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Your Relationship Challanges

And The Power Of Subconscious Clearing & Karmic Healing

Discover how to dissolve your repeating relationship dramas, to create heart-centered, soul aligned synergy, from the inside out.

Why can't we just see eye to eye?

Why do I keep getting this knot in my stomach?

Why do I always feel like I'm compromising who I am?

Why is there so much chaos in my relationship?

Is this my twin flame, and if so how can I make it work?

Why is my partner so defensive, and is everything really my fault?

Why do I end up feeling so lonely, rejected, hurt, manipulated, powerless?

I don't want to mess this one up, how do I stop the same drama happening again?

I can't recommend Dawn's programs enough..... Dawn has a very unique perspective on things and gets you to shift your focus... and look at things in a different light."

Jess. P, Brisbane

Our minds can get filled with relationship confusion.

The can be our greatest joy, they can also be our greatest challenges, and biggest hurts.  Trying to manage the ups and downs, not just of the relationship, but of ourselves, and our partners can be hard work.

We can get frustrated trying to find the right words, trying to work it all out. "Am I right, am I wrong, is it my fault? Should I have done X instead of Y?"

And how do I fix the mess I keep finding myself in?

We've got blocks ...

And one of those blocks is that we haven't been consciously taught how to love. Growing up we learned from what we were exampled and conditioned into believing, mostly by our own unconscious parents. It wasnt their fault, they were also been conditioned.

Most of what's going on in our relationships is subconscious and coming from way deep down below the surface. And what we're seeing is just the trip of the iceberg.

Another block is our ablity to actually recieve love.  Limiting beliefs around our worth often create struggle and drama and inhibit the flow of love into our life.

You already suspect there's stuff going on at a deeper level, that's why you're here. You just don't know what it is yet, or how to change it.








That's right gorgeous, you're not just unlucky, and there isn't anything wrong with you (truly!)




BUT ....You are missing some pretty big pieces to the puzzle.




BUT now you're ready to discover those pieces and use what you find to solve your repeating relationship drama and have the kind of potent love you long for.  And this program is going to help you do just that.
















You know that things happen for a reason.




You know it's no coincidence that this person is in (or has been in) your life.




You know there's a deeper lesson you need to learn and you WANT to learn it.




You know that there must be more going on than you're seeing.




You know that you want the drama to end!!


















You believe in the power of the subconsious mind






You believe in Law Of Attraction






You beleive that you're a spiritual being having a human experience






You believe in soul mates






And the possibility of soul contracts






You believe in the possibility of reincarnation






You believe in karma






*Don't worry if you don't yet fully understand everything you beleive in, this program you teach you everything you need to know!








So if you're ready to discover the link between YOUR relationship challenges, YOUR subconscious mind, and YOUR karma, then you're in the right place.




This unique, powerful and indepth program is designed to help open your eyes to what you can't yet see.  It will guide you to discovering the deeper blocks you have within that are keeping you attached to and attracting relationship drama.




It will also help you understand your partner, ex or potneitla new partner from an entirely new persective that will change the way not onlly you show up in relationships but how they reponsd to you.


Relationships are not an energy exchagne first and foremost.  And the more you can undersatnd youreslf the more you will uderstand your own energy the more you'll others.



Because you brought this relationship (and all its challenges) into your field for a reason.




And that reason is your own growth and evolution.




Our relationships deserve the best of us, but often all they get is what's left of us.




I know you want a great love.



And regarldess of what you might be thinking right now, you absoltuely can have one.



In fact it's time that you did, it's overdue!




But right now you're struggling which way is up trying everything out, when you're only seeing a snippet of the whole picture.




And you're fucking TIRED of it.



You're TIRED of the same sh*t coming up time and again.




You're TIRED of the constant second guessing.




You're TIRED of doubting yourself.




You want to understand what's going on.




And  you want to know how to fix things, properly.



Relationships aren;t just where we love and be loved, they are where we grow and evole.  If we know how.


Relationships can hold the mirror and show us our own hidden unconscious parts of who we are that need to bee seen and healed. But mostly we have;t worked out how to do that.



So we stay hurting and carrying aroudn our baggage from one relationship to the next.


