because EVERYTHING changes, when you master your self...

"I only wish I'd started this work sooner!!"

"Everyone should be doing this!"

"I had shivers go over my whole body and I went from feeling deflated and weak to powerful and strong."

"Thank you Dawn this is fucking amazing."

"Thank you for showing up for us Dawn and teaching us this stuff so we can step into our power."

"I love who I'm becoming, thank you Dawn!"

"I legitimately think today was the best day I have ever had in my life."

"What you do is so real and powerful and I am so grateful to have you in my life."

"So many shifts, I feel amazing, I'm so high vibe right now I feel so alive."




Do you realize that your thoughts and emotions are controlling the direction of your energy and your energy is creating your reality?


BE honest, (and you can't lie to yourself anyway, or me I'm psychic...) just how stuck in negative thinking and inner emotional chaos are you really?


DO you recognize that you're continually sabotaging your progress, your happiness and relationship harmony? And that you're depriving yourself of the power that will change your entire life?


HOW often have you compromising in relationships, in your career, with your health, your standards,  your joy, and creativity? Aren't you sick of saying "yes" when inside your gut is screaming "no?"


AREN'T you done yet with the same drama, conflict, emotional unavailability, misaligned conversations, misunderstandings and feeling rejected and abandoned across the board in your relationships?





I'm  Dawn Lee and SUPREME SELF MASTERY ACADEMY is my most potent, transformational group container for bold, adventurous, destiny-driven women with rebel hearts and warrior spirits, ready to unlock their spiritual gifts and highest potential but who need help unshackling themselves from the prison of their mind and the patterns of sabotage, fear and emotional triggering that keeps them small, slow and stuck.


You exist for a purpose greater than the life you're currently living, and deep down at soul level, you know it.


I don't do fluff, you're not here for the pop corn, and life isn't a dress rehearsal.  This is the real deal, the EXPANSIVE work your soul is crying out for.


You've flaked on yourself once too often, it has to stop. It's time to start making a life you're actually proud of, be in a relationship you truly feel aligned in and discover who you truly are beneath the many masks. And for that, you need to get your mind, emotions and frequency under control. 



In SUPREME SELF MASTERY I promise you gigantic shifts, goosebumps, tears of relief & radical change.


"I'm blown away at how much I have changed in such a short amount of time and how many big decisions I've made."


Supreme self mastery is where the bombs of truth land and the codes of higher consciousness activate. We don't change paradigms here, we smash them. And once you break free from the prison cell of conditioning and programming your consciousness is being suppressed by, then you'll know who you are and why you're here.





FIRSTLY you keep falling into low level of unconscious and confusion. You're stuck repeating familiar negative thoughts and energy patterns of compromise, sabotage and victim consciousness that drive your secret low grade depression and anxiety, and create the ongoing struggle in your life and relationships.


YOU constantly doubt yourself, battle low confidence and a deep insecurity you can't seem to shift no matter how much work you've done (or say you've done....)  You need consistency and accountability, and you'll get both in spades.


SECONDLY, you haven't gone deep enough, you're still doing the work on the surface without penetrating beyond the layers of shadow and the mantel of shame you've carried your whole life.  You've underestimated the journey and just when you've gotten close, you've sabotaged your way back into the abyss and bailed before you got the REAL RESULTS.


"My energy is through the roof this morning Dawn. I'm clear and in the present moment. It feels good and I feel strong."


I'm a MASTER at walking this path, I know every pitfall, I've lived through the mess, I know every voice of fear intimately. And I know what it takes to win the war, heal the wound and expand through the portal of higher conscious into your most authentic, magical self.



You're still a slave to the unconscious beliefs from your chaotic and less than ideal childhood.



It's why you take one step forward and two steps back and the destination never seems to arrives.


  • And you slip back into the same old patterns and problems.
  • And attract the same unavailable men and the same relationship issues.
  • And the same mental and emotionally mess that leaves you depleted, bitter, angry and second guessing yourself.


And you're not even close to showing up as your true self because you're not even sure who the f*ck you even are. And your public persona is a world away from the you behind closed doors, still shouting at your kids, emasculating your husband (if he hasn't left already) and who's still wracked with guilt, shame and fear that keeps you tethered to your old life.


And that's burning a hole in your soul.


Nobody gets you, it's why you feel so lonely, even when coupled, there's still a part of you lost, hiding, suffocating, feeling like you don't belong or fit in. And so you pretend. 


And you're still triggered by your family, especially your mother (and sister if you have one.) You can still hear her criticisms ringing in your ears. That wound btw is blocking your feminine flow, its why you feel so empty and unsupported.


