So you made it out of the frying pan.  It was pretty nasty in there wasn't it?!  You copped a few burns and it wasn't an easy place to eject yourself out of either.

They never are.


Maybe your ex was a narc.  Gawd I feel for you, that kinda energy sucks you dry and leaves you feeling like an empty husk. It damages every cell in your body.


And you deserved better.


Or maybe you detached from another emotionally unavailable heart. You keep attracting them don’t you?  And it's so hard to let go.  You keep the fire burning, waiting, hoping things will change. But being someone's option and never their priority will break your sweet heart every time.


Whatever you've just jumped out of, I know it's hard to move on. You gave it your all and you got nothing in return.


You just want to be loved, and you've so much love to give.


And I know you're wondering "how did I get it all so wrong?"


It started out so good.  It was shiny and perfect and oh so meant to be in the beginning. BUT darling that's your first red flag.


And whatever frying pan you just jumped out of, there were red flags along the way that you missed.   And now that you're out the big question is "what are you going to do to make sure you don't jump straight into the fire?"


Because I know you want another relationship.  And you could be jumping before you're healed. And the problem with that isn't just that you're not ready and able to give your all, and that emotionally you're still fragile.

THE BIG PROBLEM is that until you discover what really led you into that frying pan in the first place - and kept you there so long - you're incredibly vulnerable to being led straight back into something the same or worse.


Maybe you've already met someone and they seem wonderful, too wonderful perhaps?  Is it moving fast, texting every day, are you so sure this one is different?


But wait a minute, isn't that how the last one went?


Get still, what haven't you been paying attention to?


What has your gut picked up on that your ears haven't heard?


What can your soul sense that your eyes don't want to see?


There’s a common denominator in all our lives, and that’s us. Well actually it’s a story of us. A theme underpinned by an emotional wound and a subconscious attachment we have to sabotaging ourselves over and over again.


And relationships are where we pay the price.


You've already wasted some of your best years.  You'll never get them back.  And they took their toll on your heart and confidence.  And if you're honest, you know you still haven't healed, even from the first pain.


And it's that pain that's trickling into your life, impacting your decisions, leaving you wide open to being hurt again and again.


Bad relationships aren't the mistakes we put them down as.  They're orchestrated by a deeper part of us that projects itself out to the world and aligns with others who're wounded just like us.


Only we cant see their wounds.


Because they're well hidden, well for the first while anyway.  Long enough until you're emotionally hooked and then when you start to see what's underneath the charm and the love bombing, it's too late to just walk away.


You've already invested so much time and energy.


You don't want to start all over again. And you're sacred, what if there's no one else?  You don't want to be on your own.


And all you're doing is burning in the same fire that lit the pan you jumped out of.  And you're wasting more of your precious time and energy and best years on another relationship that will break your heart.


You need to discover the roots of what's leading you into relationships that aren't fulfilling and are emotionally damaging. Because until you do you'll keep repeating the same pattern and each time it will hurt more.


You’ve already been hurt enough. Not just by your last relationship, that was a manifestation of a deeper wound. And that's the wound you need to heal.


Please, don’t jump into your next relationship unhealed because every time you repeat the pattern, another piece of you dies.


And what will you do when there’s nothing left?


If you're ready to clear the past and get ready for your greatest relationship reach out and connect for a free discovery call and find out how I can help. Life's too short and your heart is too precious to keep it breaking.  You deserve deep love and connection and you have the power within you to find it. Let me show you how.


Life is now, don't miss it...


Love always,

Dawn Lee


Dawn Lee is a Personal and Spiritual Intelligence Coach™ with a passion for melding psychology, coaching and spirituality. Her expertise is helping others clear the past and end the self sabotage, chaos and confusion that impacts our lives and ruins relationships. Her mission is to lead others back to truth, wholeness and happiness, so they can finally experience the deep love and connection, and live from their soul.  Want to discover more about working with Dawn?