It's getting to that time of year where our mental and emotional stress levels amp up. Yip, Christmas. The season of excessive drinking, partying, maxing out our credit cards, and pretending we're all one big happy family. No wonder it's the season we get more wasted.



I don't over indulge these days. It's a far cry from my old self. I can still enjoy a few here and there on the rare occassion, but I go dry for months without even trying. Yip, no need for a public announcement on facebook.  Drinking too much and too often has long been OFF my radar - and thank fuck, because over the years it took its toll.



I never realised just how much I was distracting myself back then. But it became crystal clear when I stopped and I finally saw my drinking for what it was, my number one self-sabotaging mechanism.




And boy does it sabotage.



It's sneaky, because its so acceptable to drink. And hey, there's no judgements here.  But I'm for mental, emotional and spiritual well-being and alcohol isn't a great friend to either, because often when we most need its high, is when we're most on the low.  And that's a recipe for drama.




It doesn't start out that way, but drinking can trigger a lot of chaos.




Chaos in our bodies, our relationships, our jobs, our families, our finances, It's a bitter sweet relationship because alcohol can provide a powerful and quick relief to weighty stress and tension. That first drink, AH, it like's undoing the top button of a too tight shirt you've been bustin' to get out of all day.  No wonder we turn to it.




We just wanna relax and be happy.




We just wanna feel like our old, wild and care-free selves again. To let our hair down, laugh, tap into not giving a fuck, just for a few hours.  Alcohol blows away our inhibitions but there's a line once crossed where the lid gets lifted too high and everything we've buried and stuffed down that's bubbling beneath the surface, rushes up.


Drinking helps us forget, but only for a short while, because what we've buried's still raw, and when the lid comes off and our emotions get bent out of shape, in the absence of being able to think straight, all kinds of crazy comes pouring out.


Whatever we're dealing with in our lives and relationships (or not dealing with) can get all twisted up and manifest in dark ways when we drink too much.



We're not just drinking because it's Christmas.


  • We're angry.
  • We're stressed.
  • We're hurt.
  • We're bored.
  • We're stagnant.
  • We're over thinking.
  • We're drowning in problems that seem to have no solutions.



We need a way out, but there's nowhere to go.  So we turn to what makes us forget, and we drink.



And then along comes Christmas, the season of stress and drinking, and we find ourselves triggered by our partners, or igniting old family wounds with siblings or parents after one too many cutting comment and critisism breaks the fragile camel's back.



Drinking too much can have a massive impact on our happiness and self esteem. We can take risks we'd never normally take, do things the wiser part of us knows we shouldn't.  And in the aftermath, we can be left feeling dejected, embarassed and hating ourselves, as we ugly cry our way through whatever shit storm our drinking's gotten us into.



Look back, you might just see that a lot of the drama that hit your life and relationships centred around times you were drinking. Maybe you're noticing it now and you're wondering, how did it go so unnoticed for so long?




Maybe you too hadn't realised how much you've been distracting yourself.




But of course alcohol isnt the real problem, you know that, right?  The real problem is our own inner conflict and our failure to deal with the mental stress and emotional misalignment and spiritual disconnect that's raging inside us.




Stress, misalignment and disconnect that isn't just happening at Christmas.  It's been building, manifesting. It's the outcome of our bad decisions and repeating negative relationship patterns that may have flown under the radar for years.  But now that we're, have become glaringly obvious. And we're tired of the patterns, but we're struggling to break free.




We've been standing in the way of our own evolution, and drinking to distract ourselves from that. And our soul isn't happy.



And neither are we.



And we turn our frustration in on ourselves and feel shit for feeling shit.  We know drinking too much is hurting us, but its hard to stop.  It's become a habit. But also it's a habit that's serving a purpose, so if you're trying to break it, you need to get to the purpose first.





You to find the hole it's filling, and you need to fill it with understanding and your own loving kindness.  Because if you just leave it empty, it just grows deeper and will-power alone won't see you out of it.




If you're drinking too much you need to find out why, and if you want to stop, you need to desire to discover parts of your that you're distracting yourself from.




Of course Christmas isn't a great time to stop anything, well that's the story. But really, how much of Christmas is fucking bullshit anyway?  I'm no party pooper, but we're in entrenched in a society addicted to mass consumerism.  Christmas is rammed down our throats, if we don't over indulge and near emotionally and financially bankrupt ourselves in the process, we're just not doing it right.




But the truth is, we don't have to go with the herd.



We don't have to keep living our lives on autopilot, like sheep, and then wondering why we're stuck grazing on the same barren grass, unhappy, empty and not getting anywhere.




Autopilot might get you through, but only if you keep taking the same route. It won't take you anywhere you haven't been.




And maybe that's what you're really distracting yourself from. Maybe you're sabotaging yourself from getting to where your soul wants you to be. And that's gonna be a fight, one you won't win.



You can deny your soul and never align with the divine plan that brought you here, but you'll suffer. Your life will suffer, your relationships will suffer.  You'll feel torn, empty, bored and uninspired. And you'll escape in whatever you can that will give you a quick hit of what it is that you're really searching for;



  • happiness
  • confidence
  • belonging
  • laughter
  • identity
  • connection
  • to feel at ease, alive and free - isn't that why we drink?




You mightn't yet see the path, but it's there.  You just need to get on a different wave length to join it.





And when you do, when you clear up the anger, hurt and boredom on the inside, they no longer show up on the outside. Because that's what all the crap in our lives is. It's the manifestation of all the supressed energies of the mental and emotional mess we haven't yet cleared up.




Drinking might stop you from looking at the mess, for a little while, but in the end its just making more mess.




If you want to cut back and take control, start by raising your awareness around your drinking patterns.  Drink more consciously, anything done consciously brings light to darkness.  And maybe once you're more awake around your habits, then you'll decide it's a priority to get to the roots of your drinking, once and for all.




Because no-one's as young as they used to be.  And one day everything that drinking is distracting you from, it's going to be gone. You'll be gone.  That's just the nature of life.




We don't need to use alcohol as a crutch to get through life, we need a shift in consciousness. And we don't need alcohol to be happy. What we need is to be authentic, and to have more courage to look inside ourselves and see what's really going on, what's energetically out of whack and why.






And from there on in, everything becomes a lot easier, even Christmas.   Now that's something I'll drink to!





Dawn Lee is a mental, emotional & spiritual evolution coach™, writer and teacher with a passion for melding psychology, coaching and spirituality with her own unique intuitive wisdom and lived experience. Dawn's expertise is helping you out of crisis and into clarity to reclaim happiness, peace, love and connection from the inside out. Her mission, to help shine a light of awarenss in the world and raise consciousness.  Find out more about working with Dawn here.