Daunting isn't it. Putting ourselves out there, wherever "there" even is - some mystical place we're read about but never been?  Unless you're agoraphobic and spend your life holed up at home (and I feel you if you do, please know nothing's permanent, this too can be conquered) you're kinda already out there, except you're only half in.

Bit like the HOKEY COKEY, minus the last verse. 

Why are we so afraid to throw off the invisible cloak we think we're hiding under (truth-bomb, we're not really hiding because people can see us) and just be our beautiful, bold, unashamed selves?

Short version we're sacred.

Sacred we'll be judged.  Sacred we'll be hurt. Sacred we'll hear something we don't like, can't handle, don't agree with. How will we cope?  We've forgotten that we don't actually have to listen to what we hear. Or we don't have to agree with what others think AND we don't even have to pay the slightest attention to others opinions of us at all.

I know right, who knew??

We've been a bunch of silly moos, #yesmetoo, buying into the big fat illusion of humanity that what other people think about us is actually about us, and worse still can hurt us. And so we have to at all costs manipulate others opinions to keep ourselves safe.

But from what, from who?

Perhaps this is the silliest part of all; from ourselves.  Gasp.  It's what WE think other thinks of us that hurts.  It's our own thoughts, our own judgements we're trying to keep ourselves safe from.

Well f*ckety f*ck that. 

We can't change what others think, and we don't have to, no no, we have to change what WE think.

There it is, the answer.

The old story that it's not safe or ok to be who we are, to stand up and be seen, be heard, be known, look it definitely had legs once. After all it's old news, handed down through generations, where it actually wasn't a good idea to stand out. I mean you'd get killed, literally, shamed to death.

But that's just not relevant any more.

And it's actually no longer safe to not put ourselves out there because we're discovering that its our truest selves that are the most powerful, the most capable, the most creative, talented, the most amazing human beings.

One of the fastest growing industries is personal development, people are hiring gurus, mentors, people want a kick life coach to help them be, wait for it, themselves.

Real's in baby.

We have to put our hearts out there, put our souls out there, put our whole frikkin selves out there and shake it all about, because how else is everything we want going to find us?

All this hiding, all this not being our truest selves, it has to stop.

All this believing we're our past, stressing about our future, what might happen, who might hurt us, who might think, say, do what?

Who cares, really?

Everybody's just dying to take off the mask and be their bloody self anyway.  Its what we all want. We're jealous of the people being themselves.

Our biggest fears keep being realized not because we’re putting ourselves out there, but because we’re not.

Not our real selves.

Not our whole selves.

Not our wild, fearless, free selves.

That’s the self we want to let loose.  She’s the golden self, the safest self, the securest self, the self who attracts the same quality she knows she is.

The self who never misinterprets someone’s taste as a rejection.

The self who sees the learning and teaching in everything that crosses her path.

The self who feels grateful, alive, content about what’s passed, excited about what’s yet to come.

She’s who you are, at your core. But you have to work hard to find her and put her out there.

It takes work because we’ve buried ourselves so deep we’re not even really sure what’s down there. And we’ve agreed that it’s ok to keep pretending to be who we’re not, while we hide who we are.

It has to be our mission.

It has to be our greatest life goal, to get back to who we truly are, and put our whole selves out there.  We have show our souls to the world, Its what we're here for and we're all hurting so much because we're still hiding.

So are you ready to take the journey to your whole amazing self, or are you going to keep fighting the want, the need, the real, the raw, the authentic you that's literally screaming to work its away out of you?

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