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Corporate Coaching Solutions

Cognitive soul-aligned solutions is the way

"The best thing any of us have to bring to our leadership is our own transforming self.”

—Ruth Hayley Barton

Thinking outside the square has been done, so what's next? Well, there is no square. It's time for higher level of consciousness in our personal and professional world.  Limitless leadership, expanded productivity, it's an inside job. And it doesn't just come from the mind, it comes from the soul. 

Soul-aligned solutions to corporate problems is the way, because when the soul gets on board, it sets not only itself alight, but every single soul it comes in contact with.

It's time to bring more mindful, soul-utions to the professional and corporate arena and discover not just how to unlock your own true potential, but inspire and lead others to the same.

It's time for an evolutionary approach.

My work is a unique and powerful blend of psychology, coaching, NLP, spirituality, metaphysics, intuitive wisdom and experience. My career spans across corporate, finance, training, teaching, hospitality, management, social work, mental health and now my own transformational coaching business.  Here's what I can help with:

  • Leadership, success, breaking through
  • Increasing productivity & improving communication
  • Change Management
  • Managing stress
  • Mental health and well being initiatives
  • Mindfullness in the workplace
  • Eliminating procrastination and increasing innovation
  • Increasing staff retention and customer satisfaction



My passion is digging deep. My mission, to unravel and reprogram the subconscious beliefs, stories and energetic patterns that detemine mental, emotional and spirtitual wellbeing.  And impact happiness, success and professional productivity.

I've work with CEO's, business owners and top management employees to help them not only overcome blocks in their professional life, but also experience joy and success in their most closest relationships.

Bringing a higher evolved level of consciousness and awareness that incorporates presence, energy, soul, and the power of the manifesting mind is an evolutionary approach to problem solving. 

It's an approach that some may not be for everyone yet. If you're a forward thinker with a passion for deep growth and ditching the square, then we could be a good fit.

My goal isn't just to help solve problems, it's to help solve what created them.




One-on-one Personal Coaching

One-on-One Executive Coaching

Group Corporate Coaching Programs


*Coaching packages are tailored to suit your personal and professional requirements. Let's connect to discuss options.