From as far back as I can remember I always felt there was something more. Something BIG, deep in my soul that was destined to burst forth and change my life.  I could never quite put my finger on it, but god dam it I knew it was there.


It’s a feeling that used to drive me crazy.


I'd forget about it on and off. I'd change jobs, relationships, cities, I even changed countries a few times but it still escaped me.


My apparent greatness; if it really was in there, where was I going wrong?  And why the hell was it so hard to get it out?


At times I'd feel the pressure of it rising in me; it was as if it was just bursting to break through the surface.  Like one of those irritating spots that comes and goes but never quite pops through (gross I know, but you get my drift.)


It was as if it was stuck, and that's exactly how I felt; stuck.


Maybe you're sure you have greatness in you too and you feel stuck, in which case you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. You'll  know the sheer frustration at not being able to get right to it; it's killer.  If you could just be happy you would, but you know it's in there and it won't go away.


Frustration is an understandable response, but the problem with frustration is that it's energy and like all energy the more you focus on it the more you feel it.  And the more you feel it the more it becomes your point of attraction.


And you create more of it.


And that doesn't help the stuck-ness, actually it makes it worse. I know you've tried to wait it out hoping it'll pass and your greatness will magically show itself. But the only thing that passes is time. I know, I tried sticking it out too, and the agony of living with that stuck feeling just kept growing.


And so did the longing, the yearning, the gnawing away at my peace of mind.


Well here's what you need to know about feeling stuck.  Stuck-ness is the X that marks the spot. Wherever you’re stuck, there's something buried underneath and stuck-ness is part of the process of getting you to it.


We call it being stuck because we don’t seem to be getting anywhere, but that's because where we  are is exactly where we need to be; we just don't recognise that.


You can't just move past the stuckness until you've discovered what's beneath it. 


Feeling stuck is actually a sign showing you that something needs to be dug up and dealt with before you can moce forward into your greatness.


It can feel like you're taking one step forward and two steps back, but you 're not. Where you are is exactly where you need to be in this moment because in the here and now there's something deeper that needs your attention.


And feeling stuck is the pointer to it.


The problem is your resistance. You think you shouldn't be where you are and you think you shouldn't be stuck. You think your greatness should just come along and all will be well in your world.


But greatness isn't just something you find, greatness is forged along the path of discovery.


So the first thing you need to do is drop your resistance to feeling stuck, and instead see this feeling as part of the process.  See it as a sign, and welcome it, because after all, you asked for it.


Now I know it doesn’t look like the sign you thought you were waiting on.  But that’s just because you don’t yet understand the process and what the stuck-ness is leading you to.


Your greatness is down there, you’d better believe it. But it's the process of unearthing everything that stands in its way that you helps make you great.  This is the piece of the puzzle you're missing; you think your greatness is a destination, but greatness is also the journey.


And the journey will lead you to the centre of your being, your soul. And that's where your true greatness lies.


Feeling stuck is signalling to you to look deeper.  It's screaming; "DIG HERE."  It's begging you to discover the layers that you must first travel through in order to find yourself on the other side.


The hero only becomes heroic by overcoming the obstacles and battles she faces along the way.


When you come to understand the true purpose of feeling stuck, it takes on a whole new meaning. And when you drop your resistance to it and get committed to deep diving into yourself, the feelings of frustration dissolve and your point of attraction shifts.


You become curious, hopeful, inspired and determined and this is precisely what your soul wants. It wants you hungry for yourself. It wants you hungry to stop avoiding and start discovering what really lies within.  It wants to ignite your courage because you have to be brave to take the journey and for many they stay stuck because they aren't willing.


But the stuck-ness is the way in and the way out, when you know how.


You can keep avoiding the journey.  You can keep telling yourself this story of stuck-ness and let your light slowly dim, but you can never truly forget it's there.


And that's what haunts people as they near the end of their life. They know there was more. Something bigger than they ever dared to find.  Something that they know they didn't dig deep enough, they know they didn't believe in enough.


They know they didn't try hard enough to find.


If you want to answer the call and get to the true magic of what lies inside you, if you want to know your own greatness and live it, you need to be willing to follow the signs.  And you need to get busy shining the light of awareness into every dark corner, starting from where you're stuck, right now.


This is how you find your greatness; this is how you access the hidden treasures of your soul.


So if you feel stuck, good, you're in the right spot, now you need to dig. And if you don’t know how, reach out and find someone who does. Get help to be guided through, but don't stay stuck missing the sign that you've been looking for. Because the more you stay stuck without action, the more negative you're mind will become, and the more negative your life will become.


And you'll convince yourself that there's nothing great about you after all. But you'll be wrong, and your soul will sigh.


Dawn Lee is a personal, professional & spiritual intelligence coach™ with a passion for melding psychology and spirituality. Dawn's expertise is leading others out of personal and/or relationship crisis and into extreme clarity to find happiness, peace, love and connection from the inside out. Her mission is to help shine a light of awareness in the world and connect others back to their happiest, most authentic, fearless, soul-aligned selves to live their true greatness. Discover how to work with Dawn.