Quantum Rapid Coaching


Your focus is your point of attraction. How long will you go around in circles, taking advice from people who can only ever tell you what they'd do, and they're not you.   You're sabotaging, you're also future creating more of precisely what it is you're struggling because the angst in your gut it's expanding. Get back into your power, FAST.

"I got more out of talking to you once than working with a psychiatrist every week for 8 weeks and he was $250 per session. Thank you Dawn!!" 

"Feeling sooo much better after our call. Thank you so much! Everything is so much clearer!"

"You always know exactly what I need to hear and when I need to hear it. Thank you."

"Are you psychic?! You read my thoughts every single time."

"Thank you so much you really helped work through the hurt I was feeling. I feel so light and free and no longer blaming myself. I feel like I understand everything."

"You always know exactly what to say, and f*ck do you know your stuff. Thank you for pushing me. I'm so, so grateful."


because it's becoming your point of attraction, meaning right now you're future creating more.


Are you in a confusion that you just can't seem to shift or find a way out of?

Do you sense something tugging at the edges of your consciousness but you just can't quite see it?

Do wonder if there's a deeper message to what's unfolding, but you're struggling to work it out and make sense of it all?

Are you worried that if you don't act soon, things will just get worse?

And that if you don't know how to respond to what's happening you'll keep losing confidence?

POWERTALKS are razor focused, nail on the head bursts of quantum 1:1 coaching designed to move you forward fast.


You'll get instant clarity and relief.  Even just 20 mins of coaching with me is like hours, weeks, months with someone else. If they can even get close to revealing what I can.  I've told my clients things in just one session that no-one has told them in 3 years of therapy.

I'm not your typical coach, in fact there's nothing typical about me, how I work and the results I deliver.  I have a gift for seeing through a situation within minutes, I'll prove it to you on the call.  I can cut through the most ambiguous shadow and see underneath the deepest layers of contrast, confusion and your most stubborn repeating patterns and programs.

I also have the balls to tell you what your therapist and other coaches are afraid to (I wouldn't do you or me the dis-service of not telling you exactly what you need to know.) It'll save you time, energy and also $$$$.

Burying your head in the sand won't help, and the advice from your well meaning family and friends is just making your confusion worse. You need to unlock a deeper insight, awareness and the aligned action needed to get yourself moving forward.


You need a POWER-TALK.

This rapid transformational solution isn't some kind of new age witchery or woo woo. I won't be calling on your guides, pulling cards or casting spells  ~ although I am psychic, but as if any of that would really work anyway. What you really need, is the depth of my wisdom, higher codes of consciousness and my capacity to read your situation and reflect it back to you lightening speed. 


  • You take the next step and choose a 20, 40 or 60 minute session (be sure to include your best contact no. when checking out.)
  • You get clear on your question/situation and your intention, the clearer the better.
  • Once payment lands I'll make contact and you'll have a time slot for our call within a 3 hour window.

A word of warning 🙂 Purchase only if you're ready for truth and a real solution. And if you're not sure if this is for you, it likely isn't and you can go back to what's not working.  If you feel drawn, trust your intuition, you wouldn't be here on this page if you didn't know I can help.  If you're ready let's get the ball rolling and get you back some POWER.