Hey Seeker, I know you’re searching, but do you really know what you’re searching for?  Your soul mate perhaps? Your life purpose, your dream job, success, the perfect shape and size, wealth, happiness, a family? 


Whatever you think your search is for its deeper than the manifestations you want to experience. Because you can find those things, but eventually each experience will pass; everything in life is in a constant state of change.


And what then?

Your soul mate love didn’t lead you to the eternal happiness you’d hoped for. Your purpose in your 30s changed in your 40s and again in your 50s. And your dream job, well like all jobs it lost its sparkle.

And you’re back to searching.


The real search is deeper.  It's to the source of manifestation; your soul.  But how do you know when you’ve found it?


There are lots of tell tale signs, and they mostly come by way of inner states.  You'll know because you’re no longer controlled by your emotions. You now understand their purpose as an inner guidance system that you pay close attention to but are never ruled by.


You'll know because you’re immune to the opinions and ciritisms and comments and beliefs and actions of others and you no longer fear being judged. And you yourself no longer judge.


You'll know because you consider yourself soul first and human second and you live the truth of that consideration.

You'll know because you no longer believe you need to be attached to anyone or anything because you know you’re already connected to everyone.


You'll know because you stop being offended by the body, instead you see the soul in everyone you meet.  And the soul can never offend nor be offended.


Peace right there. 


You know because your stop fearing being hurt; you acknowledge all feeling as valid and you let your feelings come and go.  And because there's no resistance there's nothing you hold on to.


You know because you now live in the present moment. Your past completely turned to dust, and you now consciously create your future in every here and now moment.


You know because you’re free from all the anxiety and depression and weight of all the shit you carried in your body and mind and you live in a state of gratitude just to be participating in life.


You know because you resist NOTHING.


You know because you forgive EVERYTHING.


You know because you live in a state of peace and flow and ease and grace.


And isn't that what we’re really seeking?  And we’re seeking it because the deepest truest part of us knows it exists and that it’s possible tp live this way and it won’t allow us to stop searching.


And that’s what the search is never over, UNTIL.

And that’s why the satisfaction and joy of achievement eventually wears off, to keep you seeking.


To keep you searching until you find your true inner being and live your life from your soul.


Because that’s the limitless place where everything’s possible. And nothing need be looked for, only imagined and manifested.


Finding our soul mate, or purpose or joy even is still just a symptom of what it is we’re really looking for. Because even when you find them, you’re still searching and that’s because the real search is not for something or someone outside of you, but for YOU, the true inner being; the soul self.


So whatever you’re looking for, whatever you’re seeking the answer lies in finding your soul. Think about it, what couldn’t be solved if you were in touch with the most powerful aspect of who you truly are?


You’d have no fear.

You’d trust  - You’d trust life, and yourself,  and you’d trust everyone else to show you whatever you needed to see, to overcome, to learn.


You’d love - You’d love yourself, completely as you are and aligned with the frequency of universal love you’d love all others without conditions.


How free you’d be to just love without fear.

You’d have power - More power than you can imagine, tapped into conscious creation you’d use the law of attraction to create the life you really want.


You’d have peace - You’d live in a state of surrender and acceptance and no matter what life threw at you you’d always be ok. You’d solve every situ, and in the absence of stress and anxiety you’d grow stronger and wiser and more grateful as your heart expanded ever wider.


You’d be happy - Joy is the soul’s first language. You’d need nothing to be happy you’d simply be. You’d be connected back to your true nature, and that is unwavering joy.


You’d find your soul mate and you live a soul aligned life because you’d transcend the conditioning and programming of attachment and you’d actually love another as a soul first, human second.


Only if and when we find our soul and truly recognize ourselves as souls, and live that recognition there’d be nothing else to seek. Why then isn't THAT what we're searching for?


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