"I only wish I'd started this work sooner!!"

Welcome to Mind Masters..


 A potent space for those with wild and courageous spirits ready to break their souls out of prison and launch their humans into the exquisite realms of a whole new way of living, being and manifesting.


You're not here for the pop corn....


Though I can promise you goosebumps!


You've had enough of sitting back feeling like a passenger as life slowly passes you by.  And no matter that you've done one workshop or program after another, you've learned about energy, manifesting and the unconscious beliefs of your childhood, AND STILL... you haven't mastered fear


AND you're still not showing up as yourself. 


And it's burning a hole in your soul to know there's more and you can't yet get at it.


'It' being your power, purpose, and fuck yes, your god dam destiny.


And standing in the way, your mind of course.


And it's incessant chatter, triggering and stubborn shadows that time after time, keep dragging you down and pulling you back into the unconscious patterns you've been fighting like a pit bull to get out of.


Mind mastery Academy is my new group coaching program and membership platform that won't just change the way you think, but will change the way you feel, and what you do, and even who you think you are.


Oh you think you're already yourself?  OMG .... Not even close. 








But before we jump head and heart first get to the juicy stuff that will surely set sparks flying in your body, (your soul knows you're closing in) let's talk about what's going on that stopping you getting to the magical place of THERE.


Let's talk about the fear, the sabotage, the compromise and feeling powerless to make the REAL changes and instead you keep settling. time again in relationships that don't fit.

Maybe you're in one right now and you don't know how to get out. Or maybe you left but you're still stuck in the choas and emotional messiness and wondering when it'll end.


And how can you NOT repeat this mistake.



And you're still wearing the old stories that weigh a fucking tonne.  Your shoulders are sagging.

And you're tired of the conversations that seem to go around in circles, bonding over the sob stories of who did what, and to who, and why it's not fair, and how it should (and shouldn't) be.

AND why, oh why, just for once, can't it just work out the way you planned.

Those convos are old, like most of your thoughts.

And you're tired of having them. 

And slipping back into old habits.

Habits you're forever trying to break.

The nightly wine.

The lollies and chocolates.

The bad boys who don't care.

Or the boring ones who care too much

You're tired of doing Uber eats when you want to be doing fine dining...


"Thank you so much for creating this space and sharing your wisdom with us. It's so good to be part of a group where there is no judgement, just support and practical ways to deal with everyday life. As we progress it makes so much more sense and everything becomes so much clearer! The weekly group calls have been so valuable because we are all dealing with the same issues. I have always known there was much more to life and finally I've found what really resonates with me. I feel like I really can achieve anything and conquer my shadow with the support of this amazing group and of course you amazing Dawn.  (holy shiz, I literally started crying as I typed that...wow.)"


 "Thank you Dawn this is fucking amazing." ~ R.C.


And deep down, even after all this time the fear consumes you.


You've got no one.

You'll  never find anyone else.

And you'll end up all alone.

And you can't even look after yourself.

And you'll get sick.

And no one will care.

And you'll end up a lonely old lady pushing a shopping trolley...


GOD the MIND is funny thing!!


And so much more powerful than you know.

And its not just the mind.


That's just one half of the equation and actually what the mind is stopping you from is most important of all.


The real gold is you Intuition.


That, btw, is the voice of your soul. The voice that knows every step you need to take all the way to your DESTINY.


BUT the mind is in the way.


And there's where your work lies. Because until you get the MIND MASTERED, until you alchemize the shadow and break through the paradigms and false beliefs and indoctrination and faulty programming filling your mind, you wont hear the whisper. And you certainly won't have the courage to follow it.


And what you also won't have the courage for, to see it through because the mind doesn't let up easily.


You need to drop bombs...


You need to get NUCLEAR on the fear's ass AND when that happens there's going to be some super fall out. (Don't worry I know EXACTLY how you need to handle this.)


If its not uncomfortable and you're not creating chaos, you're not going deep enough.


Like most you've underestimated the journey, and truth be told you’re faking where you’re at (it's ok, its what we do.... until we know better...)



And that's what I'm here to teach you.



The real deal.


The end of the slipping back. 


You’ve barely even tasted the prize.


You've haven't even found your wings, never mind opened them.


It’s already happening.


I want you know what’s really out there for you.


I want to know what it really feels like to know your true worth.


I want you to go to bed at night happy because you know you're on the right path.


I want to know how to walk away from what doesn’t serve you, as soon as you know it doesn’t serve you.


I want to know what it really feels like to live anxiety and depression free.



What I DON'T want is for you to stop growing?


Because YOU know there’s more.


And deep inside YOU know that it’s real.


You just don't know how to get there..... yet....


Well, now you do, because THIS IS THE WAY YOU'VE BEEN LOOKING FOR...




And I know your fears. 


I had to overcome the same obstacles as you with money, time, relationships and a fear that it might not work.


I didn't just get lucky. I didn't just go to bed one night and next day I was ‘woke.’


And I know there's only one thing stopping you from your dream.


One thing blocking you from your greatness.


One thing holding you back, keeping you small and stuck in a life that doesn't even feel like yours...


That reason is ....


FEAR is the reason you sabotage.


FEAR is the reason you compromise in your relationships and your growth.


FEAR is the reason you’re in a life you’re bored shit-less with.


FEAR is why you date the wrong people, hold on to bad relationships.


FEAR is why you still don’t know what to do about your crumbling marriage or how to leave you're meaningless job.


