It's time to bring more miracles into your life...but...



A Course In Miracles tells us that miracles are normal.  If miracles aren't happening in our lives it's because something has gone wrong.   There's a block in the pipe somewhere.



Actually, there's more than one.




We've been brought up to believe miracles are well, miraculous events that we're not really sure if they exist or not.  We hear about them from time to time and a part of us knows they're true, but perhaps just not for us.



And we've become complacent in just accepting the struggle. After all there's no shortage of that!  Seems that we all know how much struggle is happening in our lives and the lives of those around us. That life is hard just seems to be a universal truth.



We've come to expect it. But why is it so, and what can we do to make our moments more miraculous?




Quite a lot as it turns out.




Over the next few days I'm going to share with you the number one blocks to miracles, starting first with something we all do and that puts up a brick wall to miracles.




That something is holding on when it's time you let go.




We're masters at clinging.  We struggle to let go of things that stopped serving us long ago, crappy jobs for example (even ones we hate!)  I remember working for a company that no-one was happy in. The staff turn over was ridiculously high, everyone, (I mean everyone) complained on a daily.  The company eventually hit some major changes and when the pays off happened I was amazed at just how many people who had for eons wanted to leave, were now upset they were being paid off.



It's the same with relationships.  We cling when we know they're not working, or the person has already emotionally checked out. Or maybe we're that person, but letting go just seems too hard. So we stay and be unhappy, waiting it out.



Here's the thing with letting go.  Whatever you're trying to hold onto, it's already started moving, you can't stop it now, no matter how much you cling and the fact that you cling is doing so much more damage than letting go ever could and  here's why.



You're holding onto a ghost.




You're trying to force something to stay that's not right for you.



And those things hurt us because what's not right for us brings us immense discomfort, that's the sign that its not right for us.  You've felt that right. It's painful to cling.  We know it, and yet we still feel powerless to let go.



But also, and this is perhpas the most damage of all, holding onto what's already gone, or needs to be let go blocks us from receiving what's next.   And just like what's not for us has begun to move out, what's next is trying to move in, only there's no space for it to come into our field.



And now we're in this painful place of holding onto something that's already gone, telling ourselves all kinds of maybes to alleviate our fear:


  • Maybe it will get better.
  • Maybe he will change.
  • Maybe something will happen and it will all go back to how it was before.
  • Maybe this is all there is for me.


And we also tell ourselves all sorts of frightening stories that exasperates it:



  • I'll never find anyone else.
  • I won't find a better job (than the one I hate..??!)
  • I'll end up on my own.
  • I don't have the time, energy, motivation.


And on it goes.



All the while we're building the wall higher and wider that's blocking the new from coming in into our life.   This wall of resistance stops opportunity in it's tracks. It blocks miracles because to receive miracles we have to be open, we have make space.  We need to be ready to receive.


It's an energy thing.



This is what it really comes down to. Holding on is the energy of lack. That's the energy you're sitting in, that's the energy that's expanding with every excuse we make to stay.   It's also the energy of fear.  Because just notice how afraid you feel when you cling.



And that's the energy we manifest more of, lack and fear.  And we wonder why life is hard!



Letting go on the other hand is the energy of abundance. It's the energy of opportunity, openness and receiving .  It's the energy of courage and growth and trust.  And that's the energy we cultivate more of when we let go.



The question is then, if change is inevitable and we can't stop it, which energies do we want to move forward with and have more of in life?



By the time the change is coming around the ball's been rolling for a while.  If you look back to all the changes in your life you'll see that they didn't just suddenly happen. They'd been brewing.  The conditions that were required for the change to unfold had already aligned in the past and kept aligning, and that's why we can't stop change.



Because we can't stop life. It's ever moving. That's it's nature.  We fear change because we've been conditioned to believe in lack, particularly from generations who grew up in hard times through wars and rations.  These beliefs in lack were passed down from generation to generation from well meaning ancestors who stuck at the same job, stayed in loveless marriages, silenced the voice inside them that had a dream.



We watched our parents, we felt their stress, we, like them were programmed into believing that we're powerless and that change is a wave that will crush us more often than gently bring us to the shore.



The truth is we are powerful co-creators of our reality, and we can harness change in the way a surfer rides a wave.   We can welcome change, chase it even. I mean isn't that what we want, our life to change?   Then we have to learn to let it, and we have to trust that it will change in the ways we need, which mightn't always be the ways we think we want.



If you'd like to know more about letting go I have some powerful rituals and clearing techniques that I'll be sharing in my next Vision boards and bubbles workshop this Sunday.  There are still a few spots left so if you're keen to welcome change into your life and actually take control of the process then this is the opportunity you've been waiting on.






Miracles are waiting to come into your life, but first you have to make room. And you have to send a clear message that you're ready and willing to open to what's next.



Look out for my next email on this topic as we unravel more obstacles that will allow you to start living a more miraculous life!


Love & gratitude

Dawn X