It;s time to empty that old busted suitcase once and for all and let go of all the past relatiojship energy and love blocks that are




You may already have some awareness of of the process known as projection and reflection.








Projection and reflection goes a little something like this:




Something in you annoys something in me, but I can't see it me, only in you, because I've disowned it in me.  So I project it onto you, and because you resonate with the same unconscious as me, you reflect if back to me.  I think the problem is you, you think the problem is me.






And we blame each other.  And nothing changes.






Chances are don't yet fully understand  Projection and reflection or know how to use it as a powerful tool for healing.






Well you soon will, because this program is going to teach how to do just that.












HOW to unravel your own projections.




HOW to work out your partners reflections




HOW to know exactly what the other person is feeling especially when you're in conflict (the most confusing time of all!)




HOW to recognize and use discomfort to show you where you are out of alignment with yourself




HOW to understand your relationship habits, where they came from and how to change them




HOW to change your perspective in a moment that will bring you back into love




HOW to use your feelings as a gauge of what's true and what's not






HOW best to respond to the behaviors that most annoy you about your partner
















HOW to work out what you're subconsciously attached to that's keeping you stuck, and how to break the attachment.






WHAT your relationship blueprint and HOW it's dictating the kind of relationships you're having






WHAT are the karmic energies that are presenting in relationship and how to transform those energies into higher vibrations






WHAT are you relationships lessons in this lifetime (and your past lives)








HOW to understand your relationship from a higher perspective








HOW to find gratitude even for a relationship that's hurt


















Forgiveness not just the forgive and forget type, but the forgive and dissolve type










It will help you shine a light on and start clearing out your old stuff, so you can stop dragging that old busted suitcase filled with the old emotional drama and unresolved pain, from one relationship on to the next.








It will help you end the relationship anxiety that creeps in and erodes your connection with your partner.  And it will help you to let go and feel confident in showing up as your amazing, truest, happiest self.










what if what you';re dealing with in your relationship now is from before your childhood?  Before this childhood?












its from a past life?
































If you believe in reincarnation you need to consider that this lifetime is not your first. And that you like everyone else have a lot of unresolved trauma and energies to re-balance from previous lives.
































about re-balancing the negative energies you took with you from previous lives into higher more positive vibrations so that the soul can then be free of them and move on more en-lightened.
































Retionships are the perfect place for these energies to surface for healing, think about it how else might you know they are there? hold the mirror remember?
































're interested in discovery how your karmic imbalances are playing out in your relationship I have very special offer with only 3 limited spots.
































I'm offering you a karmic assessment report on your relationship which will identify the projection and reflection in your relationships and how this is tying into the imbalances that you are working through in this life time.
































To assess your relationship involves using my skills as a human behavior expert and subconscious mind expert to identify and the projection and reflection in your relationship and also using my intuitive guidance and deep wisdom and knowledge of the souls journey and its pre-birth intentions.
































This is a very specialized offering and there are only 5 spots.  It includes:
































Relationship Challenge And The Healing Power Of  Karmic Clearing
































1  x Relationship coaching call - together we'll identify the key challenges in your relationship and how they are mirroring your own unconscious aspects
































Successfully managing in Flame Assessment  - discover if your partner is your twin flame, what that means and how best to manage this notoriously difficult relationship
































our Subconscious Attachment Assessment - discover what you are subconsciously attached to that keep you stuck and repeating the same relationship dramas. And learn how to dissolve the attachment.
































pre-Birth Intentions Decoded - discover the karmic ore-birth intentions of your soul in this lifetime and how these intentions manifest in your relationships
































Relationship report - personalized relationship report on your current situation and repeating relationship issues.  Included intuitive power move to get to work on your issues straight away.**
































HOW TO balance presenting energies - Learning how to turn any negative into a positive
































Subconscious Power Prayer to attract maintain and cultivate the desired positive energies in your partner
































Top 10 relationship hacks - guaranteed to inject some positive vibes into your relationship help you in a crisis, when things are challenging and you're not sure how to resolves
































s service if given as part of my packages is valued at $300 but I'm offering an intro price of $197 but only 3 spots.