I don't often write about weight, it's not in my field of genius or interest. It is however something my clients often complain about (a recent conversation spurring this piece) and as with all issues of the flesh, there's an emotional component.

And that's very much is up my street.

So, here we are. And let me ask you this, are you telling the "I'm fat" story?

You know the one. The one you tell to the mirror, your friends, your family, Sue from accounts, anyone who'll listen...

Or maybe you're just telling it to yourself?

Day in day out, the same two words, "I'm fat" .... well ok, 3 words, if you wanna split hairs and turn "I'm" back the into the I AM.. And THAT btw, is the major problem you need to be aware of.

"I AM."

If you had any real idea of just how powerful those two words are you'd be way more conscious of what you say after them. Because whatever follows I AM, you my darling get to be, and keep being.

Oh yes, if you told yourself "I'M rich" as often as you tell yourself "I'M fat", and if you believed it with the same consistency, gusto and unwavering acceptance, guess what.... no shiz ..... you'd be rich.

That's how manifesting works.

So, first up, if for no other reason than the above, stop telling the "I'm fat story."

Of course there's a little more to it than that. A lot more actually. So, buckle up, truth bombs coming in ... are you ready...?

Firstly YOU are not fat. That statement is quite impossible and frankly, ridiculous.

Fat is NOT who or what you are, no matter how you slice it.

Take your victim glasses off for a second, pop them to the side... now, ask yourself, just what is fat?

Here's what our trusty friend Wikipedia has to say about it:

"Fat is one of three main macro-nutrients, along with the other two: carbohydrate and protein. Fat molecules consist of primarily carbon and hydrogen atoms thus they are all hydro carbon molecules."

Ok, so tell me again, just how is fat your "I AM?" How is fat who or what you are?

It doesn't even make any sense, so stop with the lie, it's not real.

What makes more sense is this: you're being emotionally triggered, and you're distracting yourself with food and sabotaging your happiness by over eating, under moving, eating foods you know aren't good for your body etc.

Why? Because it serves the subconscious negative emotional energy pattern you're stuck in. The one that keeps triggering.

As part of this same pattern your body is storing fat as a method of protection to stop you from liberating your true self from the shadow energy of your unresolved emotional past and birthing your beautiful wild and unfiltered self out into the world. And why?

Well, because what would happen then?

Aha, you want to be free but you're scared shit-less of what that might really mean.

It's so unfamiliar.

For example, maybe you're single, and so if a prince happens to come riding along, strips you naked to the bear bones, peers right into your soul and wants to love you fully, what will happen?

"It will trigger your "I'm fat" and therefore "not good enough" story and you'll be terrified that if you make yourself vulnerable and let princey in, you'll be rejected (again) and you'll quite literally die.

You don't feel safe being you, and storing fat becomes a barrier to and protection from your fear being realised.

And if you're already in a relationship, what could you be protecting yourself from?

Maybe you don't fully believe your husband, partner or part time lover can really love you? Maybe they'll leave you, just like your Dad left your mum.

Like he left you.

And you can blame being fat, instead of blaming being you.

AND you can punish yourself for being unlovable (more dam lies.)

Or maybe, you're scared that if you were thin, you'd be bored AF with your old life, and you'd be forced to admit that you don't even truly love your husband, you just settled because you were scared you'd be left on the shelf.

And oh, that would be messy. And you're scared you won't make it alone.

Or.... maybe, just maybe, you're pushing against 'the thing' that's burning deep inside you, rattling the cage of creation, dying to burst up out of you into the world and be seen, heard, known, and that has you terrified, because what if you fail?

Like you did all those other times.

And if you need some evidence, let me ask you this, what does it feel like for you to tell this (fake) story "I'M fat?  What happens inside you?

Shrinking, that's what. And what does shrinking do, oh that's right it protects you from expanding, being happy and showing up as your bold beautiful exquisite self.

And that's what you're scared of because you've been conditioned into believing you're anything but bold, beautiful and exquisite. And it's simply not safe for you to believe so.

And then there's the judgement. Just what would "they" say if you let your full monty out of the bag?

That would trigger more fear. See the connection?

Regardless of what resonates and what doesn't (and feel free to take or leave), the outcome is the same; your emotional triggers are influencing your eating habits and your body is dutifully storing fat to protect you from something you subconsciously fear.

And of course don't forget, like the rest of the planet you're programmed to the eye balls to be-lie-ve society and the manipulated media's capitalist and consumer driven agenda that all bodies need to look a certain way to be beautiful, acceptable, lovable, perfect.

As if there could even be such a thing.

More lies.

So in light of the above, the question you need to be asking yourself is, do I keep telling the lie or not?

Because my darling, you get to choose.

And if you're wondering what you should be saying to other people about your weight, let me ask you, why the fuck are you needing to say anything to anyone?

Your weight is your business, and only your business.

And if people ask you about your weight you can guarantee its because they are fixated on their own body issues and they're projecting that onto you.

And that's their business.

So, reply in the same vein of truth as anything else you're not interested in talking about, sharing, making your business and putting your precious attention on to create more of.

Change the subject with out answering at all. Yes, you really CAN decide and have control over what you do and don't say. OR try something like..

"Weight? Really, you wanna talk about weight? Well that's going to be a very short, one sided convo. We can talk about weight if you want but it'll be about yours, because I'm not interested in talking about mine.

"Weight's boring, let's talk about something else."

And then do just that.

End of story.

And if you're going to use "I AM" make sure you end the sentence with the exquisite things you want to be and keep being!

And If you're ready to end the triggering and you're wondering how, then my Masters Of Untriggerable Emotion could be a perfect place to start.