Supreme Empowerment Leads to Heart-Centred, Soul-Aligned Relationship Synergy

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to have men like butter in your hands....

"What a journey, from being devastated about the end of my relationship and at the time wanting nothing more than him to say something so I could go back to him. And now here, him presenting the opportunity for us to be together again and for me to be strong enough to be reflecting and making sure that this is actually what I want. I feel whole, I am worthy, its great being me and knowing I'm 100% enough."

"You were right about everything the whole way through. Every step that I've now taken has made him step up."

"I can feel the shift all the way to my bones. And it's the final piece of self realization that opens up the opportunity for this amazing love."

"Thanks you beautiful lady for showing me the way, you get a special invite to my next wedding."

"How fucking powerful is this shit. Feels awesome to feel and see it happening so quickly."

Hey Conscious Lady....

Bottom line......you want more love.

You're empty and feel disconnected, and struggling in your relationship. 

Men frustrate you, especially your partner, and you always end up feeling undervalued and resentful. And although you feel you deserve more, you really have no idea how to get it.

And so you compromise.

You really want to know the secret to understanding men and turning a hot mess into a hot bed of magnetic feminine energy, and seriously, what could be better?  Because once you know men and how to activate masculine energy, they'll be butter in your hands and you'll be their biggest fan ` men are more amazing that you realize.

And finally you'll know how to create a solid energetic foundation from which your most sacred, satisfying and loving relationship emerges from.  And that might seem like a pipe-dream because you're used to men being unresponsive, emotionally cut off and rarely present or willing to meet your needs.

But do you know that what you're NOT getting from him isn't because he doesn't want to give it you, but because energetically he's blocked from trying?

TUNED TO HIGH FEMININE will teach you...

  • What turns on his masculine, and what turns it off.
  • How satisfying him mentally, emotionally and spiritually is the key to his soul, and is actually the kind of connection he secretly craves, and will give you in return.
  • How to awaken the hero complex deep within him that will have him falling over himself to serve you.
  • Why depleting his power in the relationship is like cutting off your own nose to spite your face.
  • How to be a master at sacred relationship connection, dating practice, communication, love.
  • How to leave a relationship consciously and respectfully, with the least possible damage.
  • How men really think and why its so important to recognize that men aren't hairy women. ll men (not just the ones you're romatically  what makes them tick, what shuts them down.

The masculine is actually not as complicated as you think.

But his mind doesn't work like yours:

  • He doesn't think like you.
  • He doesn't act like you.
  • He doesn't process information like you.
  • He isn't motivated in the same ways as you.
  • And he doesn't understand the nuances of the feminine, like you.

He's wired in ways you don't yet understand (do this course and that's all about to change) which is why you struggle to communicate, connect, be heard, and feel loved by him.

The masculine has higher functions that are in his spiritual and energetic make up (so as important to his soul as air is to his body.) And if he's blocked from those functions, he shuts down, and shuts you out and if you. And if you don't know what to do should that happens, you'll drive him further away.


One of the MOST POWERFUL things you can do as a woman AND as his partner, is to activate his masculine.

If you can do that, you'll be the woman he never wants to leave.

And in case you're wondering if its all about him, consider that being THAT woman, means you are operating in High Feminine which is the most potent, powerful energetic state a woman can be in.

And that energy filters into every aspect of your life.

There's gaping holes in our relationship skills, and a blatant lack of understanding between men and women as well as a universal lack of knowledge around the divine nature of relationships and relationship energetics.

And that’s what’s creating tidal waves of heartache and destruction in relationships, and not just romantic one.

Not only is our lack of knowing each other energetically tearing hearts and families apart, but both our own inner feminine and masculine aspects are shut down which blocks us from having an exquisite relationship with ourselves.

Which keeps us stay stuck in states of lack, fear, mistrust and loneliness, even when we're in relationships.

And it's why we keep attracting the same relationship pain and drama over and over.

And blow up at our partners and experience the same unresolved emotions and conflict eroding our insecurity and sense of self worth.  And eventually destroying our relationship from the inside out.

It's why we comprise and settle for relationships we know aren't for our highest good, and why one of our biggest fears is being alone and believing 'there's nobody out there for me.'

All symptoms of our lack of knowledge around feminine and masculine energy.

AND our lack of understanding Queen and King archetypes and our own disconnect from our inner feminine and inner masculine which is mirrored in our intimate relationships.

  • Do you operate in flow state or are you always pushing?
  • Do you live in trust or are you anxious, filled with self-doubt and fear for the future?
  • Do you feel unsupported.
  • Unnourished, untreasured?
  • Are you feeling over burdened and carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders?

Every bad relationship story I've ever heard, and every woman I've worked with, has been disconnected from both her inner feminine and masculine and has been struggling with a lack of knowledge and understanding of relationship energetics.

And it's time that all changed, don't you think..?

And in devotion to assisting this life and love evolving movement, I bring you:



The Art of Relationship Energetics and Relationship Alchemy for WOMEN - How to align with the relationship energies you want and repel the ones you don't.



1. The Divine/High Feminine ~ everything you need to know about connecting with and operating from feminine energy, the feminine wound, and the building blocks of high feminine (an absolute must if you want to have a relationship that lasts.)

2. The Divine/King Masculine  ~ everything you need to know about masculine energy, how men think, work, 'do' relationships, the masculine wound and how to activate the masculine through high feminine.

3. The Art of Hierogamy  ~ the sacred union of the divine masculine + feminine, the holy grail of Queen/King relationships.

*KICKS OFF 10TH JUNE @ 6:30pm*

**PLUS AS A BONUS** - one extra MASTER CLASS (ZOOM) which will include all your Q&As PLUS HOT SEAT 1:1 COACHING 🔥🔥🔥

Not only have I worked with countless women, but I’ve worked with men too and I understand men at the deepest level, how they think, how they operate, what makes them tick. And it's through my work and deep desire to know men at their core, so I can help them bring forth the King inside, that I’ve come to understand men energetically. Which is why I can teach you everything you need to know.

You owe it to yourself and to your greatest love (whether you're in a relationship right now or not) to get TUNED in HIGH FEMININE.

The Queen and Her King, are you ready for that?

Let's make it happen!