It's why we do anything, we want to be happy.  We're tying ourselves in knots chasing money, love, success, a nice house, a decent job, fun, passion, growth, fame.  It's why we want to be appreciated, respected, heard, trusted, fill in the blank.  Happiness is the end goal, always.


And we don't just want the five minute kind.


F*ck, we've tired of that. Fleeting happiness, when it goes, is almost worse than not having had it at all because now we know how it feels and we want it more.


So if there's a key (and A Course In Miracles tells us there is) to having that thing we want above all else, wouldn't we jump at it?  Wouldn't we literally be scrambling over our unhappy ourselves to sign up, embrace the f*ck out of whatever it takes?


Before we get to the key, know what happiness is.


I wonder if you've already noticed that happiness is an inside job, it's already in you.  It's actually you aligning and the connecting back to your own inner being.


If you can you imagine that your inner being is a big vibrating ball of happiness, that's what you're trying to get back to. Unfortunately our mind is in the way. It's holding on to all kinds of stories, beliefs and thought patterns that started eons ago, that don't match the vibration of our inner being.


 To access our inner being we have to match its vibration.


The fact that it's like tuning into a radio station, means that the music's already playing.  You just need to hit the right frequency to hear it.   You're probably arleady aware that the times when you're happiest, is when you're thought are a vibrational match for your inner being.


Consider what happens when you fall in love or you've just met someone new. Sure it seems like it's the person making you happy, but with deeper inquiry you'll see its actually the thoughts you're having about them that lift your vibration high enough to align with your inner being.


Your special someone doesn't even have to be in the same room, or city or country even for you to feel happy. That's because its not them making you happy, its aligning with your inner being by thinking thoughts that align with it.


We're blocking our inner connection.


And the greatest blocks are our own unresolved wounds and resentment we hold against those who've hurt us, let us down or failed to meet our expectations. Even if we've moved on, even if we no longer think about that person or what happened, until we've found forgiveness at the deepest level, the old the energy of our wounds impacts how we see and show up for every situation, person, experience that comes into our field.


Imagine if you've been cheated on in the past for example. When you meet someone new it's all fun and excitement until the old wound wakes up. No matter how much you've told yourself you're over it, you know how it feels when the energy of the old wound seeps back into your life, firing up thoughts of mistrust.  Once again blocking you from your inner being.


Resentment is a silent dis-ease, a blackout blanket that blocks the light and connection to our inner being.


People can, you know, turn it all around.  My own resentment used to crush my soul too, talk about heavy. I don't know if you've already begun to notice how much resentment you carry, even towards your partner and loved ones. And you probably don't have any real idea yet how to get to the bridge of forgiveness, let alone cross it. Especially when it comes to those who really wronged you.


And no matter how much sense it makes that forgiveness is the letting go, the setting yourself free, the f*cking key to unconditional love - and for crying out loud, could there even be anything more important than that?!  - it can be hard to imagine being able to do it.  Even when it brings us back to love and the power of our very own soul, we resist it.


If it's the key why are we still avoiding this truth?


Why are we still holding onto our pain instead of getting it out of our hearts and minds? Because it’s poisoning us, literally, it's creating all kinds of dis-ease in our bodies and diruption in our lives.


It's f*cking up our health and happiness, wrecking our relationships, its being passed onto our kids. We're taking it out on our partners, on our bodies, on ourselves.


All the unresolved hurts and wounds from our chaotic childhoods, unconcsious parenting and programming, failed relationships, and times we've been victimized lie at the heart of our fragile sense of self. Our old pain and trauma is creating mass mental, emotional, physical and spiritual carnage in our world. Consider how many peple have been hurt in the world and how many are still holding onto their hurts and projecting the negative enegry of them.


Why are we denying forgiveness as a tool of freedom?


Will you discover that you can dissolve your resentment, that forgiveness is possible, and that you can connect back to your own inner being and happiness, no matter what you've been through?


Will you discover that you can stop being a victim to the people who hurt you, that you can untie yourself from them and leave the past behind once and for all?


Will you stop accepting so little when you're really capable of having so so much?


Will you begin believe?


And will you know, will you experience for yourself that forgivness isn't just possible, but it is the way to happiness?


I'm wondering if you understand yet the true origin of your wounds and the divine purpose they play in your life journey?  I'm wondering if you understand that forgiveness really is the key to letting go and just being happy?


That it's the key to the peace of mind you’ll spend your entire life searching for. And seriously, what could be more worth investing in than letting all the old shit of your past go?  So you can live from a blank slate.


Can you imagine the kind of loving, happy, healthy, secure relationships could you have?


Can you imagine how much joy and passion you could you feel?


Can you imagine how empowered, and free and vibrant you'd be if you could finally unpack the heavy suitcases of your past?  And leave them unpacked.


I literally couldn’t breathe if I had to carry my past, I think it would kill me. Certainly what I’ve been through has ended many lives. And yet, I live in peace, happiness, love and connection, because I access my inner being.


Forgiveness is the key to the true, lasting happiness that you, as much as anyone deserves.


Isn't it nice to know that freedom and lasting peace happiness are possible, even after trauma?  Hey, I get that you don't yet know how, and I know you have some preconceived ideas about what forgiveness is.  But I want to change that.  I want to help you get crystal clear and understand at the deepest level the power of forgiveness and what it can do for your health, your relationships and your life in general. That's my mission. 


If you want to know more about working with me, and how radical forgivness can free your from the past and help you access you're own inner being to be happy, regardless, connect for a free discovery session  


Let me show you how!