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The Power Of Ho'oponopono

Discover How To Miraculously Heal And Manage What's Out, There By First Healing What's In Here

Ho’oponopono is an ancient Hawaiian forgiveness, reconciliation cleansing ritual that has a powerful and profound clearing and healing ability.


It's been used by Hawaiians and other South Pacific Island cultures for eons, even being adopted by their judicial system. However one of the most miraculous documented cases of the power of  Ho’opono-pono was by a State Psychologist Dr Hew Len who cured an entire ward of 30 criminally violent and insane male patients, without ever meeting any of them or spending a moment in the same room.



Sounds too miraculous to be true.... but the end result was that with patients healed and no longer insane, the entire facility was eventually closed.  Incredible right?


The amazing results seem like nothing short of a miracle.  How could other's possibly heal in such a way? How could it work, how can you heal yourself AND heal others at the same time?


How can you even really heal yourself?


The key to Ho’oponopono is that it works at a subconscious and energetic level.  It's based on the premise that there's no such thing as “out there” – everything happens to us first in our mind and everything OUT THERE  is simply a manifestation of what's 'in here.'  To heal others we must first heal what is in our own subconscious.


We can't experience or be witness to anything that's not at some level a reflection of the script, memories, information and programs that play out in our subconscious mind.  We impact the collective whole by what is in ourselves.

Everything we see, everything we hear, every person we meet, first we experience it in our mind. Our determining that it's “out there” absolves us of responsibility, but in fact it’s quite the opposite: we're responsible for everything we think, and everything that comes to our attention.


This might sound harsh, but taking responsibility for it means that we're also able to master it, and to clear and clean and change whatever is in here that's manifesting out there.



So how do you do Ho'opono-pono? There are four simple steps and each step has one sentence to be spoken out loud:



Step 1. Repentance -  "I'm Sorry"

We're responsible for everything in our mind and once we realize that, it’s natural for us to feel sorry for the ways in which we've added to the pain and suffering of the collective whole. This realization can be confronting, we're often addicted to shaming and blaming ourselves, but this isn't about that. Far from it.  Resisting accepting responsibility for the “out there” problems only keeps us more attached to the “in here” problems.  If we all healed what's in here, there would be no more suffering out there.


Step 2. Forgiveness - "Please Forgive Me"

Asking for forgiveness is two fold. We're taking responsibility and we are also affirming that forgiveness is always given. Don't worry about what you're asking forgiveness for, or who you are asking it from, that's irrelevant. That you're asking and aligning with forgiveness is the key.


Step 3. Love - "I Love You"

Love is the highest vibration we can align with. When we affirm "I love you" we're sending out vibrations of love and we're recognizing not only our own true nature but the true nature of others. We're recognizing our oneness.


Step 4. Gratitude - "Thank You"

When we give gratitude for our experience we're aligning with the higher perspective and with the high vibration of gratitude.  We're seeing that everything is for us and in doing so we are completely letting go of resistance and fear.  Again don't concern yourself with who or what you are thanking. More that you are resonating vibrationally with giving thanks.



The above steps should be said out loud and repeated.  The more you do ho'oponopono the more results you can expect to see. And expect results quite wuickly. When I first started using it my son was having a melt down.  I walked away started doing it and literally within 10 minutes not only was he completely calm but he was in the lightest of moods.



I rty to use it as daily practice and it's always my go too should the shit hit the fan, if you get my drift.  Ho'oponopono can be said in any sequence, so dont worry if you forget the order, there really isnt one.  These are the only forces at work but make no mistake these forces although appearing quite simple have amazing power. Each statement is healing through it's vibration.


Making Ho'opono-pono part of your daily spiritual practice, (and seriously it's so frikkin easy why wouldn't you?) will massively CHANGE your life. I mean if it can heal criminally insane minds (and I urge to research this for yourself) then it can and will help heal you.


If you forget to do it daily, you'll be reminded any time a crisis hits or you come across something that creates discomfort, or angst and just recognize how something in you must resonate with that, and if you deal with what's in here, what's out there will heal too.


Happy Ho'opono-pono-ing!