Stop Looping, Start Aligning...

"OMG you are psychic, you read my thoughts every time!!"

"Thank you!!... You're a miracle worker."

"You always know what I need to hear and when I need to hear it. Thank you!!"
"Thank you!! I feel so much more empowered."

"The only way out is through.


Maybe you're going through (or trying to avoid) a messy divorce or a painful breakup....

Or maybe there's conflict in your relationship (family member, ex, work colleague or even a friend. ..)  And you're conscious mind is trying to make sense of what's going on, but your unconscious mind is hell bent on protecting you from seeing all the way through to other side of the pattern that's the real cause of your turmoil.  And because you don't know what's really going on, and you can't see a way out, you're feeling powerlessness, anxious and you want to get moving forward again.


It's super fast (I'll get back to you ASAP) and together we'll cut through the BS, uncover the deeper truth's to what's really going inside you that's driving the turmoil, angst or upset. I'll also give you a pathway to move forward and re-frame your perspective which will help interrupt the pattern interrupt and reset your inner alignment.

And maybe you just need a kick-ass consciously crafted text or response to put out a fire, smooth things over, back your ex or increase the waning polarity with your beloved.  Whatever it is that you need.


Timing spent looping is time wasted and energy manifested.

Don't put it off,  you need to act now and refocus your attention on where you want it to be to get what you need!

 How would it feel to stop endlessly looping and stop wasting valuable time and energy trying to work it all out by yourself?

You need an expert to see what you can't; because believing  the stories and assumptions you take to be true, you're creating more drama and you're making things worse.  And if you're taking advice from your well meaning friends and family, who of course want the best for you, know that they can't see the whole picture, just what you tell them. And they can only tell you what they'd do if they were you, but they're not you.

The longer you loop, the more doubt and confusion you create in your mind. 


"I got more out of talking to you once than I did working with a Psychiatrist for8 weeks and he was $250 per session." - Emily

"Dawn is amazing, she's just gets it.  You'll know what I mean when you work with her." - Elizabeth

"Feeling sooo much better after our call. Thank you so much! Everything is so much clearer!"

"Thank you so much you really helped work through the hurt I was feeling. I feel so light and free and no longer blaming myself. I feel like I understand everything."

"You always know exactly what to say, and f*ck do you know your stuff. Thank you for pushing me. I'm so, so grateful."


Choose and then purchase a 20, 40, 60, OR 90 minute slot  (PLEASE include your best contact no. when you check out.)

Once I receive payment, you'll get a message from me with soonest available times. In the meantime take a moment to be still and get clear on what you most want to get out of the session, it will help us to get the most out of our session.

If you need an alternative payment option you can pay via EFT: BSB: 014234  ACC: 300222393


**Note** I work fast and deep and POWERSESSIONS are loaded with high frequency truth and real time solutions. I want big shifts and results for you, and if you're willing to stay open to the what's being shown to you and take the aligned action then I guarantee that you'll get both.  I know that you're feeling challenged right now, hang in there, because you're closer to answers and to the powerful change that will bring you closer to joy and to love. And you deserve that. Something's guided you here, so take a deep breath and let's get you back in your power.