I came across a funny quote the other day about love. It wasn't the usual love quote we've come to expect.  But it's powerful, and it's true.

It's also pretty funny.



Here, I'll let you decide for yourself:



"Love is like a fart, if you have to force it, it's probably shit."




It's funny because it's true.


It's also serious because it's true.  Too many of us try to force love and end up reaping the emotional destruction that reins on an already fragile heart.



Trying to convince people to love us, to commit to us, to stay with us, to connect with us, open up to us, to want what we want, when they don't , or even just notice us.



Trying to make the wrong person the right person.



I've been caught up in it too, well my old self that is.  But I can tell you what by now you probably already know: IT'S SHIT!



It's a soul destroying hell waiting around for someone to love you back.  Picking up the breadcrumbs and scraps.  Constantly battling the gaping holes,  Or trying to convince someone to stay, when the truth is they've already left.



Ah, that's the worst.



The fear is what keep us holding on.  Fear we wont find anyone else, fear that there's something wrong with us that created our un-lovableness in the first place.


But the fear is wrong.





WE CAN FIND SOMEONE ELSE (someone better in fact!)


AND THERE ISN'T ANYTHING WRONG WITH US other than the fact that we're believing we don't deserve a great love that effortlessly flows.

We do...



We're not meant to be with someone who doesn't love and adore us.  And love isn't meant to be forced.  So let go of trying.  Let go of fearing, let go doubting yourself and instead focus on loving yourself enough to never again try to force love.


If you need help releasing and letting go I've got something special to share with you.  It's a RELEASE PRAYER designed to help you shift energy, raise your vibe and let go of the crap that doesn't serve you.






DO IT NOW!! If you don't, you might forget and just think of all the things you're holding on to, that you'll keep holding on to.


Probably far more than you even realize.



The truth is you're more amazing that you know and one day when you're old and life's coming to an end, you'll back and wonder what the f*ck you were drinking that made you so gawd dam blind to just how gorgeous and special and deserving you always were.



Don't wait till you're old, know yourself NOW.





Just remember the fart, yip that's right, if you force it you what there's a good chance of...!