Because the game changes when you master yourself

"Dawn, thank you, you've opened a door that is unspeakable, words cannot describe! You've made the puzzle start to fit."

"I only wish I'd started this work sooner!!"

"Everyone should be doing this!"

"Love this Work Dawn Lee love that I am open to receive and it didn't feel awkward it felt warm and soft! Thank you!

"I had shivers go over my whole body and I went from feeling deflated and weak to powerful and strong."

"Thank you Dawn this is fucking amazing."

"Thank you for showing up for us Dawn and teaching us this stuff so we can step into our power."

"I love who I'm becoming, thank you Dawn!"

"I legitimately think today was the best day I have ever had in my life."

"What you do is so real and powerful and I am so grateful to have you in my life."

"So many shifts, I feel amazing, I'm so high vibe right now I feel so alive."