Years ago my now ex-partner and I were shopping in a funky, cool furniture store that had some really unique pieces.  We came across the most exquisite bookshelf; it was made from drift wood and it was stunning.

The price tag was pretty stunning too!

We hummed and haa'd, and eventually left the shop without it.  We told ourselves “we don't need it”, we'll wait a while and maybe get it later.

But we couldn't stop thinking about that piece.  It was seriously that special!

So the next day we decided to go back and buy it.

And when we got there, it was gone.

That day we made a new rule which I still live by.

Don't wait.

If you see something you want, if it makes your heart lighten and your lips curl into a smile, if it’s ‘you’ and it feels like it belongs in your life, forget about what you think you need.  And ask yourself, "what do I want?"

And if you love it, have it.

Don't wait.

And really I’m not just talking about BUYING, I’m talking about DOING. And I'm talking about BEING happy.

Nothing haunts us like the things we didn't do.  Beacuse those little messages are our intuition talking.  They're our instincts and they lead us to joy, which leads us to more joy.

We've become so used to just existing that we've forgotten what it feels like to truly live. We’ve numbed ourselves so much that we’ve bypassed the absolute joy of feeling vibrant, and blissful from the soul up.

We're stuck in a scarcity mindset that keeps us cautious and trapped in the same place year in year out.  And we ignore the sinking feeling in the pit of our stomach that tells us we're in the wrong relationship, the wrong job, eating the wrong foods, living the wrong life.

And we wait to be happy.

We wait for a time that’s more right than now. There isn’t one.  

We wait for other people to change. They don't.

We wait for the job we hate to improve. It doesn't.

We wait, and we wait and we wait.

And the longer we wait the further we drift.

And the more disconnected we become.

And the more hopeless we feel because we believe that our happiness depends on all the outside factors that we're waiting on.

All the things we can't control.

But that's just an illusion.

Because the truth is, it doesn't.

Our happiness only depends on one thing.

And that's us.

The change we're waiting on needs to happen inside of us.

So why are we waiting?

Really, because we're afraid.

We're afraid of the change that will set us free.

We're afraid it will be too hard.

We're afraid it won't work and that we'll fail and then we'll be hit with the truth we've been trying to avoid.  That' we're just not enough.

As long as we're waiting on someone or something else we can avoid taking responsibility for ourselves and our happiness.

And that's the irony. It's only when we take responsibility that things really change.

Every change is connected to the next.  It's a dominoes effect.  One little change creates the next ripple, and the next and the next.

We have to love ourselves enough to stop waiting.

We have to make the effort for ourselves because we're worth it.

Because life is short, because we have wings that want to spread, because our souls want to dance instead of crawl, because we have this one chance in this body, in this lifetime to live our fullest expression.

And yet we wait.

We should be treating ourselves as our own kings and queens, but we treat ourselves as paupers. We deprive ourselves of our own generosity and loving, kindness, and of truly living because we’re afraid of what others might think or say, or make us feel.

So we wait.

We don’t give ourselves what we want, what we need, what we deserve.

And we wait.

And we give our power to everything outside of us that we believe can make us happy if only IT changed.

And we wait.

Life is in a constant state of change.  If we're not changing we're dying. And that’s exactly what’s happening. We’re dying, from the inside out.

We're dying inside long before our bodies die.

We're walking around in a state of internal death because we stopped living years ago.

Because we stopped loving ourselves enough.

If you could love yourself just that little bit more, it will make a difference you can't even measure, because it’s a difference that will grow.

And keep on growing.

And you'll love the new you that emerges.  Truly.  As you grow yourself, your heart will keep opening, until eventually there's no effort in loving who you are.

There's no faking or forcing, there's just you living and giving to yourself, and because you're full you're overflowing with the love you now have inside to give.

Don't wait.

Do it now.

Live now.

Love yourself enough to stop waiting.

So what’s one thing you can do right now that can start the change and create more happiness inside…

Got it, ok, now 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…. Do it!