Tears For Fears were on the moola, “it’s a very, very Mad World.”

It’s dog eat dog, and anything with a pulse. Hatred and suffering, just flick on your nightly news for a daily dose of devastation; you know what I’m talking about. Everyday, vicious and violent.

Depression for breakfast, anxiety for lunch.

And it’s not just well-polished stiffs in suits delivering bad news.  Your own life has consistently fed back evidence to you that it’s a harsh world to live in.

Right back to your first memories you’ve felt the fear.

Maybe you grew up at the hands of unconscious parents. A  father who drowned his own un-cried tears and fears in alcohol or addiction perhaps. Or a mother who left you, abandoned you to the mad world, or maybe she stayed in the struggle, and unknowlingly fed you her own deep disconnect and passive aggressive anger she was sick of living with.

Before we could even form our own decisions, our hearts were already crushed, our light already dimmed, our creativity already stifled to the point of suffocation by society's weighty beliefs and stories that life's hard, and the world a scary place.

A place that offers no safety, no certainty, no security .... no wonder we’re anxious. Scared to live, scared to die, scared of our own existence. 

"Imagine all the people, living in peace. You may say I’m a dreamer but I’m not the only one. I hope someday you’ll join us, and the world will be as one.”

John Lennon

Decades on we still want to live in John Lennon's vision of peace, but in such a very, very mad world, how do we do it?  I turned away from the negativity and tuned out of ‘The News’ years ago.  Not only is some of it, to borrow a Donaldism, "fake news", but it's also fear news.

And fear is soul eroding.

My vibration shifted drastically and so did my reality when I switched my attention away from the fear and chose a different vibe, LOVE.

You see the world is in our minds.  That’s where our reality is first created, and with enough attention it materializes into the real world.  What you tune into you take on the vibration of.  You choose, mostly unconsciously, but its a choice nonetheless.

We choose what kind of world we live in, by how we live our life.  Peace inside, peace outside.

Wayne Dyer said it best: "Loving people live in a loving world; hostile people live in a hostile world. Same world."

We have the power to choose the world we live in, and the world responds. Sound a bit new agey, only working for those in the know, or blessed enough to be living wrapped in cotton wool?  Not so. There was a story recently about a homeless dude call Johnny Bobbit Jnr, maybe you saw it? He helped UK woman Kate McLure when she ran out of petrol late at night on Interstate 95 in Philadelphia.

McLure, who’d no cash on her at the time, was rescued by Bobbit Jnr. He walked with her to the petrol station and gave her his last $20 to buy petrol.

She returned the next day to repay him and bring him food and decided to start a Gofundme campaign which netted him more than $100k. Ka-ching!

Who knows what was going on in Bobbit's life that led him into homelessness, but that night he chose to live in a loving world. And as a result, he brought back to himself the same loving kindness he’d given out.

We don't have to let the world make us hard or turn us to jelly.

No matter what happens, in every moment we can choose love over fear.

Yes, life can be hard; I’ve walked the tough roads too. But even through our challenges we can stay aligned with love and see our world as loving.

Buddhists call it the middle way, saying yes to all life’s experiences, good or bad.

We can choose to believe in a benevolent Universe that's works for us, not against us. And when the shit hits the fan or we feel disconnected we can ask better questions than WTF?

How might this be happening for me?

What can I learn from my current reality that will help me grow?

Where is my focus that I keep meeting the same challenges?

What can I do differently?

How can I heal the past I keep recreating?

How can I give more, love more, be in a state of joy more?

How can I live more in my passion and help others live in their?

How can I live in more peace, so that I can attract more peace?

We’re waking up to the idea that we live in a controlled world and that there are many layers of illusion to our society.  This realization can rouse a deep fear and disconnect that leaves us wondering:

"How do I survive in this mad world, ravished by greed, consumerism and suffering?"

It's a question I asked myself, and the answer is simple (although not easy). We can't just magically change the world, but we can change ourselves, and in the process access the power to change OUR world, which will eventually change THE world.

We have to learn how to choose love over fear.  How to decide to embrace acceptance over judgement, forgiveness over hatred, calm over chaos> We have to learn to surrender.

Loving or hostile, we choose. Same world; different reality, different us.

Our world view doesn't just impact our life. As energetic beings in an energetic Universe, we impact all life. We’re all constantly adding to the collective vibration of our world, and if we're living in a state of fear we're putting that shit back out there.

And it’s growing. Our beautiful earth is drowning in it.

What we put our attention on expands. Good or bad, everything is already out there in abundance. We’re just using our focus to bring ourselves into vibrational alignment with it.

Our brains also seek out more of what we're looking for (Baader-Meinhof phenomenon). We keep meeting what's on our minds because our brains are more alert to noticing what we’re focused on.

I'm no Pollyanna; I connect with people every day who carry scars from deep wounds at the unconscious hands of those living in a hostile world.  I've had my own wounds too. I've lived through the darkness and fear and I know there's much in this world to feel saddened, angry and disconnected by.

But eyes wide open I choose love.

Because that's the world I want to live in.

That's the world I want my son to live in, the world I want you to live in, the world I want everyone to live in.  And aligned with love is the only place from where I have any power to help make that happen, even if it starts in the tiny corner of my own living room.

All love matters and makes a difference.

We're all connected; all from the same source and if we connect back to the love within us and choose a loving world over a hostile one, not only can we change our world, but the whole world too.

So what do you choose?