~The hallmarks of a contaminated sponge.~

Sodden in dense, weighty vibrations, you carry the energetic imprints of every past lover, every gone by relationship, every bitter break up.

Do you know you hold energetic ties between lives, and are bound by energetic contracts between souls?

And you wonder why your life looks like it does?

You’re a energetic being, every e-motion you’ve carried saturates your energy body.

A mass of frequencies jumbled up like loose threads tossed in a bag. And the interwoven stories of your ancestors, your childhood, your failed attempts at love and success.

You didn’t see it back then, when you were young. Nothing really mattered, but as you age you become more weighted. And you see it now, like a thick smog hanging in the air.

Your energetic field is saturated with negative frequencies that leak into everything you do.

Time might shift your perspective but it doesn’t shift energy.

What you think you’re over, if you haven’t yet alchemized, if you haven’t unraveled the threads and woven them into something masterful, something creative, something beautiful, something spectacular, your field stays jumbled, awash with energetic trash you should’ve taken out years ago.

Energetic trash you carry around that drip, drip, drips onto your kids and into your next relationship.

And you wonder why your life looks like it does.

Do you get how it works?

Do you see how you can’t hide from energy?

Do you see why you need to work through your experiences, manipulate them back into truth and integrate them into the fabric of your being?

To become enriched, instead of contaminated.

To become enlightened instead of weighted.

To become energetically aligned with what you want instead of continuing to vibe with everything you don’t.

Everything is energy, including you.

If you want to get control of your reality and experience, if you want to consciously decide what you attract and how it unfolds, you have to get control of your field.

You have to squeeze out the sponge, every last toxic drop. Transmute the shadow back into light and now allow your field to be permeated by the lightest of light energy.

The dark, the yet to be created, the magick of the infinite.

Isn’t that what you came for? 🖤

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