The energetics of dating and relationships and the secret to attracting high value, high frequency relationships with men who will treat you like a Queen..


"The best investment of my life right now - working with you. It feels SO GOOD. I honestly feel more alive than I've felt in a long time."

"What a journey, from being devastated about the end of my relationship and at the time wanting nothing more than him to say something so I could go back to him. And now here, him presenting the opportunity for us to be together again and for me to be strong enough to be reflecting and making sure that this is actually what I want.

"I feel whole, I am worthy, its great being me and knowing I'm 100% enough."

"You were right about everything the whole way through. Every step that I've now taken has made him step up."

"I can feel the shift all the way to my bones. And it's the final piece of self realization that opens up the opportunity for this amazing love."

"Dam lady, these are true words. OMG I'm seeing how I give too much, too soon!!"

I'm Ready For High Value Love, Add Me!

So you want to call in your King? Well, that's going to take you first locking down the frequency of Queen energy in order for two to align. And that means the end of the road for picking up crumbs, being dangled on strings, and you waiting on men who aren't aligned with what you value,want and need in a relationship.

To call in your King, and/or activate King energy in any man, you've first got to be in the energetic frequency of Queen.

Get ready to activate your inner Diamond.

"Thanks you beautiful lady for showing me the way, you get a special invite to my next wedding."

"How fucking powerful is this shit. Feels awesome to feel and see it happening so quickly."

"The values were a major turning point for me, realizing that I was compromising on everything I valued which in return was a major factor in my daily anxiety. You've changed my life."

"I trust myself and others as I know how to recognize and act on red flags."

"He said that out the forty+ women he's spoken to I'm the only one who clearly valued herself enough to have boundaries. Only a few months ago I would've been one of the forty!"

"All good here, man not going anywhere, apparently he's all mine, haha! He's a keeper, and definitely not (as you say) a hairy woman, and nor do I see him that way and he knows it which is powerful to watch and be with."

Dawn Lee is a Higher Consciousness Dating, Relationship and Life Coach who specializes in evolving women out of repeating negative cycles of mental, emotional and spiritual struggle. Dawn helps women end co-dependency and relationship crisis, unhook from their past and raise their feminine frequency to activate their most authentic, awakened, happy, love-aligned self.

Dawn is a higher conscious being with expertise in psychology, spirituality, mindset, metaphysics and energetic law. She has a potent gift for revealing the deepest shadow patterns and unconscious programming keeping women repeating the same painful life and relationships experiences, over and over again.

Dawn walks her talk. Having healed her own wounds of childhood abuse, she cultivates higher conscious relationships, including consciously uncoupling from her ex partner without family courts, a lawyer or even a parenting agreement. Dawn's also a devoted mum to her beloved son and cute Cavalier Spaniel Leo.