You want freedom, and power and to feel on purpose and fuck yes, you want love, you want it all.



Instead of always asking "WHY?"



Supreme Self Mastery Academy is my next level Group Coaching Program changing not just how you think, but how you feel, act AND how you attract.


Let me teach you how to deep dive into the realms of the conscious and unconscious mind. 

Let me guide you through the energetics, spiritual law, activating higher codes of consciousness and exact the tone of truth and specific frequency required to invoke the energetic charge responsible for delivering and providing in your life.


Let me help reconnect you back to your intuition - I guarantee you aren't using it, and also guide you into high feminine, which is the key to having men literally eat from your hand (including even your ex...)


And teach you the missing link to making LOA work.


BREAK your false paradigms and limiting beliefs and shift the perceptions and energy of your old defunct patterning and programming.


Using years of training, skill, experience, the wisdom of my own soul and results of my own incredible journey to freedom, and having transmuted the energies of a past of extreme abuse and betrayal, I know what this journey takes.  I live what I do.




You were born with fire in your belly... AND A DESTINY IN YOUR SOUL

n internal high five that I'm finally getting this."

Something is stopping you, holding you back from the magical place of "there."



That something is FEAR: it's what's keeping you stuck, sacrificing, repeating the same mis-takes over and over.


  • It's why you compromise. 
  • And settle for things you shouldn't.
  • It's why you still have no boundaries and why your standards are way lower than they should be.
  • You're scared.
  • It's why you people please and feel powerless in the face of your challenges and why you struggle to make change REAL what you know.

I'm here to help you with all that.

To lead and coach you through the mental chaos and emotional mess you keep avoiding that keeps repeating....


And help you end repeating the relationship mistakes that break your heart and keep you wanting.

"Now I love it when my boundaries get tested. I can feel myself shift and raise a little.  Its in the practice that it really sinks in."


In SUPREME SELF MASTERY ACADEMY you will step into QUEEN energy and wear your divine nature on the inside and out.  It's time to decide and keep deciding and to be supported in your journey in ways that deliver you to the truth and freedom your heart and soul crave.

It's time to be done withe same old bad habits:

  • The nightly wine.
  • The junk food, lollies and chocolates.
  • Relationships with people who don't really care about you and who treat you badly.
  • The explosive fights with your partner, ex, friends, lovers.
  • The empty sex and unavailable men who treat like you're less than
  • Saying yes when you really mean no.
  • Always feeling like you fuck things up.


"Thank you so much for creating this space and sharing your wisdom with us. It's so good to be part of a group where there is no judgement, just support and practical ways to deal with everyday life. As we progress it makes so much more sense and everything becomes so much clearer!"



In Supreme Self Mastery you'll learn how to crush the fear, and keep crushing it.


  • Fear that you'll be alone.
  • That you'll never find anyone who gets you.
  • And you'll always be lonely.
  • And what if you get sick and no one will care.
  • And that you will never create anything new for yourself when you're so stuck.
  • And you'll die from the emptiness, while everyone else trots off into the sunset.
  • And you'll never discover your true purpose (and oh yes, you've certainly got one..)


You'll learn how to set boundaries, raise your standards and start listening to the voice of your intuition and the  inner wisdom that's currently being drowned out by the voices of fear and unmet shadow. 


Because your intuition is your unmined gold.


And btw, your intuition is the voice you can trust, and the wisdom that knows every step you need to take, all the way to your DESTINY. If only your mind would stop shutting it down.


It 's time to get nuclear on fear and shadow AND because when that happens there's going to be fall out, you're going to need supported through because if you don't know what to do you'll struggle to handle it and you'll sabotage all over again.

Let me guide and support you all the way through.

Let me evolve you into the person you came here to be and self mastery is the path.

I want to discover for yourself:

How it really feels to be in your power.

How it really feels like to know you're worth. 

And to go to bed at night happy and content because you know you're on the right path.


And have the confidence to walk away from everything what doesn’t serve you, every-time.


And know what it really feels like to live anxiety and depression free.  What I DON'T want is for you to stop growing. 




Because I didn't just get lucky.


I didn't just go to bed one night and wake up woke.  I've been on this journey a long time and spent years dedicating myself to moving through every last shred of unconscious fear so I can lead you along the same path. 


Because FEAR is the reason you sabotage.


  • FEAR is the reason you compromise in your relationships and your growth. 
  • FEAR is the reason you’re in a life you’re bored shit-less with. 
  • FEAR is why you date the wrong people, hold onto bad relationships. 
  • FEAR is why you still don’t know what to do about your crumbling marriage or how to leave you're meaningless job.
  • FEAR is the underlying reason you sit back and think you’re done. 
  • FEAR is the reason you don’t grab growth with two hands and make this life amazing. 
  • FEAR is the reason your body aches and your mind is racing a million miles an hour. 
  • FEAR is the very reason you need to keep going, keep growing, keep knowing, UNTIL.


