The Power Of Feminine Influence ~ Motivating Men With Grace.
"His energy was already completely opened to me because of our energetic connection... my entire drive home I'd been listening to the Masterclass... so he could feel me coming from miles away. 😊" - Kirsty
"I've had two hours of listening to you this morning and I was blown away by how amazing this program is. And you are so genuine, passionate and gentle! You're just so great!" - Dee


He doesn't listen, he doesn't lead, he doesn't understand, follow through, take action or respond in the ways that you need.   You've asked and asked, and yet you're still not receiving...

Have you ever considered that maybe it's the way that you're asking?

Yeah, yeah, I know, you're a communication ninja,  and a strong woman who speaks her mind, but trying to get your point across to a man can feel like you're banging your head against a concrete wall.

And maybe you have said it million times (and you know he's not deaf) but why does he still not listen?  And why does he get so triggered, angry and upset when you try to discuss the important stuff like feelings, $$$$, and the dirty dishes in the sink.

And when was the last time he surprised you with a weekend away or a romantic dinner or meaningful gift, unprompted?

However clear you think you're making it, it's not only not landing in his system, but the way you're communicating to him, you're creating resistance.

Until you understand why men's communication is totally different to women's, you might as well be speaking Mandarin and you'll feel like you're on different planets. Especially when emotions run high.

Communication is the first thing to go when the relationship hits the skids. Rapidly followed by connection; understanding, support, respect, acknowledgement all disappearing faster than toilet roll at your local supermarket during the height of bulk buying.

There's so much you want men to do, but motivating men into action is (at least for you) like trying to teach the dog to skateboard, you don't know where to start. And the worst thing, you constantly feel like your needs go unmet.

Without the support of the men in our lives, women can end up feeling empty, exhausted, put upon and when in a family, feel like they're raising an extra child (that's a toxic dynamic btw.)

Resentment btw, bubbles away on both sides, because men are as fed up hearing women "nagging", as women are of, ahem, nagging  (he too hates being so misunderstood.)

If he's becoming more distant, more dismissive, more disconnected, newsflash....nothing will change until you change how to speak to him.

Take a moment to check-in, flick through the archives of your past history with men, you'll see a pattern emerging.  And if you're honest, you'll admit that after all this time you still don't know how to speak to men. Not in ways that get you what you want, need and desire.

Surely you want to know how? 

Surely you want to stop pushing, demanding, nagging and relying on using your sexual energy. Which, btw as potent as it may be, will only ever get you so far and sometimes it'll even work against you. And it's not appropriate with every man.

Knowing how to activate the masculine's key functions to protect, provide and when firmly anchored into his core, serve the glorious feminine is a superpower.  But there's a catch.  Men have to be motivated from the inside; he has to be activated enough to want to listen, give and meet your feminine needs.

And yes, he really is capable of doing all three (,ore than you know.)  The problem is, most women have been deactivating men through language for decades.

Until you know how to speak to men in ways that land in their masculine dominant brain, you won't positively trigger the 'doing' aspect in his system that not only inspires him to act but makes him feel like he's being the best man he can be in the process. 

You need to know why demanding a man do what you want, feels disrespectful in his system, and how motivating him to give you what you need, actually inspires him into his highest self.

All men want to win with women, and believe it or not even your awkward, narky, middle aged boss wants to be a hero.

You haven't exactly had too much success so far. That's because you don't yet understand how the masculine thinks, receives and processes information, including the tone of you voice, the words that you use, and the energy in which you use them. 

Men have distinct communication styles, and which honestly are more simple than you may realize.  But until you understand what those styles and needs are, you'll fail to hit the sweet spot that guarantees a man will enjoy communicating with you AND take great delight in understanding what you want and need, and then giving it to you.

Welcome to How To Speak To Men ~ The Power Of Feminine Influence ~ Motivating Men with Grace.

I'm Dawn Lee, and my mission is to help evolve women into higher consciousness so they can attract,  create and hold (so important!!) the high frequency relationships, businesses and destinies coded into their spiritual DNA. 

My goal with this program is to help lead women into their highest feminine tones, not just so they can create and flow with ease and grace, but also so the men around them are inspired to rise. Because we need more men in their high masculine.

I work with women and also men, I know both sides. I know how men think, how they process, I know their deepest secrets, desires and disappointments. And this program is designed to be as beneficial to men, as it is to the women taking it.

