There's no feeling quite like feeling hopeless.


It's way down there.  It's the black hole you fell into and now you're struggling to climb out of.  You can't see the light.  You've forgotten that it's even there.


If you’re feeling hopeless it’s because you’re thinking it’s hopeless.


AND if you’re thinking it’s hopeless it’s in response to your believing that there’s no hope for whatever situation you now find yourself in.


AND the problem with that is you’ll keep getting more of what you think about and are consistently focused on. That's just the way co-creation works.


Hopelessness will keep dominating your reality AND that’s not what you want, to keep feeling more hopeless.  Isn't that what's already happened?


SO if there’s a way out of this situ, and trust me there is, always, it’s not going to be by you believing and thinking that it’s hopeless.


No, that won't work.




And you need to be about what works.


Hope never leaves. It’s always there, like air only you’ve forgotten to breathe and now you’re in a panic.


It’s ok. You're ok.


You’ll manage again, just like you’ve managed before.


Only this time you’ll stop focusing on the hopelessness and instead focus on the hope. Because wherever you are, life is, and hope and life can’t be separated any more that the dancer can be separated from the dance.


You are the hope, because you are the power, you are the key, you are the one who can and will turn it all around.


However that looks.


And sweetheart it can look however you’re willing to see it, if and when you lean back into trusting that it’s always working out as it should be according to what you need to see, to know, to change.


Let the situation whatever it is, guide you back to seeing life as it is.  Not as you at forcing it to be.  You're telling yourself its hopeless because you're not seeing the opportunity in it.  The opportunity for growth and expansion and shaking off the old patterns you've come tot rely on but stopped working for you years ago.


Hope is always there, and if you can’t yet see it it’s because you’re looking in the wrong direction.  And no matter how far down the path you've travelled you can at any point turn around.


Do it now.


If you need help with getting out of hopelessness and aligning back with hope reach out and connect.