You're strong, and smart enough to run an empire, but when it comes to men and relationships, and once you're emotionally attached ~ which you're prone to doing much too quickly ~ you lose yourself.  


You lose your playful, fierce, feminine flow and find yourself stuck operating from a more masculine 'doing' energy, rather than from the ease, grace and magnetism of feminine 'being' energy. 


And that's a problem, especially when it comes to your most intimate relationships, which always seem to end up falling into destructive cycles of you either oscillating between needy and anxious, or emasculating and demanding.  


And when dating, you jump in too quickly, become wildly obsessed and often you end up chasing a ghost.


Relationships feel too one-sided. You over-doing, again.  And eventually one or both of you switch off and lose interest.


And as the relationship magnetism nosedives, you sink deeper into dissatisfaction and disconnect.  And maybe its been like that in other aspects of your life too...?



You're a pretty much all or nothing kinda gal (that's a program btw)


Lady, you have the power to activate magic, why then do you feel stuck activating misery?


Too many strong, smart, capable women end up unhappy and in unsatisfactory lives and relationships, often with men who're emotionally unavailable, who rapidly disengage and/or won't commit.  


When it comes to relationships, what women really want is a to feel valuable, instead they can end up feeling worthless. 


Women want a loving, lasting connection with a man strong enough to support and encourage their creativity and success, and at the same time meet their highest feminine needs.


Too many women don’t understand the energetic and symbiotic nature of the feminine and masculine system.



In fact, very few women understand men and the masculine heart....


And fewer still know how to create the intense polarity that inspires a man into his highest masculine frequency and King nature AND highest devotion to the feminine. All of which btw, is innately wired into his manly bones.



For generations though, women have been mis-understanding how men think and feel, and as a result have been unwittingly creating massive misalignment in their relationships.



Men want to win, and when inspired they’ll move mountains. But without activating a mans internal motivation and desire, and by approaching the masculine system from the feminine lens, men can quickly become disconnected from the relationship and withdraw.



At which point most women push harder, which further kills the polarity and drives the disconnect.



The answer is an inside/out approach - first the feminine activates her highest frequency codes (Queen Codes) which trigger men’s highest frequency codes (King codes.)  The shift happens from the inside out.  And once you know how to activate your Queen Codes, then relationship magnetism, communication and connection becomes simple.  


And with control of your inner world, you stop feeling anxious and step into the grace, power and aligned magnetism of the feminine essence which not only secures a great relationship but also opens you up to receiving more support, opportunity and pleasure.  And without compromising who you are.


In fact once anchored into your authentic feminine core, you’ve never been more you.



Relationships need to evolve to survive, and women aren't the only ones who're unhappy: men are struggling too.

Solo or coupled, if you want to experience the passionate, honest, open authentic love and connection, and heart centered synchronicity that both your relationship and your success will thrive in.

And if you want to be the woman to inspire him into the man who'll move heaven and earth for you, it all starts with you learning how to activate your Queen Codes. So that you become open, receptive and magnetized to relationships and anchored into life that works, without all the hustle.

I've been to at least 10 therapist in all my life, from life-coaching, to psychotherapy. None of them have been so effective and healing as Dawn. Jennifer

LOVE THIS SO MUCH!! Dawn is next level. Working with who is living a life I totally respect and admire, who lives her values and in integrity is priceless.


You're amazing, you're the best! You've literally made my anxiety disappear.
Every day I think how f*cking lucky I am to have stumbled across you.



That's the first apology he's given me in 17 years. I can't believe it! I will write your review today. KB


Through a series of 4 online Masterclasses (including PDF worksheet for each masterclass ) you'll learn the framework and fundamental formula that reveals unique energetic codes specific to you, your past, present and future, that when aligned activate your Queen codes.

MASTERCLASS 1. Understanding the energetics of the feminine/masculine system + energetic coding.

MATERCLASS 2. The No.1 exercise to reveal the codes of your unique relationship blue print, that once you live by, you'll never go wrong again.

MASTERCLASS 3. The specific steps for you to take to enact and protect the integrity of the blue print.

MATERCLASS 4. How to combining 1, 2 + 3 to enact the exact formula that re-balances your system and activates your Queen codes.


"OMG LOVED IT! I'll be listening to the recording a few times to unpack it all. Already got my money's worth after the first Masterclass and looking forward to the rest of it." ~ ER