Even the assholes get the worms, so why not you? 🤷🏻‍♀️


You’ve heard the bleating about how worthy you are of having it all, and yet deep down you still don’t believe.


But it’s not your worth blocking your relationship happiness or business success....


It’s your deepest, oldest wound and the great deception of worth.


Actually neither your worth nor your wound are real. Yeah, far out!!


The former a complete Illusion and the latter a locked field of energy that once unbound not only transforms your consciousness, but also becomes the doorway to your awakening, and spiritual destiny.


Your true awakening that is, not the lip service kind, ya know.


The truth is you’re neither deserving nor undeserving.


What you are however, is in or out of resonance with the experience you want. You’re either energetically matched, or you’re not.


And you’re no more or less worthy of abundance, love, success, red hot sex and that smokin’ new pair of Louboutons than the person who has exactly all that.


And on the topic of love, if you’re not feeling loved, that’s also nada to do with deserving. That’s a flawed and damaging belief that needs dropped like an on fire potato.


We bring our experiences into reality according to energetic alignment, not worth.


The Universe isn't your buddy nor your Buddha. 


It’s a responsive system, a matrix of energy we communicate with via the frequencies (wave-forms) of our held beliefs, thoughts, emotions, words and actions.


AND (this is where it can get messy) the ancient energies locked in our soul.


So you can talk the talk, show up all bells and whistles and still get absolutely-fucking-nowhere because you can’t hoodwink the system.


No matter how deep your self deception you can’t fake the frequency the Universe receives, processes and reflects back to you in 3D reality.


Our experiences match the energetic tones of our inner mental, emotional and spiritual world. We can’t escape that.


And that you believe you can be worthy or not, it’s all in your mind.


Regardless of what you get, don’t get or who does or doesn’t love you, worth is a construct.


Worth is an illusion.


And that you think you’ll feel worthy if you feel loved, respected, beautiful, fill in the blank, that’s also an illusion.


We’re the generator of our feelings in accordance with the inner frequencies we align with. Which btw are impacted by the energies of our unresolved wounds.


You’ve heard it before, your feelings are nobody’s business but yours.


And that you believe otherwise is simply because you don’t yet have control of your mental and emotional nature.


Our unresolved wounds create a lens through which we perceive, process and project the data of our experiences.


The deeper and more denied the wound, the more clouded the lens and more painful the projection.


It hits you hardest is in your most intimate relationships and your $$$.


Relationships and money are what you most equate as a measure of worth, and that’s a thin ice.


Because when it comes to relationships most people are still hooked into unconscious patterning of codependency and conditional attachment rather than actual real unconditional love.


Meaning they’ll love you if you meet their conditions, and if you don’t, well, it’s bye Felicia.


Controlling others or demanding they be a certain way in order for you to love them and feel loved by them, (and vice versa) that’s not love, that’s fear.


No one’s obligated to make you feel a specific way. They can’t anyway because your frequency determines how you feel and that’s on you.


And our relationships don’t just randomly happen. We don’t get lucky or unlucky. We pull others into our experience according to the frequencies we hold that match with theirs.


No exceptions.


This btw is why we need tight boundaries and high standards and to resolve the energetics of our “wounds.”


Because if you want a more conscious high frequency love/relationship, guess what?


You dear friend need to be more conscious and in a higher frequency.


And what’s interfering with you getting there is the dense, untransmuted energy and misconception of the old wound(s) you still haven’t dealt with.


And by dealt with, I mean processed and alchemized.


That you want love, success whatever, isn’t enough to have it. And that you don’t have it, isn’t about your worth.


Even the asshole gets the worm, if aligned with having it.


And this is where we can fall drastically short. Whether it be in relationships or business, we’re demagnetized and out of alignment with the energetic charge that co-creates delivery.


Nothing potent getting out, nor coming in.


The charge we need to magnetize to is the masculine and if you’re wondering about your own alignment see what’s showing up in your world.


  • What’s happening with men in your life?
  • Are they attentive or dismissive?
  • Are they supportive or are they always taking?
  • Are they loving, noble, helpful, happy to serve with a smile, or are they sullen, miserable, deceitful and can’t even be arsed having a conversation with you?

Aligning with masculine charge is crucial to receiving because masculine charge provides, and feminine receives.


And it’s through the power of polarity that the activating tone of the feminine invokes the masculine to help you manifest.


It’s all energetics.


And what’s blocking you accessing the tone of the required frequency is your wound.


The one that keeps triggering and you keep avoiding.


  • Maybe it’s a wound from a harsh interaction, abuse or repeated absence, coldness or the ball-less actions of your father?
  • Or maybe a wound from an anxious, critical, domineering and shame inducing, narcissistic mother?
  • Maybe it’s both (as is with many of my clients.)

Either way the frequencies of the wound ~ by now multi layered from years of aligning with more of the same frequencies ~ pulsate out to the Universe.


It’s why you keep meeting the same feeling, the same experience, the same men.


You need to unravel and transmute the tangled energies in your life, get to the source of the wound and get control of your frequency to have the quality of relationship, business, life you want to have.


Otherwise you’ll keep expecting to have a certain type of experience and loving relationship, and when it doesn’t happen, you’ll once again feel robbed, chewed up, spat out.


And all that will expand is the energy of your old wound.


And you’ll become bitter, and your insides literally twisted with jealously as you compare yourself to others wondering why they’re having the experience and relationship you want, but never seem to have.

And that nasty little voice of fear inside you will tell you it’s because you’re not worthy and that it can’t happen for you.


And you’ll beg the Universe for help, demand to be shown the path and when it opens, when the help you want comes along, the very help you’ve been pleading for, because you still believe the great deception of worth, you sabotage.


You’ll take the first step, dip a toe in, and then you’ll panic and bail on yourself.


You’ll lie to yourself and deny that it’s what you really need, and you’ll make excuses as to why you can’t do the work that will set you free and align you with what you desire.


And well, it costs too much, or its just too hard, and the timing’s off. And it doesn’t even work anyway.


And you’ll create another distraction as you fall further into the same old self deception and fear that keeps you bound to the wound.


And things will get worse.


Because it’s a pattern, and patterns repeat.


True healing and self mastery is the first stage, unlocking your gifts and decoding your destiny, the next.


And you won’t do one without the other.


And btw when you’re done, you won’t be interested in worms. You can leave them for the assholes. 😉