Lean in spiritual sister, I have a message. It’s about the Universe having your back. Lies and empty promises, like all those times you said you’d blow your husband, and didn’t.

The Universe has your back in the same way your mirror does: i. fucking e. it doesn’t.

You can stand all pretty in your Gucci dress and Prada pumps, all lips and shine, (stunning btw) but the real reflection coming back at you, permeating deep into your life and relationships, isn’t what’s outside....

It’s what’s inside.

It’s the frequency of your emotional shiz.

And just how much attention have you been paying to that lately?

The state of your relationships (including the one with your self) will be a good gauge.

And how’s it all going btw? As good as it looks on your Instagram feed?

Or are you using that great big ‘everything’s fabulous but inside I’m dying and I’m afraid my partner’s gonna leave me and I’ll end up alone’ filter?

Mmm hmm girl, I see you.

And I’m asking because I know something you don’t.

Something of immeasurable worth.

Something more valuable than your entire wardrobe, shoe collection and a life time’s supply of filler, foreign holidays and anything else $$$ can buy. 😉

Imagine, your reflection in the mirror.

Now take away the shame, (ouch I feel you cringe, and I know you’re brazen but we both know that way deep down you feel flawed, broken, damaged.)

Now take away the guilt, yip every last shred.

And the rampant self doubt, ooh that’s a deep well isn’t it?

Torch the judgment, crush the skull of the critic and toss that shit in the trash.

And now sling out the constant fear of uncertainty that triggers your inner Miranda Priestly.

And btw, that bitch is not protecting you, she’s a saboteur of the highest order. You do not need her.

Now, take away the conflict and the drama, and the chaos.

What do you see?

What does your partner see?

What does the world see?

When you stand in this frequency you have your own back, and the Universe responds sending you your own perfect reflection.

And how do I do that, I hear you asking?

Remember that something I told you I know...?