being of light you are.


"I have been to at least 10 therapist in all my life, from life-coaching, to psychotherapy. None of them have been so effective and healing as Dawn. From the first call with her I knew that my time with her could change me and it did. She is kind, assertive and encouraging. She is amazing. I am so glad I found her and I feel my life has changed since I started working with her. I am more calm in difficult times, I can think clearly when something bothers me, and I am no longer afraid to go for what I desire. Thank you Dawn, thank you so much.

Jenny, Brisbane


Three 60 minute 0ne-on-one coaching sessions

Detailed session reports

Three program modules/home assignments

Email and text support inbetween sessions

Follow up call

This mini program is the perfect solution to journey deeper into your personal, professional or spiritual crisis, block and/or relationship drama. Right now  you feel stuck, frustrated and not sure which way to turn. You may be heading for a major life change, ending or starting a new relationship and need to hit the reset button.   Over 6 weeks we'll get to the root of your issue(s) and you'll get crystal clear on the blocks, patterns, stories and life lessons that are manifesting in your present reality. You'll discover how to unravel and shift the energy around your situation and as you corrrect your thinking and gain tools to empower yourself to move forward with confidence, commitment and a new understanding of yourself, others and life.  From here you may choose to continue on your journey and further raise your consciousness to embrace the higher perspective of your situation.


I have been seeking a personal coach / spiritual guide to assist me with growth and awareness for a while, I was just waiting of the right person. As soon as I met Dawn I felt an instant connection, someone I could talk honestly and openly with. Someone who would challenge me gently and bring an increased awareness to how I am showing up, patterns in my thinking and provide me with the skills and beliefs to move forward and let go. Dawn has guided me through a process of healing and forgiveness that has allowed me to feel lighter and clearer. My relationships with others and myself have improved. I am more in tune with my body and my thoughts and have a peace in knowing I am exactly where I need to be right now. I couldn't recommend Dawn more highly. Thanks again Dawn.

Natalie, Brisbane


Six  one-on-one 60 minute coaching sessions

Detailed session reports

Includes 'The Work' AND Radical Forgiveness

Six Breakthrough Program modules (home assignments)

Unlimited support inbetween sessions

Follow up

 This is the game changer, this is RADICAL TRANSFORMATION. Together we'll identify the root pattern and universal energies, ancestral and karmic imbalances keeping you stuck and repeatedly attracting emotional chaos into your life. We'll unravel the layers of conditioning, core beliefs and subconscious programming and attachments creating drama and struggle.  You'll discover how everything in your life is connected and come to understand the deeper meaning of your life experiences.  You'll resolve the issues of your past and learn how to correct your thinking, disarm anxiety, negativity and fear based thinking. You'll experience profound clarity, truth and a perspective shift that will dissolve the repeating relationship and life patterns you're sick of living through. You'll discover radical forgiveness and rewrite an entirely new narrative, from victim to victor, You'll be the the hero in your own story.

From here you'll emerge stronger, clearer, truer and more soul aligned. AND ready to begin the next chapter of discovering how to create a brand new future as your most powerful, happy, authentic self.



This program includes everything in the Transform Your Story package and delivers 26 hours coaching

2 hour coaching initial session to get clear on where you are/where you want to be

Email and text support 24/7

8 weeks Transform Your Story package

16 weeks of ongoing coaching calls - one per week for four months to implement, support, guide and keep you on track to hit your goals.

This is a PREMIUM program exclusively for clients who are ready to commit to radically transforming their life and relationships and taking control of their furture. If you want to clear the past and create a reality worth bouncing out of bed for every morning, this is for you.  You'll work with me closely for 6 months. We'll follow the 12 week program to break through your blocks and reprogramme your subconscious beliefs and patterns and continue on to redesign each area of your life. You'll learn evolutionary tools to stay on track throughout the program and beyond. You'll have all the support and mentorship you need to finally step out of the shadows AND truly live beyond the fear as you finally begin to realize your full potential and shine your light.