FEAR is the underlying reason you sit back and think you’re done.


FEAR is the reason you don’t grab growth with two hands and make this life amazing.


FEAR is the reason your body aches and your mind is racing a million miles an hour.


FEAR is the very reason you need to keep going, keep growing, keep knowing, UNTIL.


FEAR exists in the MIND...

And here at MIND MASTERS that's exactly what we crush.



READY to know how to create quantum leaps of consciousness.


READY to step into anxiety free, trigger free energy in and out of relationships that work.


READY to obliterate old paradigms, crush old fears and limiting beliefs and let the past go, with a sweet-ass kiss.


READY to unlock the next level and step into the dark portal where your true power and creativity can flow through.


READY to end the addiction to worry, anxiety, angst, stress, confusion, low self esteem, judgement etc. (all signals of dissonance between you and your High Feminine and relationship to the masculine.)

READY to end the triggering by past and present lovers, your mother, boss, kids, friends, neighbours, whoever crosses your path.


The Universe waits for you to align and that CAN'T HAPPEN until you get your MIND UNDER CONTROL AND ALCHEMIZE SHADOW.

It's on you to take this next step.


In Mind Masters I teach AND coach you 1:1 to ensure practical application in your life. Change doesn't have to take time. 

This program is perfect for you if:

  • You've worked with me (or another coach) in the past and you're in the process of up-leveling.
  • Or you've undertaken personal or spiritual development/workshops etc.
  • And have a basic understanding of energy and how law of attraction works.

In MIND MASTERS we cover:

  • SHADOW ALCHEMY- transmute negative energy patterns and fear voices (shadow)- meaning you turn them into higher frequencies which expand your power.  - YOU HAVE NOT DONE ANYTHING LIKE THIS BEFORE...
  • FEMININE/MASCULINE ENERGIES - discover how to get into your high feminine and activate the divine masculine - the energy of provision, protection, support, giving etc.
  • THE POWER OF INTUITION - how to listen, act, and understand intuition and WHY you need to follow the voice of your soul.

AND I teach and coach you how to apply the practical application to your daily life which brings you out of the prison of the mind and into your spiritual power where you can create your desires in perfect trust that everything you want is on its way.


You'll discover exactly how to demolish the thought patterns that keep you feeling:

  • Powerless to make real change and that your circumstances are holding you back.
  • That you can’t and won't achieve your dreams and that life's not fair.
  • That it’s too hard, you don’t know how, that it’s not the right time or responsible thing to do, and there are too many obstacles in the way.
  • That you have to keep sacrificing, compromising your value and worth just to stay safe and be approved of. And that you can't afford to change, leave, invest in yourself DO THE THING that will take you out of the fire and into the exquisite beyond where you are actually in CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE.


Here’s how Mind Master works:

• 2 Groups each with a max of 5 people - Group 1 Tues 6pm OR Group 2 Thur 6pm.


Each person receives 3 X 15 min 1:1 coaching. (DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE what we can achieve in 15 min slots. 15 mins with me is like weeks/months with someone else. We're collapsing time, creating quantum shifts. You'll get your most pressing questions and problems solved, AND I’m also activating the truth codes in you.



You'll be flooded by insight and realization as your codes align.  

  • Monthly Master Class (shadow alchemy, masculine/feminine energetics, manifestation, relationships, alchemizing emotional triggers, healing past wounds, ending anxiety, activating spiritual power, intuition etc.)
  • Additional impromptu LIVES with exclusive content NOT shared anywhere else, as and when I feel called to deliver.



• Each session is recorded, you can stay live in the session the entire time or leave after your slot and replay the session later, because GUARANTEED someone else will ask something you're also struggling with. Which means you get the added benefit of my wisdom and coaching for every single question and situation presented (up to 75 mins of coaching with me 3 x per month, how quickly things in your life will shift!)

• Individualized homework at each session



  • A safe and supportive community as part of a private face-book group where you’ll be held accountable each week, and you can also ask questions anytime and receive support from other members and directly from me.


• The cost of this program is only $300 per month, with a minimum commitment of 3 months.(FYI I pay my coach $1400 per month for 10 min slots, do the math, this should be an absolute no brainer!)



And if you're thinking "its not the right time, or I can't afford it right now"... that's the precise energy patterns of sabotage and compromising your value (I'm not worthy of having this), that are keeping you stuck in the very reality you're dear soul is screaming at you to wake up from.



Mind masters will help you make the shift from being controlled by your thoughts to being in control of them.

AND help you re-code your anxious mind programming into trust, surrender, ease and grace.

AND help you open up the channel for your intuition to flow through (this is more important that you can ever know!!)  

Using your intuition is KEY, and if you're here it's because your intuition has led you here, so act on it! 


Law of attraction is real, cause and effect are EXACT.

The cause being your thoughts, the effect being what's showing up in your life, NO EXCEPTIONS.

2 x 6 spots, $300 per month, mind mastery, quantum leaps, NEXT LEVEL LIFE, LOVE AND RELATIONSHIPS.


If you're ready to for quantum leaps and to get your mind master and unleash your advanced consciousness SECURE A SPOT NOW. Message me dawn@dawnlee.com.au (you can join anytime and if either group is full there will be a waitlist)

Look forward to seeing you on the inside where we'll be going exquisitely deep, hard and fast, so be ready for a wild ride and for QUANTUM LEAPS.  


Because it's fucking time!!