"You've changed my life, these past 6 months have been the greatest investment into myself and into my girls lives. I am so thankful! "

"I'd been struggling for as long as I can remember, most of my teenage and adult life....  I'd had tried psychology, counseling, various alternate therapies."

"You have completely changed my life. I no longer look at any situation from my old programming. I know myself better than I ever have before. I love myself and know my worth."

"I am the happiest I have ever been in my whole life."

I'm glad you found your way here, and since you have, let me ask you something...

Do you realize that your thoughts and emotions control the direction of your energy, and that it's your energy that attracts your relationships and creates your reality?


BE HONEST, how stuck are you in codependency and chaotic emotions? 

How ruled are you by negative thought patterns, anger, resentment and that stubborn story of not enoughness?

DO you recognize that you self sabotage your happiness and relationships and that you compromise your value for a security that never materializes?

It's why nothing ever turns out quite like you planned. 

And I wonder, have you noticed that you always end up feeling like you've given away your power? And that you just can't seem to get control of what's going on around you, even though you consistently try. 

And just how tight are your boundaries, do you even have any?

Look to your life and relationships, because the outside is a reflection of the inside and until you've mastered one, you'll never have control of the other.

Are you ready to end the same old drama and relationship conflict?

Have you really had a gut-full of your own self doubt, sabotage and continually feeling let down and abandoned by emotionally unavailable men. And are you tired of being let down by yourself?


And I know you hate feeling judged and carrying shame around who you think are. And those underlying feelings of rejection and abandonment that keep on surfacing and fucking your things up.




SUPREME SELF MASTERY ACADEMY is my most potent, transformational group container for bold, adventurous, destiny-driven women with rebel hearts and warrior spirits.  Women ready to stop sacrificing and start unlocking their spiritual gifts and highest potential but who need help unshackling from the prison of their mind and the patterns of sabotage, compromise and emotional triggering keeping them small, slow and going through the motions.


You're here for a purpose greater than the life you're currently living.


I don't do fluff;  you're not here for the popcorn and life isn't a dress rehearsal.  This is the real deal. I want the same results for you as I've gotten for myself. THIS is the EXPANSIVE work your soul is crying out for.


You've betrayed yourself once too often, here's where that stops. Here's where you discover who you are and how to create a life and relationship you're incredibly proud of and feel truly aligned in.

My goal is help get you there; first by unraveling everything that stops you from discovering who you are, at soul level.  I'm going to take you on a journey of supreme self empowerment to live in full self expression of your most authentic self. 

And for that, you need to get your mind, emotions and energetic frequency under control. 



I can promise you gigantic shifts, euphoric goosebumps, tears of relief & radical change.


"I'm blown away at how much I've changed in such a short amount of time and how many big decisions I've made."

"Not one of the couselors I saw even flagged my codependency. No wonder we have so many mental health issues. You really need to start training counselors too!"


Here's where the bombs of truth land and the codes of higher consciousness drop in. We don't just change paradigms, we smash them. I'm here to break you free from the prison cell of conditioning and programming that your higher consciousness is currently being suppressed by. 

Because I know you want real change in your life....





FIRSTLY you keep falling back into low level consciousness which creates your confusion. You're stuck repeating the familiar negative thoughts and energetic archetypal patterns that drive your (secret) low grade depression and anxiety.  It's the reason for the ongoing struggle in your life and relationships.


You constantly doubt yourself, and you can't seem to shift that last layer, no matter how much work you've done.  You need the tools to get you out of that pattern, and to stay out, and that takes consistency, accountability and ongoing support. 

In SUPREME SELF MASTERY ACADEMY you'll get all that, in spades.


SECONDLY, you haven't gone deep enough. You're still stuck on the surface without penetrating beyond the layers of shadow that keep you drowning in fear and carrying the mantel of shame.  And every time you've gotten close, you've sabotaged your way back into the abyss. You've quit before getting the REAL RESULTS.


"My energy is through the roof this morning Dawn. I'm clear and in the present moment. It feels good and I feel strong."


I'm a MASTER at walking this path.

I know every pitfall; every voice of fear, intimately, because I've lived through the mess. And I know what it takes to win the war.  I know the way to healing the deepest wound and expanding through the portal of higher consciousness that leads to your most authentic self.


You're still a slave to the unconscious beliefs from your chaotic and less than ideal childhood.


You've been on this journey a while now and you've taken some big leaps. But it's as though you take one step forward and two steps back and the destination never seems to arrives.


  • And you slip back into the same old patterns and problems.
  • And get stuck in the same old relationship issues.
  • And the same old mental and emotional crisis that leaves you depleted, bitter, angry and resentful of life and those who keep letting you down.


And you still don't know the f*ck you even are. Your public persona doesn't yet match who you are behind closed doors and you don't want that anymore. You want to be real, you also want to be amazing.


And that you're not yet there is burning a hole in your soul.


Nobody seems to really gets you, it's why you feel lonely even when coupled.  And there's a piece of you lost, hiding, suffocating, feeling like you still don't belong. 


And you're still easily triggered by your family, especially your mother (and sister if you have one.) Deep in the recesses of our subconscious mind you can still hear the echo of her criticism ringing in your ears. That wound btw is blocking your flow and capacity to manifest, it's one reason you feel so empty and unsupported and you struggle to receive.


You want emotional freedom, inner power and to feel on purpose and fuck yes, you want love, you want it all.

"I now trust myself and others as I know how to recognize red flags. I am a better friend, and mother, my anxiety is all but disappeared. I am the happiest I've ever been."



Instead of always asking "WHY NOT ME?"


SUPREME ELF EMPOWERMENT will put you in back control of your life, relationships and your destiny...

Because the Universe isn't your buddy or your Buddha... it's a responsive energy system and its responding to your mental and emotional energy. YOU NEED TO GET CONTROL OF THE PROCESS.


Ready?  Then I'll see you on the inside for the best results you've ever yet.  *NOTE: SUPREME SELF EMPOWERMENT ACADEMY is a minimum 3 month commitment. This isn't like any program you've done before, the content in this group is the same potent content I share with my 1:1 clients.  I'm here for the big results, as should you be. And if you've worked with me in the past, you have not done the up-levelled work I'm bringing now.  I keep the energy in the group high and the boundaries tight, you need to be aligned and be willing to take direction, trust the process and dig deep to face your fears head on, and keep facing them. It's challenging, but I promise you, it's worth it. 

And now you just have to decide that you are....