"Behind each set of eyes lies a wandering soul who under different circumstances could have been you."

Soul is not all light and fancy goodness...

She is water to the spirit's fire, like a mermaid who beckons the hero into the depths of her passion to extinguish certainty. Soul is imagination, a cavernous treasury, a sepulcher of manna. Whereas spirit chooses the higher path and seeks to make all ONE, soul prefers uncertainty and curiosity. She is love and the intimacy of sharing she is the slate waiting to be inscribed.

Whereas spirit says this and that, soul whispers this too has a place, may have significance and may have it's own myth. We can be taken over by spirit and if soul is not present as the lubricant spirit may be impelled to limit and discipline soul to empty her imagination and dry her intimacy. On its own spirit will feel that soul is mere fantasy. We need both to receive the fullest fragrance within - for soul is liquid like the fish while spirit is as focused as fire of the sun.


But in fact, it is only through the connection of soul that we may be with spirit and remain human - otherwise we too are taken over. Soul is our guarantee of ordinaries and humility amid the temptation of inflation and certitude. It is through soul that we actively participate in the daily creative unfolding of our universe - because this is the realm where we cannot know, where certainty is impossible and the future sublimely mysterious.

We, in our society are on a precipice right now. We are in the process of losing the place of soul in our lives. Our material society has reduced the trinity of the body and soul and spirit that has lived in our culture for tens of thousands of years into a duality - the duality of matter and often as an after thought spirit. Our materialism recognizes only that which we can serve.

This prospect is more disastrous than many think. What we love with soul is a world of imagination and passion, of fantasy and inner reflection, that is not physical or material, nor it is absolutely spiritual - yet it is bonded to both to sustain hope, no matter how hard the times nor how painful our circumstance, we need to know that sol holds a winning card of crucial importance: soul guarantees to lie in wait, dormant yet expectant until our longing emerges and then out ache for its fullness and sweetness, its companionship and strangeness will inevitably draw soul to us. With Soul we are never on our own. Without her we are lost in our own emptiness.

- John James PhDgle+


The soul helps the body and at certain moments raises it.  It is the only bird that sustains it cage.

"In the deepest depths of your despair, I am still here with you. In your joys and your laughter, I remain. When you were small, I looked through your eyes; I saw the long summer days and the dark winter nights. I felt the choking heat as you hid under your bed-covers, too afraid to relieve your discomfort, yet somehow always falling into the arms of merciful sleep.

I was there through every uncertainty every stumble and every moment of loneliness. I hold your every secret dearly within my silence. Your fear, your guilt, your shame and regret have always found a home in my care. I have never found you deserving of punishment or reprimand, even in your most volatile moments of self hatred; I withstand and cannot falter.

Throughout every moment, I have been with you, closer than your heartbeat, more immediate than your next breath, more intimate than your thoughts. As the landscape of your life transforms within this ever changing moment, I am the constant.

As you have lived your many selves through the passage of time; birth, infant, child, adolescent, adult and onwards, I am the untouched, unchanged abiding presence, witness to all. All things change. The dance of life continues as vibrant and diverse as ever.

Life will keep living you with its unrelenting uncertainty. Dreams will crumble, promises will be broken and tears will flow, but I will always be here for you. I am your soul, and I love you."  _ Anon