Like it or not, believe it or not, if you haven't yet worked it out, life here on earth is one big training school for the soul.


And the curriculum of life lessons is never ending.


One after the other they keep coming.  All divinely guided and soulfully manifested to help us first master ourselves and then master this crazy life so that we can actually live fully awakened, empowered and connected to our spirituality the way we all intended.\


Unfortunately the journey may have been hijacked along the way (that's a whole other story for another time) and our knowledge of who we are and why we are here has been obscured from us.


Making life all the more challenging.


Living can be overwhelming.  Life is messy and painful and chaotic, and the consequences of our choices can be mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually devastating. To make it worse we're flying blind. Most of us don't know where the F to even start understanding life, and so we live as best we can, unconscious to our true power and the truth about what life really is.


To make it even more difficult we've been taught to avoid pain and fear challenge so instead of throwing ourselves into learning we do the opposite. We run in the other direction.  We try to avoid, because we feel scared, victimized, confused and worst still feel like we're failing.


Life lessons come in many shapes and sizes.  There are universal lessons that we are all here to master, and many of our personal life lessons lead us here:


Unconditional love


Our soul chooses the conditions for each life time that will best provide learning prior to our even being born. The lessons we encounter and the way they unfold depends upon the journey of our soul, what it has previously experienced, resolved and yet to resolve.


Every soul has karma to work through and energies to balance in each lifetime. 


All souls experience and participate in trauma over many lifetimes.  Just look at the world we live in, look at our history to see how humanity has been seeped in trauma through wars, struggle, deprivation and loss.  Because of the way the world is we've become stuck in the paradigm of continually incarnating with unresolved trauma, and not just our own.


As science now confirms we also inherit trauma from our ancestors.


We can't avoid our life lessons because we can't avoid life, and we absolutely can't avoid our soul.


In my own journey something I've learned about learning life lessons is that there's a key that once mastered completely changes the entire landscape not just of learning but of life itself.


This realization led me to understanding that this one crucial tool and practice is the absolute crux of being able to master life's lessons as painlessly, quickly and as divinely supported as possible.  That tool is:




Surrender is the key and it's not called sweet for nothing. It's the foundation. It's the starting point, it's the magic from which all other magic happens.  Why? Because the greatest struggle we have with learning life lessons is our resistance to them.


It's our resistance that causes the most suffering. It's our resistance that makes life so f*cking hard.  It's our resistance that robs us of hope, and strength.


Resistance is behind every painful story of it shouldn't be happening, it's not fair, why me, it's not my fault, I hate this, I hate my life. Resistance lurks behind every fear, every worry, every stress and gut wrenching, stomach churning feeling of powerlessness and hopelessness.


Resistance truly is futile, it's also destructive.


Resistance is our lack of understanding that life is continual learning. It's our wanting, forcing and failing to make life what it's not.


So what exactly is surrender?


Surrender is often associated with giving up or giving in. I used to argue it was neither, but only when life once again forced me into that place of nowhere to turn but to surrender I realised that giving up is exactly what it is.  Except it's not giving up on life, it's giving up on everything that blocks life:


It's giving up suffering
Its giving up the struggle
Its giving up the stories
Its giving up the expectations
It's giving up the need for control
It's giving up the stress
Its giving up the worry
Its giving up the negative talk
It's giving up gossiping
It's giving up complaining
It's giving up doubt
It's giving up fear
It's giving up false beliefs
It's giving up indoctrination
It's giving up the lies we tell ourselves

It's giving up guilt and shame every last shred of fighting against life and what is. Surrender is truly living in peace from all the internal noise and chaos that comes from thinking life should be what it's not, people should be who they aren't, and I should be who I'm not.


What scares people about surrender is the idea that it's giving in. 


That it's resigning themselves to accepting life's crap, other people's crap and being some kind of door mat.  But that's the most misunderstood part about surrender.


Far from giving in and being a victim you step up and become empowered. 


You're not lying down to anything, you're standing tall to what is, without any resistance, armed with a deep knowledge and understanding of life. And because of all that you're able to draw on the vast, rich, vibrant energy and power that you now have access to which is your greatest weapon to change what you don't like and bring into your experience what you want more of.


Surrender is intuitive intelligence in action.


Surrender puts us in the powerful position of being unruffled by life, and therefore able to respond instead of react.


I got so desperate for change in my life that I had no choice but realise that change is really only possible by dropping my resistance and surrendering to what is, as it is.


This is the energetic space from which to truly create a life you want. Because where there's resistance there are blocks. Where there's surrender there is TRUST AND FREEDOM FROM SUFFERING.


Surrender under pins all of life's lessons. 


Consider how much easier it is to forgive when you surrender. How much easier it is to love without condition, to be compassionate, to overcome abandonment, to heal from rejection, to embody a healthy money frequency, to attract a great partner.


You name it, surrender under pins it. 


Because where there's surrender there is no resistance.  And where there's no resistance there's flow. And where there's flow there's ease and grace.


We can't avoid learning, it's what we are here to do, so why not do it the best and easiest way we can?


My life completely changed when I realised the true power of surrender. It's a daily practice I can tell you, it doesn't come easy, it takes courage and commitment, but it's so worth every ounce of effort.  And in the end, it's so much easier than living with resistance.


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