Create Your Own Vision Board


Discover The Power Of Vision Boards And Subconscious Clearing To Manifest Your Best Life Yet Without Leaving The House!

2018 IS HERE!  It's a New Year, what are you going to do with it? If last year sucked, and it did for many, you're likely wondering what the next 12 months might hold. But why wonder, when you can take control and use your power to create!

New Year brings a powerful energy, it's exicting, but it can also fill us with a little dread. What if this year's just the same as last year?  Even if it was good, WHAT NOW? Thinking about the future conjours up a whole lot of what if's, most of them scary. That's because without a clear vision our brains fill in the blanks with all the crap from our past.

And unfortunately our past is the best indicator of our future. Until we get conscious.

So imagine, what if you could get control of your 'what if's' and make them magical. What if you could discover how to make your vision real?  And what if you could do it on the comfort of your own home and learn how to create the pefect board AND work through the subconscious blocks that stop you reaslizing your dream?

WELL NOW YOU CAN.  I;ve created the perfect vsions boards and manifesting program for you to do at home. It's packed full of instructions to walk you through the process STEP BY STEP.


There's a video, downloadable pdfs., juicy subconscious clearing exercises and  here's even a link to online journaling (it's free) so you can create a journal not just around your board and your vision, but far and beyond. And you can keep going long after you've created your board.


I haven't always been where I am now. There are times in my life I've had nothing in my back pocket but hope. At one point I was overseas, no money, nowhere to live, and not even the right to work.  Hard to believe now, but I've picked my life up more than once.  Most recently after separating from my life partner, suddenly finding myself once again solo, and having been a stay at home mama, no income and this time another little human being counting on me for survival.  I had to recreate my life all over again.



"The best dreams happen when you're awake."




It's been a journey, but I smashed through the last layer of fear and MAGIC is happening for me faster now than ever before.  I know what it takes to be in flow. I've done the work, and I know how to call in the life I want to live. My vision for next year's already materialzing!  AND I WANT THIS FOR YOU.  I've run these workshops in person, and tbh I dont have the time to keep running them.  BUT I DONT WANT YOU TO MISS OUT BECAUSE YOU WERENT ABLE TO COME.



This is why I created the program for busy people just lke you who want to create a visionb and be led through tge process but just dont have the time to come to a  workshop.



What a way to spend a day!  It's not just sticking pretty pictures on a board - its understanding your blocks and working out how to harness your own power to create what you want.

SO MUCH was uncovered as we dove into the limiting beliefs I have around money, career, health and relationships.  The magic has already begun - really recommend this to anyone who wants a shift in 2018 !

Leigh, Brisbane

This is a DEVINELY GUIDED, MAGIC INFUSED PROGRAM.  Sky rocket your vibes and magnetize your power with creativity, vizualisation, focused attention and subconscious clearing, priming and reprogramming. 


It's the perfect start to the New Year!!!

Here's What You Can Expect


  • You'll get clear on your overall life theme and your vision for 2018 and this is what you will then create an amazing board around.


  • You'll discover the key elements of Law of Attraction, and the crucial steps that most miss but are vital to creating a successful vision board that actually WORKS.


  • You'll go through the process of removing the subconscious blocks and creating the right subconscious conditions for manifestation to happen and keep happening.
  • You'll also discover the psychology behind motivation, vizualisation, goal setting and learn a super powerful tool that will help you smash through procrastination. I use this myself and its AMAZING!!

"....Now I knew this wouldn’t be a simple exercise of cutting out some pretty pictures and sticking them to a piece of cardboard that I may or may not look at over the next 12 months. I know Dawn too well to ever think that. Dawn made us DIG DEEP, look at what our subconscious is holding on to, what's holding us back, what's our biggest challenge and from that come up with a THEME that would be the focus of our vision board and align our goals to this theme. Renee, Brisbane

7 Hours Focused Attention On Your Life

What will it mean to you to be able to spend 7 hours focused on the important aspects of you life? Imagine how productive you'll feel in the coming year. Imagine how clear, committed, focused and empowered you'll feel knowing you've already started to call in your best life. Imagine how aligned and in flow and magnetic you'll be having taken such MASSIVE MAGICAL ACTION. Imagine how open you'll be to receiving the postive energy that's about to flow into your life. Imagine how f*cking amazing it's going to feel when your vision begins to materialize.

Here's What You Get What You Say YES!!

2 glasses of champagne per person  (yes we're wild!)

Vegan lunch (but also healthy!)


1 X vision board, making materials (you will need to bring some magazines/images of your best life - I will have some extras but make sure you have what suits you.)

Manifestation Made Easy - LOA - What you need to know!

Your subconscious attachments, blocks and obstacles assessment

Subconscious clearing

The NO.1 MIND TRICK to overcome procrastination, self doubt, and even anxiety

Psychology behind motivation, goal setting and visualisation

Releasing Visualization (+pdf)

Subconscious Prayer/group meditation (+pdf)

***BONUS*** Personal Manifesting Journal + Manifesting Check List + Bonus pdf resources

COST: ONLY - $150!!  (all inclusive!!!)

*Payment via paypal. If you don't have paypal account CONTACT ME VIA EMAIL HERE or pay via by EFT. - Dawn Lee: BSB 142234 / Acc: 300222393  Deposit/remainder on the day available, please ask.

The Universe wants to give, because it's abundant and when you learn to up your frequency and align with abundance you'll live the rewards.  I can give you the tools and take you through the process in a setting that will magnify the power of your vision. So, if you're ready to say a big phat HELL YES to this offer, jump in NOW.  This isn't just a creative, vision board workshop. This is a personal and spiritual development life changing event.

This next year isn't going to be amazing by chance, it's going to be amazing by change. You have the power to make that change happen!

SAY YES!!  Don't just talk about having a great year, HAVE ONE!   You deserve a happy life, you deserve love and adventure and excitement, you deserve a great job, a nice home, whatever you set your heart on and align with is waiting for you. Let me help you have it.

Just imagine how AMAZING you're going to feel having made your beautiful, powerful Vision Board, cleared your blocks and sent a huge, loud "HELL YES, I'M READY"  to the Universe.  And if that's not enough, you'll also connect with some beautiful people on a similar path to you who will support and inspire you through the process. The energy will be powerful, you will be powerful, this year will be powerful.


If you have a question drop me a line here. Don't let a question stand between YOU and YOUR BEST YEAR YET!

2018 We're Coming At'Ya!