And to be clear, How To Speak To Men is NOT about giving woman cunning strategies to manipulate, hoodwink and emasculate men into submission (..*shudder*..) But to teach woman how to communicate with men in ways that hook their attention and inspire their highest masculine self. Leading to mutual happiness, respect and having each others back.

In How To Speak To Men you'll discover the secrets to motivating and inspiring not just men you're most intimate with, but ALL men in your field, including...

    • Husbands/Partners
    • Fathers
    • Ex's (even a difficult one)
    • Lovers
    • Bosses
    • Colleagues
    • Friends
    • Sons
    • CEOs
    • Employees/board members
    • The dude you fancy next door :-

You'll discover everything you need to know to successfully communicate with men, including:

  • The magical phrase to say to any man that instantly creates openess to listen. 
  • No.1 shift in his communication that spells HUGE trouble for your relationship (and how to turn it around.)
  • The most common mistakes a woman can make when speaking to man that turns him off shuts him down, and keeps him shutting down.
  • The three worst things you can say to a man that makes him never want to do anything for you again.
  • The No.1 thing that causes a man to devalue his partner (it's not what you think...)
  • Why he never seems to remember anything important to you, like your best friends name, but can remember things that seem totally irrelevant, like a client he had 10 years ago.
  • The common assumptions women make that create massive disconnect with men.
  • The real reasons why men lose interest, become distant, and want to run away.
  • What he's really thinking when he goes silent.
  • The No.1 thing every man longs to hear from a woman that instantly lights up his system.
  • The simple and foolproof way to influence a man into spending more time with you.
  • The simple response men need to hear when they get it wrong.
  • The key phrases to getting his support and validation when you're feeling emotional.


You'll also learn the common negative programming and conditioning men grow up with (if you have a son you need to know this!)  And you'll get real life examples of the how to and how not to conversations with men, including how to let a man down gently, and get him to step up without wounding his ego.

How a man receives codes of communication dictates how he responds.


The longer you don't know how to speak to men, the more damage to your relationships. Like many women still stuck in this rut, I used to struggle with communicating with men. I found it near impossible to express my true wants and needs, often avoiding the conversation all together, especially when the going got tough (the worse time to NOT express your needs btw.)

Instead I'd hold the anger and frustration in my body, that would eventually leak out through unconscious eye rolls, critical tones and typical wounded feminine tactics, which in the end usually backfired. 

 I guarantee that once you learn how to speak to men in ways that motivate and inspire them instead of shutting them down and pissing them off, then every relationship you have with every man will change.


Thank you so much for all your wisdom and opening my eyes to the lies I've been telling myself. Today's been amazing, my partner is so appreciative of what I've said!! We're finally talking about marriage, kids, buying a house. You're amazing!!! AM

I just had the most amazing night with my ex for dinner. I had zero anxiety, we spoke openly about our 13 years together. I told him I was proud of him and he said he was too. It was fucking beautiful.


This is the message I got from the girls dad, how amazing to come so far in such a short time. "Happy New Year, I'm excited for 2020...Ur a great mum to our kids and thanks for making the call so we can both be  happy.... We will always be a family and I'll always have your back."



I thank the Universe I found you!  I already had thought about my wedding speech and you were the first person that I would be talking about thanking!! JN

Ready to know how to speak to men..? Here's the deets...

Through a series of 4 online Masterclasses (including PDF worksheet for each masterclass) we'll be covering the following:

MASTERCLASS 1. Understanding masculine energetic coding, processing and communication systems + masculine frequencies, wants, need, desires.

MASTERCLASS 2. What YOU say and what HE hears, and why he doesn't take action. And how to speak to him in ways that motivate him to share, connect and step up. 

MASTERCLASS 3. What HE says and what HE really means, and what it is that you aren't hearing that he really needs you to hear. And how to understand him in ways that inspire him to understand you.

MASTERCLASS 4. Practicalities of using the power of your feminine influence to motivate men with grace AND inspire him into his masculine core.


"....Also the car I asked for him to buy me as part of the settlement he told me months ago I was dreaming and to lower my expectations. Ha, well guess what he's now looking to buy me, of course that exact car!!" ~ TW

** WORD OF WARNING** The How To Speak To Men Program will seriously impact your magnetism and power of influence with men.  Use it wisely, and you'll be supported in ways you never knew were possible not just by the physical masculine, but also by the magical metaphysical masculine too.