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Create Heart-Centred, Soul-Aligned, Conscious Connection


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Relationships can bring us our greatest joy, they can also lead to a destruction that can take years to recover from. Great relationships don't just happen, they take work, and that work begins with you.  Discover yourself, and learn how to create deep, authentic love and connection from the inside out, to experience happy, healthy, loving relationships.


Your greatest love deserves the best of you, not the rest of you. 


I can't recommend this program enough.  Dawn has a very unique perspective on things and really gets you to shift your focus and look at things in a different light. Anyone struggling with any aspect of relationships I'd highly recommned this program.

Jess P, Brisbane

Business Owner

My heart has been soothed and seen I feel like I've a new vibration being omitted from me, and have manifested a true love just in contemplating it in my my body. A soul connection deeper than I've ever had before.

Kathryn, Brisbane


This online program will guide you to discovering the art of self love.  Loving yourself is key to attracting great, lasting love. If we don't love and respesct ourselves how can we expect others to?  This program focuses on getting to the roots of the internal blocks you have to loving yourself and breaking down the barriers that stand between you and your most loving yourself. It's packed with how to's and practical exercises that will up the anti on self love and guide yoiu back to the sacred space of honoring your own precious heart. Program lauch TBA.


Breakthrough your blocks to loving, authentic, conscious connection as you reprogram your belief system and reclaim your self worth.  Dissolve your old relationship pattern by getting to the roots, and discover your truest most aligned loving self to create heart-centred, soul-aligned conscious connection.


This online program will help you wipe the relationship slate clean! It's time to put your past to bed, unpack that busted old emotoinal suitcase you've been dragging around and stop recreating the past with your future love. You'll unravel your dominant relationship story, call out and replace the negative beliefs and, subconcious fears  that underpin it. You'll also clear dicover and clear your relationship karma, rebalance and align your heart energy to become an open channel for receiving hear-centred soul-aligned love. End the sabotage and save yourself years of repeating pain and disappointment. Program lauch TBA.


Heal your broken relationship together. Get clarity, resolve your differences and align with love to create heart-centred, soul-aligned connectiom you both crave. Perfect if your relaitomship has hit crisis and you're ready and willing to open to authentic, honest communciaiton and develop deeper trust, intimacy and connection.