WELCOME TO MIND MASTERS.  The potent space where negative thinking is transformed and the cause of your suffering pulled out by the root.  You should know that your thoughts are the driver for all your emotional states AND emotion is the language of the divine matrix, aka the Universe. Which means your emotional states are manifesting.

As a responsive web of energy the Universe is always responding to and reflecting back the energy of our e-motion (energy in motion.) You need to master your mind and the thoughts that run through it so you can control your emotion in order to have control in your life and relationships, and that's exactly what I'm here to help you with.

You're the common denominator in your life and your struggles are a reflection of the projected inner war going on in your mind. The bad luck, the conflict, deception, loss, lack of support, betrayal, upset in your relationships, the stress in your business, the weight you can't shift, the dis-ease in your body, the explosive problems with your ex, anger in your interactions with family member, and the giant hole in your bank account: all orchestrated through the projection of your mind and the energy of your e-motion.

The more negative your thoughts, the more fear-e-motion you generate, the more you manifest that emotion. This is why you need to get control of your mind.

Until you learn to master your mind it will keep replaying the same thought patterns which contrary to popular belief can't be journaled away, meditated out of your system or loved into submission. That's because these thought patterns stem from a deep root, they come from one of four survival shadow archetypal energy patterns.

Until you know how to alchemize the patterns your mind will keep operating through them. I'm going to teach you how.

MIND MASTERS is the next level portal for those ready and willing to master their mind, annihilate shadow energy patterns and get control of their lives inside out. It's a must if you're plagued by thoughts of worry, angst, stress, confusion, fear of the future and persistent beliefs of not enoughness (however much you hide them.)

Also if you're still being triggered by people and situations that bring up the same stories that no matter how hard you try to drop, keep coming at you activating fear, anger and feelings of frustration and powerlessness.

Positive thinking won't take hold until you have alchemized the energy pattern the thoughts are rooted in and very few people know how.

I'll coach you 1:1 and take you through the application in anything and everything that's showing up in your life. You'll get razor sharp focused direction, guidance and feedback that you can implement straight away. Change doesn't have to take time. 

This program is perfect for you if you've worked with me before or you've undertaken personal or spiritual development work in the past and have an understanding of how law of attraction and the subconscious mind operates.

You need to be coached, you can't do this by yourself.  You need higher frequency energy and activated codes of someone who has the knowledge, understanding and practical experience of alchemizing energy patterns. The longer you give energy (power) to these patterns the stronger they become and the more the thoughts keep coming and the physical manifestations of them which further convince you:

  • That you're powerless to make real change and that your circumstances are holding you back and keeping you down.
  • That you can’t and won't achieve your dreams and that it's not fair.
  • That it’s too hard, you don’t know how, that it’s not the right time or responsible thing to do, and there are too many obstacles in the way.
  • That you have to keep sacrificing, compromising your value and worth just to stay safe and be approved of. And that you can't afford to invest in yourself when it's the only way out of the fire and into the exquisite beyond where you are actually in control.

Here’s how Mind Master works:

• 2 Groups each with a max of 5 people - Group 1 Tues 6pm OR Group 2 Thur 6pm.

3 X Up to 75 MINS LIVE COACHING PER MONTH - each person will get 3 X 15 min 1:1 coaching. (DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE what we can achieve in 15 min slots. 15 mins with me is like weeks with someone else. We're collapsing time, creating quantum shifts. You will get your most pressing questions and problems solved, AND I’m also activating the truth codes in you. You will be flooded by insight and realization as your codes align. 

  • Monthly Master Class (shadow alchemy, masculine/feminine energetics, manifestation, relationships, alchemizing emotional triggers, healing past wounds, spiritual power etc.)

• Each session is recorded, you can stay live in the session the entire time or leave after your slot and replay the session later, because GUARANTEED someone else will ask something you're also struggling with. Which means you get the added benefit of my wisdom and coaching for every single question and situation presented (75 mins of coaching with me 3 x per month, you have no idea how quickly things in your life will shift.)

• You'll be given individualized homework at each session, and you'll also be a part of a private face-book group where you’ll be held accountable each week, and you can also ask questions and receive support from other members and directly from me.

• The cost of this program is only $300 per month, with a minimum commitment of 3 months.  My 1:1 packages currently start at $5k (FYI I pay my coach $1400 per month for 10 min slots, do the math, this should be an absolute no brainer for you!) And if you're thinking "its not the right time, or I can't afford it right now"... that's the precise energy patterns of sabotage and compromising your value (I'm not worthy of having this), that are keeping you stuck in the very reality you're soul is screaming at you to wake up from.

You've got to stop letting your mind control your life when you should be controlling your mind.

I've been where you are, and I've mastered the process which has taken serious commitment, effort and $$$$. You can't do it alone, you will keep slipping back into unconsciousness and keep wasting time and energy.

AND the longer you put it off the stronger your shadow becomes which means the desires of whatever you're trying to bring into your lifeare still coded in shadow energy and you'll either stay lacking, or invite in more chaos. See where you have all the evidence you need to support that. 

You need help, and your intuition has led you here to take it. Law of attraction is real, it isn't some new age spiritual fantasy; cause and effect are exact. The cause being your thoughts, the effect being what's showing up in your life, no exceptions. 

10 spots, $300 per month, mind mastery, quantum leaps, next level life and relationships. 

To jump in and secure your spot hit the button below, if you have a question drop me an email (dawn@dawnlee.com.au)

Look forward to seeing you on the inside where we'll be going deep, fast so be ready for a wild ride and MASSIVE CHANGE!