A shiny brand New Year awaits, whoop whoop!!  This is the perfect time of year to get motivated for calling in the magic you've always wanted to happen, but haven't actually gotten around to making happen. Yet.


The end of the year can bring nostalgia, it can also brings that sinking feeling that once again we didn't do anything we said we would.


I don't know about you but for me this year for went faster than a tornado in a cornfield. And it certainly didn't look like I thought it would.



I expected to be further along to be honest.



BUT that was because I didn't realize there was something still blocking me.  Something that this year I finally uncovered and nailed it's ass. Whoop Whoop!!



New Year, new you, what could be more exciting?  A whole new fresh page just waiting to be turned.  But what about that  little nagging voice that warns us, this blank page is just going to end up filled with the same stuff as last year.



Truth is, that's highly likely.




A few outer details may change, but all too often next year we're still where we were this year, and last year, and the year before that.



We might have edged a little closer, but we're not where we want to be.



Maybe we changed jobs...

Maybe our relationship ended, or a new one began...

Maybe we moved...



But the real shift we're looking for is the one that hasn't yet happened ... on the inside.



It can be one step forward only to take two back. Trust me, I know, it used to be like that for me too. That my friend is part of the journey.   And here's why.



The closer we actually get to breaking through our biggest limit and fear the more we sabotage ourselves.



We trigger the deepest fear that underpins our false beliefs about ourselves, and that fear strikes back. It manifests as our sabotage and it keeps itself safe by stopping our progress.


It would be great if you could just go to the straight to the fear. But that's not how this game works.  Because that fear is being protecting by the beliefs that keep it there.



First we have to dismantle the belief, so that it can be changed and we can get to the fear.


Here's an example:


You hate your body.  Consciously you know there's not too much wrong with it. In fact others may even envy you, and wonder what on earth you're doing believing these crazy things about your near perfect self.


But you don't believe it.


Consciously you know there's no such thing as the perfect body.


You also know that you should love yourself.


And you also know that you're more than just the skin and bone you walk in.


But you can hear "you're beautiful" from a thousand different voices, that won't change your belief.


Because it wasn't made consciously.


It happened at a deeper level.


It has a root, an origin. And if you don't get to that origin you won't change the belief.


I can tell you till I'm blue in the face that you're gorgeous, and mean it, and you might believe that I believe it.



But you won't believe it.



You'll keep on trying to change your life on the outside, and depending on how much effort you put in you'll get some results. But as you step closer to bringing anything into your reality that goes against that belief the old fear will click in and the part of you, way deep down, that feels ugly and undeserving (fill in the blank) will put the breaks on.


And you'll sabotage yourself in all kinds of ways.  And you'll keep recreating the past that stems from the original fear and the subsequent beliefs it created.



Growing up we're deeply conditioned and programmed by our experiences and our wounds. Our minds are held prisoner.


We have no say in what we believe.



When we grow up we take over the role of imprisoning ourselves. We keep conditioning ourselves over and over again with the old beliefs and programs.


And we wonder why the burdens keep coming.


We wonder when the drama will end and the real, happy, shiny new us will pop to the surface and claim her crown.  But we're stopping that from happening because way deep down we don't believe we're worthy of wearing it.


We don't know that amazing part of ourselves.

And because we don't know it we don't trust it.

We only trust what we think we know.

What we've experienced so far.

What we were made to believe about ourselves.

And so we keep recreating the same past beliefs over and over.



The more conscious we become start to see the pattern.  We go through phases of being motivated to break it and being overwhelmed by it.



We've read that transformation's possible, but its yet to be our own experience, and we don't trust what we haven't experienced.



So how do we strop recreating the past?  Well in a nutshell, we have to let go of it.  Because its the holding on that keeps it repeating.


And to let go we have to unravel it. We have to unravel ourselves. We have to unravel the layers we've built up over our life time that stop our truest, strongest most aligned self from rising to the surface.


There's no shortcut.


There's no sign here and tomorrow you'll be brand new.


There's work.


And then there's more work.



But each time you chip away, another piece of the block falls. And I can tell you from the most sincere space in my wide open heart that one day that last piece will fall away and you'll absolutely know that you've arrived.


Every thing about you feels different.



You love yourself, and you look back at the insanity of your own self loathing.


You value yourself. Oh boy do you!   You know you're worthy deep into your bones and beyond, and your knowing it, commands others know it too.



You take nothing personally - sweet, sweet freedom right there.



And you're empty of all the distractions that kept you from presence. You don't have to use all those old tricks to stay focused, or force yourself into mindfullness or meditation.


There's no pushing, or clinging, or hoping for the best.  You ARE the best. And everything that's for you comes to you, and everything that's not, blesses you by passing you by.


And some days you feel that you might burst with the empty space that's inside you.

With the creativity that can now flow through you.

How best to let it out?

How best to live in the full expression of yourself?

How best to serve?

These are your questions now.


And for the first in your life you realize your wounds have healed.  Even the scars have faded into nothing.

And you're here in this moment, without any shame.


Without any blame.


Without any story.


Ready to make any year amazing simply by being in it.


Your best life is you healed, clear and doing what you came here to do: truly live the expression of your own divine essence. Free, heart wide open, mind working for you, and the Universe wildly on your side.


How long that will take depends on how willing you are to roll up your sleeves and do the work to make it happen.


You have to keep exposing yourself to the process of emptying from your beliefs and letting go of the past.  There's simply no other way.


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You deserve your best year yet, and you already have what you need inside to make it happen.  The only question is how long are you going to keep holding on to the fears and false beliefs that are keeping you stuck in an inauthentic life of living small and dulling yourself down?