Good, you've found me...

It's time. You've come to the end of living the lie; you're done feeling trapped, disconnected and still not knowing who the fuck you really are.

But before we connect there's a few things you should know...

I love to evolve bold, intelligent, spiritually minded humans with a rebel streak and a warrior spirit into the powerhouse, high frequency version of the person they've always known in their heart and soul they came here to be.    

I'm not like any other coach you've ever worked with and this isn't therapy. 

I have a gift for breaking you out of the mental, emotional and spiritual confusion, dysfunction and co-dependency that blocks you from real love and happiness and your true life purpose.

To wok with me I require your commitment, receptivity and willingness to take radical responsibility. And when the going gets tough, you need to resist the urge to bail on yourself.

Because you've compromised and sabotaged long enough. 


I work fast and deep to activate higher codes of consciousness and shatter the most stubborn fear based patterns and beliefs keeping you adrift from the destiny and love your soul is aching for but your human is terrified to step into.

I'm 100% in and I expect you to be too. 

I only work with those ready and aligned, so this call isn't about me convincing you to hire me as your coach. If you want what I have, you'll need to be willing to put in the work for it.

If we're not aligned to work 1:1, I do have lower end products which might be a good fit for you. If you think you're ready, complete and submit the form below and I'll be in touch shortly to organize a call.

*If you're invited for a call and you're a no show you won't be invited to an other call and we won't work together.

"I'm blown away with the shift in energy and physical body just from that half hour chat. I'm already walking with my head held high and shoulders back feeling like this power within me is ready to be unleashed onto the world and too fucking bad if the world can't handle it." N.G.

"My life has changed so dramatically. I'm at the beginning of a new journey, instead of being stuck in the middle of a repeating lesson." ~ E.G.M.

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Are you familiar with energetics & law of attraction?

Working with me will be confronting, I'll require your time, energy and committment, are you ready for that?

If you're invited for a call are you ready and willing to invest so we can get started right away?

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Do you commit to showing up for the call?

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