It's not all rainbows and butterflies,


More like storm clouds and pantry moths.


Spiritually awakening can conjure up all kinds of images of meditation, tranquility, white light and dancing round the totem pole, arms to the sky, hearts wide open, body grounded into mother earth, alive, vibrant and vibing high.


And then there's reality.


Your spiritual awakening will be one of the greatest challenges you face. And it's not a weekend event, its a life long journey that often begins with the dark night of the soul.


Realizing you have a soul, won't magically transport you into enlightenment.


There's work to do.  Because to get to the light you have to travel through the darkness.  You have to work through and release every shred of unconscious stuff that's been gathering dust in the chambers of your entire being since you took your first breath.


Many spiritual folks get over focused on the higher chakras, talking only love and light and indulging in the more woo hoo elements of spirituality without first tackling the grass roots.


We have to start from the ground up.  We have to unravel ourselves right back to the shaky foundations our sense of self is built upon.  Clearing and transforming as we go, to create a solid foundation for our inner spiritual gangster to firmly plant her feet into and grow.


We need to take a power hose of consciousness to our inner world and clear out the the crud and crap that was dumped and downloaded into us by conditioning, programming and the shit we lived though in our chaotic and unconscious childhoods. With our emotionally repressed, unconscious parents.


And hey, there's no judging or parent bashing here.  I know your parents did the best they could according to what they were believing and their level of consciousness, but unless Eckhart Tolle is your dad and Bryon Katie's your mama,  chances are your parents played house unconsciously.


And you absorbed their unconscious patterns, and used them to create the foundations of your own unconscious life.


Spiritually awakening is bringing back into alignment the human self with the soul self.


It's aligning with the higher elements of who we truly are and allowing our inner being to  take centre stage and shine through without being blocked by ego.


Every thought, every belief, every I'm not fucking good enough story embedded in the deep recesses of our minds, block that light. And if you want to unblock it, you need to bring that shit to the surface.


 What went in needs to come out.


And that can hurt.  We can feel worse before we feel better.


Our crap can sting on the way up, and because we've been taught to suppress our feelings and conceptualize them instead of just feeling them, we're shit sacred of the process.


There's just no way around it, the only way is through.  You have to go through the fear to get to the other side.


"Everything you want is waiting on the other side of fear."

- Jack Canfield.


That's right, and you know why everything is waiting?  Because, you on the other side of fear is the real you. The you who is a magnet for the abundance of a Universe that is compelled to give.


But first you need to find that you.  And to do that you must take the journey back to the origins of the beliefs that hold you prisoner.  The starting place where you decided "something is wrong with me."


And you have to use three little words that will blow it wide open.   "Is it true?"


Of course the ego will tell you "YES!"  After all you've been collecting evidence of your own unworthiness since you were old enough to think.  And you can expect to be met with that evidence.


But can you absolutely know its true, or did you just start believing it, and as a result think it into existence?  As a powerful (albeit unconscious) co-creator of your reality, did you make it come true for you?


You are soul, and your spiritual awakening demands you to recognize that not only in yourself, but in others.  All others. Yes, even those who broke your heart or let you down.


It's challenging I know, and it can stretch people to their limits.  It also stirs the big bad fear monster that lives in the cave inside your subconscious mind. And know now, he won't go quietly so you'd better be ready for a fight.


But fight you must.


Stick it out, stay the journey, cling on by your finger nails if you have to, but hold on.


Keep chipping away, keep meeting the ego and all the nasty little stories it has on you with love and an acceptance and dissolve the stories like acid.  Ego will fight you, but with persistence you will win.  Your spiritual awakening is egos demise.


 It's the end of the ego's reign.


And it's you. The original you, the spiritually aligned you, the fearless, unfuck-with-able, wide open magnet to the Universe YOU, in the drivers seat.


The you who emerges is the you who can create your reality, kick-ass consciously. You who can live from a place of peace and forgiveness and love, no matter what life brings.


You happy.


It's the prize that makes the hard road so doable, because on the other side of the darkness is your own light.  And you haven't even begun to know the power that lives there.


All great journeys to great treasures are ardous.


Think Indian Jones and the temple of doom, and double it.  The road to spiritually awakening is probably the most treacherous of them all, but it's also the most rewarding.


So dig deep, stay strong, keep committed to the journey.  Surrender to the pain, the loneliness, the discomfort and lean into love, lean into trust and wait.


It may be slow at first, and you may think you're there only to slide back down a notch and wonder if you've really risen at all. You have, it's part of the journey.   Stay focused and the day when you suddenly know you've arrived will come.


And the struggle will end, the suffering will be over, and life will truly begin.


Don't miss that.

Dawn is a transformational coach, spiritual mentor, writer and catalyst for conscious connection and soul evolution.  Her passion is helping others shut the door on the past, master their mind and realign with the intentions of their soul, to rediscover their happiest, truest self.  Discover how to work with Dawn.