We all want to let go of of the past ...

But we all know that letting go isn't easy.  If it was, we'd all be doing it, and god knows we've tried. And failed.  That's because letting go is not a matter of willpower.  It's a matter of understanding.

We don't let go of the past because we will it.  Willpower alone won't set us free from it.

And there's a reason for that; the past has something to teach. Something as yet unseen, something valuable, something so vital to your evolution that it needs to be understood at the deepest level before it can let you go.

That right, the past lets go of you.

Every betrayal, loss, hurt, abuse even that I've successfully moved on from has been through understanding. Until I understood it, it continued to haunt me.  Dominating my thoughts, spoiling my peace, disrupting my sleep.

Dictating my worth. Until I understood.

Until I understood why it happened.

Until I understood what it could teach me.

Until I understood how to use it for my highest good and how it fits into my life journey.

No matter what's happened to me in the past, no matter how painful, or unfair, or down right traumatic, only when I understood it did the emotional and energetic connection dissolve and let go of me.

Only when I understood it did I finally get peace from it.

The truth is we can keep fighting against and holding onto our life wounds, or we can decide;

Am I going to keep myself defined by and imprisoned in the past or am I going to rise the fuck out of it, nail the understanding and learn how to live like it was meant to happen?

I chose the latter. I want freedom and that's where freedom lies.

We're here to know ourselves at the deepest level. To discover our truest nature and reveal to ourselves our purpose and power as co-creators of our realities.

Our past shows us every lesson we need to learn. It shows us the intentions of our soul and the karmic imbalances and energies we carry.

Understanding our past is the key to owning our future.

Because only once we truly understand it, does the past let go of us.

If you're ready for that kind of freedom, reach out and CONNECT. Don't let your future keep being the past you still haven't gotten over.

You deserve more, much more. And you have the power to get it.  The past doesn't have to be a weight around our neck, it can be the catalyst to immense growth and evolution when we learn how to truly understand.