You're not alone.  It can be a struggle just getting up in the morning.  Life's busy, and even when it's not, you are.  You're tired, and not just physically.  Though your body's been sending the message for a while now.   It's mental exhaustion  too... AND it's emotional.


Life is emotional.  We're emotional beings and sadly most people have so much stress, tension and supressed emotion in them we can feel like lead.


And that's often because we're leaking; leaking energy like a dripping tap.  Always giving, always outwards.


Our vital energy being sucked out of us all over the place. Sucked out dry work, family (even if you love them!), relationships, even friendships can be draining when you're always that shoulder to cry on.


Not much left for little old you, is there...?




If that resonates, and even if it doesn't you NEED to try this incredibly powerful and simple way to bring energy back. Your energy.


This technique is so powerful that you can feel its effect IMMEDIATELY.


AND if you commit to trying it for just two or three days, for only a few minutes, YES....IT ONLY TAKES A FEW MINUTES SO THERE'S REALLY NO EXCUSE NOT TO - you'll feel FOR YOURSELF the amazing impact.


AND you'll KNOW first hand just how POWERFUL it truly is.


AND it's so incredibly simple.




FIRST - You're going to stand in front of the mirror and take 3 slow, deep breaths in through your nose, out through your mouth.


Now in case you're thinking the old, "I don't like looking in the mirror"  BS.... take off your judgy pants for a second and just let that shit go for now. This isn't one of those look into your eyes and say I love you (though DAM that is a powerful exercise you really SHOULD be doing, especially if you want to love yourself more!)


NOW - first just look at your reflection.  You're just observing, YOUR REFLECTION is simply an object.   Do this for about a minute or so.


THEN  - reverse the situation. Now the reflection is looking back at you.  YOU are the object.


Be prepared for a powerful feeling because immediately you'll feel energy rushing towards you. AND that might feel weird. You might even feel a little shaky.


That's ok, just let it come to you.

What's happening is our own energy is being reflected back to us.


Every moment of every day, day in day out,our energy is consistently being projected outwards.  And this is precisely why we can end up feeling so depleted and restless.  Especially when we're in stressful situations, and or we're around people who can easily drain us.


BUT when we allow our energy to come back to us, it's like we're completing a half circle.


We're bringing completion back to our energy field.


AND that completion brings rest.


Try it, just for 2 to 3 days and feel the difference for yourself.


Life doesn't have to be so hard.  There are lots of simple ways that we can protect our precious energy and feel more vibrantly alive, and this is definitely one of them.

Let me know how you go!

Much love..

Dawn Lee

Dawn Lee is a personal and spiritual intelligence coach ™ who helps smart, intuitive professionals out of  crisis and back into clarity. She specialises in melding psychology and spirituality to get to the root of the unresolved wounds that cause self sabotage and create chaos in our lives and relationships.  Her passion is leading others back to happiness, wholeness and their truest, most soul aligned selves. Find out more about working with Dawn.