To take quantum leaps in consciousness in your life, relationships, business....

If you're ready to live in trust and be anxiety free and trigger free,  in or out of relationships, that actually work.

To obliterate old paradigms and limiting beliefs and let the past go with a sweet-ass kiss.

If you're ready to roll up your sleeves and unlock the next level where your true power and creativity can flow through.  To end the addiction to worry, anxiety, angst, stress, confusion, low self esteem, judgement etc. (all signals of dissonance between you and your High Feminine AND relationship to the masculine.)


The Universe is waiting for you to align and that CAN'T HAPPEN until you get you GET CONTROL OF YOUR MENTAL AND EMOTIONAL NATURE.

Change doesn't have to take a long time. 

SUPREME SELF MASTERY ACADEMY  is perfect for you if:

  • You've worked with me (or another coach) in the past and you're in the process of up-leveling.
  • Or you've undertaken personal or spiritual development/workshops etc.
  • And have a basic understanding of energy and how law of attraction works.

In SUPREME SELF MASTERY there are 6 modules and we cover:

  • ENERGY ALCHEMY- the most powerful method to transmute negative energy patterns and shadow fear voices - meaning turn them into higher frequencies which expand your power.  - YOU HAVE NOT DONE ANYTHING LIKE THIS BEFORE...
  • HIGH FEMININE - discover how to ACTIVATE and operate in high feminine (tight boundaries/high standards) to create a magnetic pull to men and the divine masculine.
  • INVOKING THE POWER OF THE MASCULINE - the missing link to law Of Attraction .
  • THE POWER OF INTUITION - how to listen, act, and understand intuition and WHY you need to follow the voice of your soul.
  • SPIRITUAL LAW  - when you need to know the exact laws of the Universe and how to work within the laws.



There are THREE levels of subscription.

1. SILVER - (open access) you can access all modules and coaching content, lives AND have support in the private group from me as you work through the program- $300 per month minimum 6 months.

2. GOLD - (invite only) you have access to all modules and content PLUS up to 75 mins coaching 3 times per month in a small 1:1 group setting.  Each participant (5 max) has 15 mins razor focused coaching which means you not only get the benefit of having your issue solved but also the coaching and insight from others in the group who'll ask the questions you won't. You'll get your most pressing issues and problems solved AND by direct coaching with me I'll also be activating the truth codes of higher consciousness in you.

You'll be flooded by insight and realization as the truth drops in and your codes align - you'll feel the tingle, and the shift I guarantee it!! Each session is recorded, you can stay LIVE in the session the entire time or leave after your slot and replay the session later, because GUARANTEED someone else will ask something you're also struggling with. Which means you get the added benefit of my wisdom and coaching for every single question and situation presented. - Investment $500 per month minimum 6 months (*$300 discount full upfront pay)

3. PLATINUM - (invite only and only if you're ready to go all the way) As the GOLD subscription PLUS 6 x 1:1 sessions with me to internalize each module and do the deepest level work to not only smash through your patterns quicker but unlock the codes to your spiritual gifts and destiny.  $1000 per month minimum 6 months. (*500 discount for full upfront pay.)


SUPREME SELF MASTERY ACADEMY will take you from being controlled by your thoughts and old limiting patterns to being in control of them.

You'll learn how to re-code anxious mind programming into trust, surrender, ease and grace.  AND open up the channel for your intuition to flow through (this is more important that you can ever know - your intuition is the holy grail.

And btw if you're here, it's because your intuition led you here, so are you going to act on it...?


Law of attraction is real, cause and effect are EXACT.  Your energy is communicating with the Universe, which btw, is not your buddy or your Buddha. It's a responsive system that responds to your energetic communication which is driven by your mind and emotions.



If you're ready to step up - (and don't apply if you aren't) CONTACT ME TO SECURE A SPOT NOW (you can join SILVER subscription anytime and if the coaching groups are full, (there are 3 you can be put on the wait-list)

See you on the inside for a wild ride and the best results you've never had.  *SUPREME SELF MASTERY ACADEMY is a 6 month commitment. This isn't like any program you've done before. The band-aids are getting ripped clean off and the results are dropping in, fast. And if you jump in, and get scared you'll want to jump back out again, (this is sabotage and the reason you're still spinning your wheels in crappy relationships and scarcity.) Once you're in you will have access to the material which I use with my 1:1 private clients.

PM me if you want in....