There's a missing piece to your peace.

A reason you can't shut your mind up, turn off your bad luck and just be happy

And contrary to popular belief you can't journal it away, meditate it out of your system or love it into submission with compassion and kindness.

It has many faces, voices, disguises. It lurks behind the blocks, the breakdowns, it is the anxiety.

It's instigates every time you give up and give in.

It's the voice of every "it's not fair" and "why me?"

And every excuse you make, from "it's not the right time" to "I don't have the $$$" and everything in between that no matter how rational, keeps you from the very work that will lead you to where you say you want to go.

It's a force so powerful it will engulf you at every crossroads.

It will magnify every doubt.

Expand every fear.

It will continue to spread it's poison with a relentless precision to keep you in it's grip.

And the biggest mistake that you're making is in thinking that it is you.

Your peace and happiness and the dormant power that lies within you, will forever be held at bay until it's slayed.

And no matter what you do, you will never have control until you take it on and win.

It is a liar, an illusion, a cosmic joke, but right now, it's your master.

It is the shadow.

And for as long you keep giving your power to it, you’ll never experience the potent, creative force of your truest most magical essence that waits to realized.